Ankie Beilke Too Wild for Ruco Chan?

It was reported that Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Ankie Beilke (貝安琪) became friends immediately after collaborating in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>. Both single at the time, neither denied the possibility of dating each other in the future. Ankie revealed that she kept close contact with Ruco since completing the drama, and Ruco has openly praised Ankie several times in front of the press, calling her beautiful, talented, and intelligent. Tabloids magazines reported that the onscreen couple were in a secret relationship in the past half year.

However, after an alleged eight months of dating, Ruco reportedly could not withstand Ankie’s “wild” partying lifestyle and ultimately called for a breakup. The breakup was evident, as their personalities were described as being polar opposites – while Ruco enjoys a healthy lifestyle of exercising and sports, Ankie rather spends her free time clubbing and socializing with friends at night.

It was said that Ankie once brought Ruco to a club to introduce him to her friends. As most of Ankie’s friends are westerners, Ruco had a hard time keeping up with their conversations.

A few days ago, Ankie was spotted bringing her good friend, Hong Kong model Rosemary, to Lan Kwai Fong, where the two were seen smoking and conversing with two western friends in front of a restaurant after dinner. Ankie was photographed hugging and kissing her friends affectionately before they parted ways. It was said that Ankie’s intimate interactions with her friends was one of the reasons why Ruco had to call off his eight-month relationship with Ankie.

Ruco Chan: “Haven’t Heard Her Name in a Long Time”

Ruco, currently busy with his filming schedule for TVB’s period drama The Apothecary <大藥坊>, briefly addressed the reporters’s concerns about his relationship with Ankie. Ruco said, “Ankie Beilke? Wow! I haven’t heard of this name in a long time!” Asked if they have been in contact recently, Ruco said, “We’re all very busy. I’m filming The Apothecary right now. She should be busy as well.”

The reporters showed a photo of Ankie kissing her male friend in Lan Kwai Fong. Looking curious, Ruco said, “Wow! Going all out!” Ruco confessed that he is not familiar with Ankie’s friends. He praised the man’s looks in the photo, saying “He looks like Keanu Reeves!”

Ruco also said that he does not see Ankie as very playful and wild like what the tabloids reported. “She’s very career-minded and she has many interests, like art, music, and painting!” 

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  1. Sounds reasonable. Ruco is evidently trying to pursue TV King one day, and can’t let this woman’s devious and wild behavior get in the way. Based on interviews, she doesn’t even seem like a type of person who value commitment and honesty anyway. This may be a good call for Ruco, as she may bring could-be scandals that will bring her down and Ruco in the same boat.

    1. Just bed them and leave…… need to talk too much about it after you move on.

  2. Though Ruco Chan likes pretty girls, I don’t think Ankie Beilke is the type of girl for him. They belong to two different cultures.

    1. agreed. Ruco still a traditional man when comes to partner/future wife.

  3. Through out that ruco chan really likes girls
    Ruco keeps on saying that ankie is so talented and beautiful person yeah exactly ankie is like an Australian person and ruco chan is like chinese culture
    They are just so different and I think they don’t really MATCH that much; )

  4. “It was said that Ankie once brought Ruco to a club to introduce him to her friends. As most of Ankie’s friends are westerners, Ruco had a hard time keeping up with their conversations.”

    If they had a relationship and I saying a big IF, the likely cause of break up as indicated seems to be

    1. language barrier
    2. different lifestyle

    No doubt though Ruco likes very beautiful women with good figure. Who doesn’t. I am in some ways hoping for a LinCo pair, as sweet as it sounds.

  5. Ruco Chan’s ex-girlfriend was very pretty too. She was Miss ATV some years ago.

    1. Hence the general statements by everyone in here. I think Natalie Tong blurted out in an interview that he likes girls with nice figure. He of course said no no no.

      1. yeah…every guys love good looking gf with nice body shape, this goes similarly to girls too to have a muscular men.

  6. Ruco seriously look so good with someone but that someone already have a martial arts boyfriend! Lol. Oh well, at least can see them together in the drama world 🙂

  7. Ruco never admitted to dating her. Anyway I had said before that these 2 are incompatible. So assuming that they had dated, the split isn’t surprising.
    Wld love to one day read that ruco and linda are together. They look really good together and ruco seems to like her. Too bad Philip is in the way.

    1. Personally I think Linda Chung is still too westernized for Ruco Chan, or Ruco Chan is too Hongkongish for Linda Chung. It has something to do with cultures. Linda was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, and that is the reason why she is more attracted to Philip Ng who was also born and raised in North America (U.S.A.).

