Angelababy’s Son’s Face Finally Revealed

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Angelababy’s Son’s Face Finally Revealed

On November 15, Angelababy and her 11-month-old son “Little Sponge” arrived in Hong Kong, accompanied by a few security guards and assistants. To keep a low profile, Angelababy wore a cap and a mask.

As more and more people started to recognize the star, Angelababy covered her son’s face with her hand. The 28-year-old walked quickly to the parking lot, but went back inside the airport after realizing that her driver had not arrived yet. Angelababy’s assistant tried to cover Little Sponge’s face with a hat, but the stubborn little boy refused to wear it and cried.

Angelababy and her husband, Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明), is fiercely protective of their son, and although the couple have been photographed taking their son out before, they have never exposed Little Sponge’s face. This is the first time Little Sponge’s face was revealed to the media, and he looks exactly like his father!

A few moments later, Angelababy and her team were notified that their driver had arrived, and they quickly left the premises.

Huang Xiaoming Upset

The release of the photos did not sit well with Huang Xiaoming. The Chinese actor took to Weibo immediately to voice out his disappointment with the media, and exclaimed that his son’s privacy had been violated. “I’ll fight you to the death!” he wrote.

Xiaoming later deleted his post and replaced it with a much more mellow statement: “I overacted this afternoon, and my words were sharp. After calming down, I still feel that these words must be said, so I’ll say them again. I understand, that as a public figure, space for privacy is something that cannot be forced upon. However, I still hope to give my son a normal life, for him to be able to grow without the attention of others. He is not a public figure and is barely a year old. He may choose to meet with everyone once he’s older, but now is not the time. Hong Kong’s Next Magazine has crossed the ethical line and has no regard for law. As a father, I cannot tolerate this. Perhaps other media and people would eventually photograph him, but if that happens, I hope you will not reveal his face. This is my plea as a father. Thank you everyone.”


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7 comments to Angelababy’s Son’s Face Finally Revealed

  1. bubbletea says:

    I do agree that the baby’s face should not be made public without the parents’ consent. The baby is not a public figure. However, the way the father spoke is so belligerent and ignorant. When he got his work done, he should have gotton a surgery on his brain also, to increase his intellectual ability. Brawn is not brain, and idol status is not intellegence or common sense. He still wants to fight to the death for the paps exposing his son’s face to the public…… and here I thought that 16th century phrases and chivalry were dead. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

    I am not excusing the paps’ behaviour either. Unless that child’s face is allowed by parents or guardiams to be publicly exposed, that is a no no zone. They did cross a line there. They should be sued and held accountable. However stupid angry words like fighting to the death are not necessary. Even when HXM calmed down, he was still sticking to his foolish words.

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    • lyu310 replied:

      @bubbletea Speaking of HXM’s surgery, I’m dying b/c the chinese sources say his son looks like him before his operation bahahaha. Said he has “inner double” aka almost monolids/single eyelids. Savage.

      I mean, I understand you want privacy for your son, but of course the paps would take pics of him when he’s exposed. At least the rest of China hasn’t seen your kid, HXM. Take a chill pill.

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      • bubbletea replied:

        @lyu310 hahaha,, your comment crack me up. If I child looks like the old HXM, I now know why he was so furious in not wanting the masses to see the child’s face.

        We can change the way we look, but we can’t mess with DNA. I know a couple who were not happy with how they looked, they actually think they are above their own ethnic race, so they bleached their skin. Let us just say they became the new Micheal Jackson. They had a twin boy and girl. Suffice it to say, the children are very dark. You can’t change DNA, you can’t mess with the genes.

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  2. cutie777 says:

    LOL. I was thinking they should put on a Batman costume for their son so nobody can see how he looks like if they want to keep it so private.

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