Andy Zhang Cheating on Catherine Hung with Manager?

From left to right: Catherine Hung’s son, Andy Zhang, Catherine Hung, and Bi Ying

Catherine Hung (洪欣) and Andy Zhang‘s (張丹峰) and nine-year marriage received a major red-flag lately. Tabloids claim that the 37-year-old actor has been cheating on his 47-year-old wife with his manager, Bi Ying (畢瀅).

From the start, many fans were not keen on Andy and Catherine’s relationship. Ten years older than Andy, Catherine was previously married and then dated Max Mok (莫少聰), with whom she has a teenage son. She was also a much more successful actress when she first started dating Andy. However, Andy became both a loving husband and a caring father for his stepson and own daughter.

Andy is now being labelled a cheater after Catherine uploaded a family photo onto her Weibo blog. Besides Catherine’s direct family member, Andy’s manager Bi Ying was also present in the photo, but she was seen leaning into Andy while holding the hand of the couple’s daughter. Almost immediately, netizens began commenting on how the three of them looked more like a family instead, stating that Bi Ying’s relationship with Andy is highly unusual. Based on a photo and personal perception, fans began sending Catherine messages, telling her to be careful of Bi Ying.

Infidelity Hints?

Almost immediately after Catherine’s photo was posted, netizens went through all of Bi Ying’s past Weibo posts, hoping to uncover more hints of her being the third-party. Netizens soon found a photo of Bi Ying and Andy wearing matching couple watches. Netizens also pointed out that the two were often seen wearing matching items as well, including one time where they wore matching rings. In the majority of the photos, Bi Ying was also seen standing or posing next to Andy as opposed to Catherine. Netizens uncovered a post with a receipt totaling 520 RMB, claiming that the post was a secret love message to Andy as 520 in Mandarin sounds like I Love You.

Coming to her own defense, Bi Ying stressed that she was having dinner with the couple and only posted the photo of the receipt because she thought it was interesting that the total was 520 RMB and that Andy’s Weibo following count was at 5.2 million.

In terms of the matching couple rings, Bi Ying explained, “I’ve had this ring for many years now. The one Andy has was gifted from Catherine. The brands and looks of the two are not even the same.”

When asked about owning a watch that looked like Andy’s, Bi Ying said she usually keeps Andy’s belongings on her when he has to work, and most assistants or employees would personally wear the items so that the valuables do not end up getting scratched. She also expressed that she was only holding the hand of Catherine’s daughter because she cared for her, and that all photos of her standing next to Andy were nothing more than coincidences.

Andy Zhang Shoots Down Rumors

As the cheating rumors went viral, Andy finally issued a statement today. Shooting the rumors down as false, he promised to take legal action towards the damaging claims.

Andy said, “My family and are are very happy as before. My manager and I have worked together for a long time. False news and concern, we know in our hearts. Grateful…thank you everyone.”

Catherine also responded on Weibo and fully supported her husband.


Sources:; Ming Pao

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  1. Haha. These netizens have nothing to do. Going through the small of amount of resources such as details in photos to gather supposed evidence for cheating is ridiculous…

  2. Catherine still looks pretty than ever. I never knew her son real father is Max and I find they have nothing looked alike either. So this girl is a manager? I hardly see a young manager like her hopefully this news is not true about Andy cheating. So does anyone know what’s behind Max and Catherine story? To be honest they don’t looked 10 years apart.

    1. @cutie777 Max and Catherine met during a movie and started dating. Then she got pregnant but didn’t work out. Some say that Max double-timed her, some say that they had broken up by then. Catherines raised her son by herself and says Max never bothered to spend time with the kid. However Max says that Catherine did not allow him to see her son and Max was starting a relationship with someone else so he did not push for visitation or to have his son in his life.

      Catherine and Andy met when they were filming in China and Andy basically helped raise the son for all the years they were dating, changing nappies, taking him to school, going through the rebellious teenage years etc. And he eventually adopted him legally when he married Catherine and the son, I think his name is Ash or something, adopted his surname from Mok to Zhang since his biological father was not in his life. Ash has said in interviews that Andy is his dad, and Andy has commented more than once that Ash is not his adopted son, but his real son.

      As of the last few years, Max and Catherine have had a lot of spats over the internet after Max started to reach out to Ash to mend their relationship. Some people feel that Max is entering into a midlife crisis and trying to make amends, some feel that he is trying to get back into the spotlight as his career is going nowhere after the drug arrest.

      Anyhow, the son is old enough to make his own decisions. And IMO, Max has missed the boat. And Andy, Catherine and their two children look like they are very happy as the baby clings to her brother a lot of the time.

      I seriously hope these rumours are not true and the evidence is very weak.

      1. @elizabeth wow. Very interesting story too bad about Max I guess it’s his lost. So she got pregnant and didn’t work out? I thought most Hong Kong celebrities once someone who got pregnant they’re working on getting married just like the rest. Catherine son is very lucky to have a step father like Andy who treat him like a real son. Thanks for your reply that was nice of you.

      2. @cutie777 there was a stage where Max said that the baby was not his so Catherine probably didn’t feel like marrying him after that. my feeling is that the baby was accidental and Max was not ready to commit, said horrible things and when you say stuff publicly, it is very hard to take back.

        And Catherine was in the midst of a divorce with another guy when she was dating Max so there was a lot of tension going on. This only leaked out when Max announced it on Weibo a few years ago so Catherine is not happy. Anyway, they were never meant to be.

        I am just glad that Catherine and Ada supported each other and Catherine eventually found Andy while Ada found Max Zhang.

  3. I hope not! In his interviews, Andy’s eyes light up whenever his wife or his kids are mentioned.

    1. @elizabeth After reading the statement Catherine released, it sounds like this might be a case of overeager netizens jumping to conclusions. Of course we will probably never know for sure but just based on the so-called “evidence” that the netizens are trying to use to back up their claims, their argument is very very weak…

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