Catherine Hung to Be Left Penniless After Divorce?

After Mainland artist Andy Zhang (張丹峰) was exposed to have cheated on actress Catherine Hung (洪欣) with his manager Bi Ying (畢瀅) in his hotel room, Catherine chose to stay silent. Instead of defending 38-year-old Andy’s relationship with Bi Ying like Catherine did last year when the infidelity rumors first came out, the 48-year-old Catherine showed her stance on the situation by deleting Andy’s photos on her social media. With their nine-year marriage on the verge of breaking down, there are many rumors about the situation.

Some netizens found that Andy’s corporate legal person is actually Bi Ying, and once Catherine divorces Andy, she might end up penniless. Bi Ying allegedly transferred Catherine’s property, froze her bank account and changed its password, causing Catherine and her 18-year-old son Ashley Zhang to move out and rent a place to stay at. Catherine is speculated to be borrowing money to get by.

In addition, some netizens claim Bi Ying updated her personal social network on April 10thand wrote, “There are no romantic feelings between Andy Zhang and Catherine Hung, [I] advise her to divorce soon so as to give him a way out!”

Despite the countless of rumors swirling about, Catherine has not made a public appearance thus far. A close source to Catherine said, “She has no comment!”

Source: Oncc

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  1. If what this article said is true then the cheater (husband) & the mistress (shameless woman) are very ugly people. It’s terrible what they have done to the wife & her son. This actor is ok looking only & he is not even famous. I hope his career will go down the drain after this.

    I think the wife looks very good – she doesn’t look like she is 10 years older than him.

  2. Not sure about HK law but it shouldnt matter where he transfer his money (long as its not overseas). As long as its trackable assets she should be entitled to half under a legal marriage.

  3. This sounds like one of Tvb old classic drama, where the mistress took everything off the wife, forced her out, then basically took everything off the husband, and he then learn his lesson and try to get his wife back >_> personally, I hope Catherine got the money she deserves and then kick him to the curb and let him reap what he sow. Dude doesn’t even look that good or that great of an actor. The last drama he was the main male lead, he was outshine by everyone else, and now this, I hope he gets no more drama, and see if the mistress loves him any more. I bet she would take all his money once she can

  4. From what I understand in most countries in the world including China, legal spouses shared their assets ….Example the ugly divorce of Wang BaoQiang. Zhang isn’t that famous anyway, the more that b1tch and him show their true color the bigger chance he get no more offers….He should kisses his career goodbye…..

  5. If Andy doesn’t change a new manager then it’s getting more ugly and I don’t think it’s a good idea to share the personal account with someone that’s not even a family member. Catherine still a beautiful woman so if she’s divorced the cheater I’m sure she can move on and find someone else who’s better than this cheater. Boy what if the manager is pregnant? You never know what’s next.

  6. i’d be scared to stay with this woman if rumors are true. poor catherine for her to not hold onto something. this is exactly the reason why woman should be independent to ensure that if for whatever reason your partner leaves you, you’re not penniless and can still care for yourself.

  7. Catherine Hung should have learned to be smarter and more independent. This is not the first divorce happened to her. She had gone through it with pain in her last marriage with Max Mok. She should have made plans for her son, if not just for herself.

      1. @megamiaow I don’t think so. That was a relationship that ended badly. Not sure if she was ever married before the Max character. lol…She is kinda dump if she left penniless. Sad and depressing if that happens….sigh…

      2. @megamiaow They were not married. From what I recall, there were rumors that Max did not even acknowledge the child when she was pregnant although he later dispelled those rumors.

  8. Do not know how much truth this is but It is disgusting when one is unfaithful and cheats on the spouse. However, this is beyond words to stoop so low to transfer assets to the homewreaker so that the same spouse whom you promised to be faithful, to be good through thick and thin, does not get a single cent.
    Reminds me an acquaintance’s life – husband and wife started the company together with the wife building the networking and getting all the clients. Husband convinced wife to stay home for a few years when their only child was born to look after baby. Wife was touched that the husband told her he would work hard for them, etc. Wife later found out that husband secretly started another company, was slowly bring their clients to the new company and slowly making their shared entity as an empty shell. I don’t know what happened in the end except that they divorced.
    Hopefully there is really Justice or Karma in life.

    1. @bearbear

      Yes. It’s incredible that the mistress/home wrecker/manager stole the husband, but stole the money also. Why is it so easy for them to transfer the property to someone else if the legal owners are husband & wife? Shouldn’t they both have to sign for it to make it legal?

      1. @dramas4me It could be an “either/or” rather than an “and” legal binding arrangement where either one of the legitimate owners can decide and sign on documents, rather than the need to have both parties’ consent on the documents. In this case, she would never know until it is too late that he had signed away their assets.
        Or it could be the husband somehow managed to convince the wife when things were still rosy and good to put the assets under his name only yet assuring her that those assets would be forever and ever their “shared” entities. Such things may sound ridiculous but sadly in reality, there are spouses who have so much faith and trust in their other-half to allow such arrangements.

  9. Drama and more drama, another cheating Andy, how shameful and disgusting, Only know, somehow they him and his manager will be punished for what they are trying to do. If I was Catherine, get a good lawyer, borrow money for now, but now it’s not only about his cheating, but the manager is managing her too by saying to let him go so what she can eventually marry Andy which she was after the whole time. No good can come of this, he’ll be sorry, cause if she (manager) can do this to his wife, she can turn around and pull the same thing on him too, just a matter of time once the honeymoon is over, thrill is gone, then having to deal with reality. So much for love, but money apparently rules her heart besides his being unfaithful to his wife, he will soon learn that he was truly sleeping with the enemy, he better take a long hard look. How could he do this to his wife, kids, family, heartless, selfish, betrayer, traitor. Guess it was their plan scheming to get his wife penniless, force her to divorce Andy, what else? Catherine shouldn’t listen to that bitch but get a lawyer fast before it really gets worse. Can’t afford to be homeless, start looking for work, get a good lawyer, babysitter to watch your kids while you work & just don’t bother with Andy anymore, there’s no room for you in his heart, obviously he’s made up his mind. Just think about your kids and yourself, they need their mom. Be safe, healthy, and true to yourself. Good Luck, wishing only the best for you and your family.

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