Insider Blogger Apologizes for Fabricating Andy Zhang’s Affair

In April, news broke that Catherine Hung‘s (洪欣) husband, Chinese actor Andy Zhang (張丹峰), was having an affair with his manager, Bi Ying (畢瀅). Within weeks, Catherine appeared to have completely forgiven her husband. While many people were surprised by how fast the couple mended their marriage, it appears that the affair may have been fabricated after all.

Married in 2009, the couple’s marriage was often rumored to be at risk due to a third-party. However, the couple’s marriage was put to their biggest test in April when photos and videos were released of Andy meeting Bi Ying in a hotel room.

Hoping to stop the gossip, Andy denied the accusations and released a statement that Bi Ying resigned her manager position. In contrast, Catherine remained silent on the matter to avoid feeding the gossip.

Blogger Apologized for Fabricating Affair

Yesterday, the blogger who broke the news of Andy’s alleged affair released a statement to apologize for fabricating the incident:

“On August 4, 2018, I posted a false message on my personal Weibo account regarding Andy Zhang’s affair.  I should not have speculated and posted fake messages without verifying first. To Andy Zhang and Bi Ying who suffered in their careers and personal lives, I apologize for the negative impact that I had caused. I hope to be forgiven.”

Loving Family

Ten years older than Andy, Catherine appears to have a loving marriage. Catherine’s son with Max Mok (莫少聰), Ashley Zhang, has a good relationship with Andy and even legally took on Andy’s last name. Catherine and Andy also have a daughter together and they often share pictures of their happy family together on social media.

On Father’s day, Ashley posted a family photo with Andy on Weibo with the caption: “My memory with my father. Every time there is an important stage, my family are by my side.” The photos confirmed that the family’s relationship was not affected by the gossips.

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  1. wow, this is so fake in attempting to salvage andy’s career after they realize his infidelity isn’t helping it

  2. It’s hard to tell Catherine children have a different father I mean I don’t find her son looks like his biological father at all. He is so tall for his age he might grew taller later maybe he’ll became a sport star one day. I have to say Catherine is too nice?

    1. @cutie777 He looks like those plastic kpop boy bandners now. He used to have some baby fat that looks more real. haha…lol…I don’t think he ever resembled the bio dad anyway. CH looks great in this photo you can hardly tell she’s 10 years older.

      1. @wm2017 Lol. I guess you’re right about he does looks like those k-pop. Yes she does looks great even Tavia is a little younger but Catherine looks younger in a way. His name Ashley? Ugh.. I don’t know about that it sounds more like girly?

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