Ankie Beilke: New Star of “Big Wheel”

Amy Wong’s (王心慰) upcoming cross-millennium TVB drama, Big Wheel <巨輪>, will begin filming shortly. Starring alongside Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) will be German-Hong Kong model, Ankie Beilke (貝安琪), a newcomer in the TVB universe.

The 29-year-old excitedly told the press in a recent fashion show, “I am preparing for my role right now, and we will begin filming next month. It’s my first time filming a drama! I know filming dramas are laborious, but I really like acting, so I’m not afraid!”

Ankie was a Child Actress

Although Big Wheel will be Ankie’s first drama, it will not be her first acting effort. Ankie’s mother is famous seventies actress and director, Ankie Lau (劉香萍), who was Alex Man’s (萬梓良) classmate in the acting class of the now defunct Rediffusion Television (RTV).  When Ankie was younger, her mother would bring home at least three movies a day for her daughter to watch. Ankie often visited her mother at film sets. When Ankie was seven years old, she acted in one of her mother’s films, and expressed that it was one of her best experiences she ever had.

“On the first day of filming, it was my birthday, and the cast and crew threw a celebration for me. They even gave me a Barbie doll! From that day on, I knew I had to have a career in the acting industry.”

What finally drew Ankie into acting was not because it is an easier job to do than a film studio assistant, but because acting is a way where she can portray someone else other than herself. She explained, “Maintaining a consistent acting career can be very stressful, but at least I would be able to escape into someone else’s world. I would be able to do things that I do not normally do myself. For example, in Naked Soldier <絕色武器>, I had to jump down to the street from the fourth floor. Although I had wires for support, it was still a very scary experience!”

From Waitress to Actress

Before officially entering the industry as a model, Ankie had worked a variety of jobs. She worked as a waitress, an office clerk, a film studio assistant, and a television assistant. Ankie explained, “I’m not the kind of person who can sit in the office all day. I think it’s too boring. Although being a waitress can be very physically tiring, I can communicate with others, and that can be pretty fun. I also worked briefly as a beer girl once for the Oktoberfest. Seeing people drinking happily away made me happy, but sometimes drunk guests would cause commotion or start a fight, and then I’d have to call the police afterwards.”

However, acting had always been Ankie’s ultimate dream.  Wanting to learn more about film production and acting, Ankie decided to quit her waitress job and work as a film studio assistant. “It was actually pretty stressful! I was the first one there and the last to leave. I had to handle the transportation, buy coffee, buy lunch, and clean up after everyone. You don’t need to do that much work as an actor!”

Maintains Healthy Lifestyle

Ankie is a vegetarian, and has been maintaining the same diet for nineteen years.  She also developed a habit of practicing yoga daily and began to take kick boxing classes. Currently, Ankie is the ambassador for Green Monday, a Hong Kong environmental group that encourages the public to give up meat-eating on Mondays.

The nature-loving Ankie would go hiking at least three times a week, a habit she developed with her father when she was living in Germany. “It’s a chance to spend some peaceful and quiet time together with family and friends. It’s a nice contrast from our busy city lives, and balances everything out. It’s important to get enough rest everyday, so when it’s time for work, we can give it our 100 percent!”

A Fan of Thrift Stores

Ankie may look glamorous and fashionable on stage, but she revealed that she is not a big fan of playing dress-up. Her favorite outfit is the simple T-shirt, jeans, and flats combination. She believes that the most important thing in an outfit is that it should be comfortable, but this does not mean that the rules of fashion should be ignored.

She shared, “You don’t always have to buy expensive clothes to look classy. Pairing up cheap clothes with expensive accessories can really spice up your outfit, and you’ll look just as classy as those who spent hundreds of dollars on their clothes! Mixing and matching is important.”

Ankie is a loyal fan of the thrift stores that are found all over New York City, exclaiming that they supply some of the most diverse and unique clothes and accessories. “When I go inside, it’s like I’m trying to find a treasure. When I find the right shirt, it makes me very happy! But the best part is – they’re  cheap!”

Source: The Sun, Oriental Daily

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      1. Agree with you! Ankie Beilke, a beautiful name.Her true name? German name?

  1. Her Cantonese is decent, I can pick out a slight accent in her tone but it’s not too bothersome in my opinion. In terms of acting I think she is probably too good for tvb. :X

    1. Personally, as long as its better than the either Eliza or Christine, I’m sure I can deal with it.

      1. There are some clips of her speaking in Cantonese on Youtube. She is better than Eliza and christine.

  2. Jessica Alba long lost sister turned out to be a Cantonese speaking Chinese/German actress. I knew she had some Asian in her!j/k X)

  3. she sounds like oceane when she talks but dang 29.tvb should promote girls age 20 to 25! but then again ruco and edwin is up there in the age department.hmmm should promote younger male talents too.

    1. Actually, I read somewhere she was born in 1980 which will make her 32 this year. I don’t see anything wrong with promoting older girls because there will always be an audience for that age group. In fact, I hope this trend continues and both hk and china will follow in US foot step in terms of giving older actress a shot at starring in series. This way the selection of talents will be vastly expanded.

  4. The true goddess has surfaced so it’s time for the pretenders to go home, LOL

    She seems to have a great personality, but seriously being a veg must be so boring.

  5. She’s hot Eurasians are hot in general I think she was in the movie connected

    1. She’s pretty though 🙂 I won’t mind her accent, as long as she have decent acting skills.

      1. Thx, her cantonese is far from perfect but its cute 🙂

        I think she’s way too good for TVB as her acting is already better than some of the so-called fadans.

  6. I already like Ankie’s looks! I hope she’s good like Eliza Sam! Honestly it’s boring to see the same Linda, Fala, Kate, Myolie, Tavia, Nancy brand.

  7. She looks like Jessica Alba! Omg, she’s such a good actress, how can it be that she’s acting in TVB series, totally undermining her skills, lol…thanks for the video link btw, very interesting!! She’s too good for series…should just focus on movies.

    Nobody should even compare her to those bland boring woodlike newcomers we have lately. Such an insult to her, seriously.

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