Catherine Hung Denies Getting Divorced

Recently announcing her marital split from actor Andy Zhang Danfeng (張丹峰) on Weibo after 14 years, actress Catherine Hung (洪欣) won the support of netizens, as the marriage had been plagued by rumors of his infidelity. In the latest twist and apparent U-turn to the scandal, the 52-year-old posted a letter-format post on May the 13th, in which she clarified that the divorce announcement was merely “emotionally charged talk”!

Netizens Outraged

Catherine with her son, who is fathered by actor Max Mok (莫少聰), and daughter.

Expressing remorse and apology, her text-only post also bluntly rebutted long-time speculation that Andy’s manager Bi Ying (畢瀅) was the third party in their marriage, alleging, “The conflicts between the both of us was never like how it was spread online that my husband “cheated (on me) with his manager Bi Ying…our conflict has nothing to do with her”.

Catherine then went on to promise that she is “willing to work hard to manage her marriage and handle marital friction over daily matters”. Zhang Danfeng then reposted and expressed similar sentiments in which he “hopes to seek everyone’s forgiveness”.

Outraged by what they saw as a betrayal of trust, netizens made their exasperation known with comments raging from disbelief to shock. Referencing the girl who cried wolf, one cautioned that she was depleting her fans’ support and would simply lose all credibility the next time, while another expressed that she was “underserving of sympathy”.

Catherine at a meetup with celebrity friends.

Pointing out that the 52 year-old had earlier said that her posts were being deleted, and noting that the letter format was unusual, some raised the possibility that Catherine might be the victim of emotional blackmail, while others even speculated that the post had been published by Bi Ying, given that she likely had access to their social media accounts, and also noted that this particular post was not written in traditional Chinese.

Bi Ying Denies Being the 3rd Party
With rife speculation up till the divorce announcement, most netizens pinned the blame of the couple’s marital troubles on Bi Ying, the long-rumored third party, who had been spotted with couple accessories which matched those on Zhang Danfeng, meeting him at a hotel room, and even rumored to be pregnant with his child at one point.

Eager to absolve herself, Bi Ying tagged the couple in a post on May 3 which told them “not to joke about divorce”. Cynical paparazzi had earlier called on the couple to post their divorce papers, raising doubt if the two might be publicizing their own marriage to draw attention for their livestream business.

Source: HK01

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  1. I really had to laugh… Honestly, I cannot be bothered with this couple anymore. Divorced or not, it is their lives after all…
    Catherine may have over used the good wells many of her fans have given her…

    1. Ongoing speculations that she is in talks with lawyer to get the custody of her child with ZDF, trying to get some of their remaining wealth and that her son from earlier relationship had reverted his surname.
      If she is doing none of that and decide to stay married, it is her personal choice but she will get no sympathy from netizens.

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