Angelababy: “Self-Discipline is Key to Weight Loss”

By on July 22, 2017 in NEWS

Angelababy: “Self-Discipline is Key to Weight Loss”

Since marrying Huang Xiaoming (楊穎) in 2015, Angelababy (黃曉明) gave birth to their son, whom they affectionately nicknamed Little Sponge. Although the couple was spotted celebrating their two-year anniversary a few months ago, Angelababy lamented about the couple’s lack of quality time together. During an interview recently, the 28-year-old actress admonishingly scored her husband seven out of ten points due to his busy work schedule.

When Angelababy was pregnant, she did not gain much weight. Even though she was nine months into her pregnancy and ready for labor, her limbs were still very thin. After giving birth, she returned to her pre-pregnancy figure in no time. Many people felt that the pregnancy was a fraud due to her petite frame throughout her pregnancy period. Some even accused Angelababy of having the baby through surrogacy.

During an interview recently, Angelababy shared that her heaviest pregnancy weight was 119 pounds. She successfully lost 20 pounds after giving birth. The petite actress shared some weight loss tips, “To lose weight after giving birth, it is imperative to have self-discipline. Exercising helps to speed up your metabolism, but the most important thing is to eat less.”


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