Catherine Hung Divorces Cheating Husband, Zhang Danfeng

Hong Kong actress Catherine Hung (洪欣), 52, officially announced her divorce with Chinese actor Andy Zhang Danfeng (張丹峰), 42, on May 1 on social media. Their 14-year marriage became rocky after it was rumored that Danfeng cheated with his manager Bi Ying (畢瀅).

When Catherine met Danfeng, she was a single mother raising her son who was fathered by actor Max Mok (莫少聪).  On the surface, they appeared to have an agreeable relationship, and Danfeng was seen attending his stepson’s school activities. In 2014, the couple’s daughter was born.

However, Danfeng was speculated to have cheated in the marriage several times. In 2018, the actor was photographed meeting Bi Ying in a hotel room for seven hours, and she walked out of the room in her nightgown. When the incident blew up, all parties denied the allegations but Bi Ying stopped working as Danfeng’s manager and Catherine unfollowed her.

Over the years, Danfeng continued to be linked with Bi Ying. The two companies that she owned was discovered to have business transactions with Danfeng’s two companies. In April, the pair was allegedly spotted holding hands at the airport.

Bi Ying (left) accompanied Danfeng and Catherine on family trips.

Divorce Announcement

As their marriage hung on to their last threads, Catherine and Danfeng held a joint livestream selling products last month. Focusing on work only, they had few interactions. Netizens later discovered that they both deleted the video in which they were in the same frame. Afterward, rumors spread that Bi Ying obtained her marriage certificate.

On Monday at 2 a.m., Catherine announced on Weibo, “Zhang Danfeng and I are no longer a couple.” The actress posted it three times and later commented that someone repeatedly deleted her posts. As her words suggested Danfeng was the culprit, the actor immediately hit back with, “Which eye did you see me deleting the posts?” Two hours later, Danfeng wrote on his social media at 4 a.m., “Yeah, that’s all!” with exasperated emojis. Bi Ying also posted on social media at 6 a.m., apparently trying to shake off speculations that she was the third party.

Zhang Danfeng is the Breadwinner

With a successful run in the 1990s in Hong Kong television and film, Catherine later transitioned to China. She invested in two of Danfeng’s companies and was the legal representative. However, the companies seemed to be no longer active and the couple may have cleared out financial ties in anticipation of their separation.

When they go out, Catherine was seen paying for restaurant bills while eating out with Danfeng. However in recent years, their financial status seem to have reversed. Catherine’s career slowed down while Danfeng continued to have filming projects. The actor reportedly earned over 10 million Chinese yuan annually at his peak after The Journey of Flower <花千骨>. With several endorsement deals and filming projects every year, Danfeng clearly has a higher income than Catherine, who may emerge from the divorce in a less favorable financial position.

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  1. Long overdue Divorce…. I wonder just how many time this guy must shame her before she divorce him. But I am surprise to read she is currently at the more disadvantage financial position. She must have invested her previous earning unwisely.

    1. Didn’t it say the the manager transfer most of her money into their account? They swindled her money and access into Bi Ying. They planned this a long long time ago. I would say she should have kept a closer eye on her money, but then, if you married a SB, you are already lost

      1. I read that too but no further updates. Not sure how much truth is there…

  2. I thought she believed his innocence. There’s no firm proof so far of his infidelity right?

    1. She did for a number of times and years…maybe she is finally willing to see the truth. But the fact, her social media account was hacked and her comments deleted is worrying… She is capable of changing her password is’t it? What interest me is whether her (ex)husband swindled her money? If yes, we may hear a nasty court case in coming weeks/months…

  3. CMIIW, after the first news of his cheating I don’t see him much on screen anymore. I’m surprise he still got jobs…Or maybe he is in a certain corner of Cdramaland that not part of my playground.

  4. Wonder if she will finally put her heart to it to rid him from her life and keep all or at least substantial amount of her wealth.
    Speculations that her child (with him) got unwell but he was with his manager.
    It’s scary how low human can be cheating the mother of your child not only her feelings but her money as well. Reminds me of an ex neighbor who started and built a business with her husband. They decided to have a child few years later when everything started to stabilize and her husband convinced her to be a stay home mom for the first few years for their child. In her absence from their business, he opened another company and took their clients to his new firm.

    1. OMG!! That is such a nasty husband!!! She lost her business to her husband!

      1. @Hohliu I have moved to another place by then and didn’t know what happened later. Hope she managed to save herself and their child. Things I thought I would likely only get to know from TV.

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