Arnold Kwok and Amber Tang Share Wedding Plans

Announcing their engagement recently, Arnold Kwok (郭子豪) and Amber Tang (鄧卓殷) excitedly shared their upcoming wedding plans.

At a promotional event the couple jointly attended, Amber looked very festive in a bright red dress. She shared they have started planning their wedding, but did not decide where to hold the event. “Many things are up in the air, but the chances of having our wedding next year are high because we don’t want to rush.” She finds destination weddings very attractive, but holding it in Hong Kong would be much more convenient for friends and family.

They expressed interest in having wedding gown and accessories sponsorships but the most important thing for them is that their guests have a good time. “The most important thing is to have a memorable wedding.”

Asked if they would fight during the planning process, Amber said they rarely fight. “Usually, he would say he does not have an opinion and then I would make the decision to discuss later. He would listen fully before giving any opinions in coming up with a solution.”

The couple recently shared their engagement photos which were taken in a sweet soup shop. They have plans to take more photos in other places that hold a special place in their hearts, such as they places they went to during dating. “We’ll also take some photos while travelling or working. They’re for memories, so maybe we can even take photos while in costumes at TVB City.”

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