Catherine Hung’s Husband Caught Red-Handed in Hotel Room with Manager

From left to right: Bi Ying, Andy Zhang’s daughter, Andy Zhang, and Catherine Hung

When tabloids accused Mainland actor Andy Zhang (張丹峰) of cheating on his wife Catherine Hung (洪欣) with his manager Bi Ying (畢瀅) last July, all parties denied the allegations. However, the 38-year-old Andy is once again linked to Bi Ying when he was caught meeting with her in a hotel room for three hours yesterday. Although Andy’s management company stressed that such meetings are “very normal,” it seems his 48-year-old wife of nine years isn’t buying into it, as she’s chosen to keep her silence this time around.

Still, actions are louder than words. After the exposé, netizens noticed Catherine unfollowed Bi Ying on Weibo and deleted all her loving posts and photos related to Andy. Only three photos of him were still kept on her social media. One of them was a picture from 2016 of their family of four during the birthday of their son, Ashley Zhang. Ashley’s birth father is Max Mok (莫少聰), with whom Catherine previously dated, but the teen legally took on Andy’s last name after Catherine tied the knot with Andy in 2009 following four years of dating. The couple also has a daughter together. The other two photos were from last July taken at a theme park and Bi Ying was also present in the photos.

Andy Not The Family Man He Appears to Be?

After the incident surfaced, netizens discovered an old clip of Chinese singer Wowkie Zhang (大張偉) exposing Andy on a Chinese variety show. Wowkie revealed Andy often expresses he misses his wife and son in front of the camera, but he does not say such things behind cameras. Although Wowkie immediately said he’s joking and added Andy does say he misses his family when the camera is not rolling, netizens believe there must be some truth to the singer’s joke.

Bi Ying Hints at Being Mistress

Netizens also uncovered a social network account suspected of belonging to Bi Ying. They found a post dated last year that said, “Little black dwarf? When will you be completely mine? I really don’t want to see her appear next to you. I know I am very selfish, but can’t I be selfish this one time in life?”

Andy used “Little Black Dwarf” once on a show to describe Bi Ying, thus netizens are convinced she wrote it. The user also said the other party promised to divorce his wife and marry her. “Every day I look at him and his old wife showing off their love in front of me. It’s more difficult than getting killed!”

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  1. “It’s more difficult than getting killed!”
    You are not getting killed. Who compare your affair to getting killed?? You are doing the killing towards Catherine.

  2. Why all these men can’t keep it in their pants and all these women flock to be their mistresses?! I heard China was experiencing severe women-shortage. Go find a single eligible man to marry, there are millions of them!

  3. There are so many single hot men around, why some b1tches love to fight for a left over??? Those men are dogs who can’t seem to keep it zipped….That Zhang isn’t a great catch anyway….

    1. @niangniang
      sometimes it’s who you know…. there may be plenty of other hot and better men but you won’t necessarily know them. not speaking for the mistress and stealing someone’s hubby isn’t right but can’t penalize her going for want she wants b/c at that moment, he might have been the only thing she wanted.

      1. @m0m0
        Based upon the picture above she isn’t bad looking and quite young plus she is working in an entertainment industry. In terms of knowing people I am sure she isn’t short of connections….IMHO she should be “penalize” for wanting another woman’s legal hubs, the hubs is guilty too. Going after something/someone that “owned” by another persons is never right….

  4. If Andy wants to get with a younger woman then he shouldn’t married Catherine at the first place. I guess some people are right about women’s are being too much older than a men’s once the woman age showed they will started looking into the young woman. Feel sorry for Catherine first it’s Max problem now it’s the husband cheating scandal. Hopefully they will work things out. Exactly can the manager not find any single guy out there who’s even more better than this married man Andy?

  5. Catherine his wife must’ve known something was up when his manager was always around especially on their vacation time. That should be special with family members only. Once the husband like Andy becomes a celebrity, he also becomes a target for all those women who want to become a part of his life somehow, married or not, but the manager, shame on her, she should know better. He is a married, family man, that is to be respected & off limits to any hanky panky she has in mind, big no no, taboo,can’t respect anyone who doesn’t have the respect for the institution of marriage. Shame on her, she crossed that line & thanks to him, shame on him because he allowed it to happen. If he wants to put his reputation on the line like that, disrespect his wife & family, then he has a lot to lose, he may not get it back. It’s too bad he didn’t think it over before making that move towards his manager. Breaking up a family is unforgivable & that’s what they are doing should they continue this shady, irresponsible relationship. It’s not fair to their families, they don’t deserve it especially the kids, kids don’t forget unhappiness like this, it’s damaging to them for life, can’t trust parents after something like that happens to them, they are not stupid. Andy, if you want to destroy your family like this, then continue this sick, disrespectful relationship, but if you want to save it, change managers-preferably a male manage if possible, but don’t ruin the lives of the innocent, your wife, your kids. You need to be honest, sincere for once in your life, be fair, talk to your wife if you want to end it, seems life your manager is desperate for someone in her life, but you will lose all respect, maybe your job, if not your self-respect if you continue, it’s up to you, but be fair to your wife, your family. Think, is it really worth it?

    1. @hannah Catherine Hung was an actress in the early 90s. I remember her most from The Buddhism Palm Strikes Back and All about Tin. She was quite a bad actress imo 😀

      Shes still really beautiful. I guess that never stops a man from wandering.

  6. What sucks is that they recently sent a video clip to cheer on Ashley, Catherine’s son for the survival program he’s on (以團之名). The finale was just about two weeks ago. He was on the winning team and is set to debut soon.

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