Anita Yuen Spends Quality Time with Son

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Anita Yuen Spends Quality Time with Son

Chilam Cheung (張智霖) and Anita Yuen‘s (袁詠儀) popularity soared after starring in Mainland reality show, There’s You On This Road <一路上有你>. As Chilam is preparing for his Guangdong concert earlier, Anita was spotted spending quality time with their nine-year-old son, Morton. Mother and son had a good time at a local carnival, and Anita even accompanied Morton on some daring rides.


Dressed casually, Anita spent a day running around the carnival with Morton, stopping at almost every game stand to help win toys for her son. In between the games, Anita would often tell Morton to keep going and encouraged him by offering high-fives.

Even though not a fan of rollercoasters and heights, Anita accompanied Morton on Wave Swinger, a swing-like ride that went around in circles in mid-air. While Morton thoroughly enjoyed himself and laughed the entire time, Anita froze while the swing was in motion. Though scared during the three-minute ride, Anita could not help but smile when she saw how much fun Morton was having.


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  1. happybi says:

    This is so sweet. Morton is growing up fast. Such a cute boy!

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