      1. if philip is linda’s type then im afraid that ruco dont have a chance.i think she like an athletic type someone with more fire,and ruco is too quit and nice guy.

      2. Ruco Chan is very athletic too. He was representing Hong Kong in Ping Pong competitions when he was a teenager. I wouldn’t say that Linda likes Philips Ng because he is athletic. I think it is culture difference to me.

      3. Linda may have been raised in the West but she’s still Chinese. Ankie is different, her dad’s German. I think it can work out for Linda and Ruco if there’s mutual attraction.

      4. I highly doubt that is the reason that Ruco and Linda are not dating. If people from completely different races and cultures can fall in love, get married,etc… Then they definitely can, however, I guess they just do not like each other in that way. Plus,Linda may already be taken as well.

      5. sure then lets go get a fight in the ring and i bet ruco will win because he is more romantic than phillip lol

    2. It is Ruco’s driving skills that’s in the way! LMAO!! Is Ruco Christian??? If not, that’s another obstacle! Both Linda and Philip are Christians. Philip have the same religious belief, westernized, hot 6-8 pack body, great martial arts skills to protect her, and a hard working nice guy. I don’t think Linda will let him go lol. Ruco will find a beautiful HK woman I’m sure. Maybe a miss HK 🙂

      1. awww, let’s hope Ruco has a chance. He’s a nice hardworking guy too.

      2. Agreed, two “key” points may be…”religious belief, westernized”. Westernized women tend to prefer westernized men.

        Also, about Ankie, the media/people have “wild” imaginations. All I see in the source link are two people greeting each other with a kiss on the cheek, a friendly gesture. People (both genders) smoke all the time. So what?

      3. So far, for TV dramas, I think Ankie Beilke is the “best” in doing/acting intimate and/or seductive/dance scenes.

      4. Most Articles now always exaggerate their report. I don’t think Ruco dated ankie at all. Do Ruco smoke? If he does than Ankie is ok for him since she smokes too.

      5. I think Ruco Chan smokes (as reported by the fans of his fan club).

  8. I agree Eurasian girls are wild.Ankie Beilke is quite pretty but i prefer jessica d.

  9. Must be a slow news day… Or Ankie Beilke trying to generate publicity for her… As Ruco said “Ankie Beilke? Wow! I haven’t heard of this name in a long time!”

    1. That is what I was thinking. I have not heard her name in a long time.

  10. This is “news” made up by the tabloids. Ruco left a msg on his fanclub to say that this story is fake. Who wld you choose to believe?

  11. I’m sorry but every time I look at Ruco he looks so gay. Maybe he just have a feminine looks on his face. He probably sees these girls more like sisters than girlfriends… :-D.

    1. yup..if with wigs and make up he does look abit like tht actress tht act in kindred spirit…the mother figure lol

    2. Oh Nick you have no idea… he could flirt with the ladies. Really flirt. Don’t mistake gentlemanly as gay or feminine.

    3. Ruco certainly doesn’t look or behave gay, you’re just imagining things.

    4. he doesn’t look gay …it’s just that he has a softer look.

  12. To me Ruco is ok good looking but somehow I can’t stand his front hair like a bunch of grass on his fringe.

  13. He’s average guy with average skills to me. Need few more years in order to know. He’s not settling down so why worry.

  14. Good he is ditching her! Ruco is one actor who’s handsome and talented. He will be Tvb king someday, unlike Raymond Lam who may not be naturally handsome like Ruco but makes it up through plastic surgery lol.

    Like some readers pointed out here, this is a clever move in part of Ruco to not let her drag down her career. Unlike Raymond Lam, his gold digger gf is spending all his money and pulling down his career. LOL!

    1. Everytime I read his news, I just want to scream at him. What a retarded man! Raymond Lam is no doubt going downhill. His image is turning worse and worse.

      1. LF is a terrible role model for the young. I won’t miss him if he quits and goes back to his family business, which he did say he was going to do (soon, I hope).

      2. If he does leave, I will miss his singing..
        Actually, in his recent interview. it says that his brother is more geared to business than he is and that his family supports him in doing what Raymond wants to do.

    2. agree nowadays the image of raymond lam is only about being karena ng’s boyfriend full time

  15. I’m watching his new drama right now and he’s so good!!!! Luv him!

  16. good guy ruco is too good for the wild ankie bielke! leave him alone he deserves better!

    1. I see there is a sentence omitted at the end..

      the original sentence was…

      good guy ruco is too good for the wild ankie bielke! leave him alone he deserves better! He deserves ME!

      1. FUNN Lim,

        You are fat & old. That MUST be a very BAD taste if Ruco falls in love with you. EVEN if his taste is bad, he doesnt deserve with such pork chops.

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