Arnold Kwok Does Beach Cleanup with Liza Wang

TVB actor Arnold Kwok (郭子豪) got himself in a series of controversies last year after getting arrested for DUI and being spotted with 2018 Miss Hong Kong runner-up Amber Tang (鄧卓殷) while he was reportedly still in another relationship. The actor later clarified that he and his non-celebrity girlfriend, Karen, had broken up, but he also denied dating Amber.

On Sunday, the rumored couple were spotted cleaning up beaches with veteran artiste Liza Wang (汪明荃). The photos were also shared by Liza on social media. The trio encouraged citizens to volunteer and help out the community whenever they can while society is dealing with the current pandemic.

Arnold and Amber individually shared their own photos at the beaches. Amber also uploaded a photo she took with just Arnold.

While Arnold and Amber denied being in a relationship, the rumored couple seem to be more comfortable with being together in public. Earlier this year, paparazzi spotted Arnold and Amber attending a mutual friend’s birthday party, wearing matching outfits. It was said that Arnold was seen taking care of Amber all night like how a boyfriend would.


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