Arnold Kwok Didn’t Want Girlfriend, Amber Tang, to Film Kissing Scenes

Amber Tang’s (鄧卓殷) sudden departure from TVB series Doppelganger <雙生陌生人> is allegedly due to her boyfriend Arnold Kwok‘s (郭子豪) jealousy over her kissing scene with a male co-star.

Actress Yuki Law (羅毓儀) admitted that she was called in after Amber left the production. Receiving the notice only a week before filming began, she had to memorize all her lines in a short amount of time. While Yuki was unaware of the reason behind Amber’s departure, it is speculated that it had to do with the heated kiss scene with Telford Wong (黃庭鋒) in the drama.

Although Amber was slated to take part in the series, rumor has it that her boyfriend Arnold Kwok (郭子豪) was extremely against her kissing Telford onscreen. Respecting her boyfriend’s wishes, Amber left before the production began. Reluctant to give a straight answer, Producer Lam Chi Wah (林志華) simply said, “After discussing, we had no choice but to switch to a different actress.”

When asked about her feelings on being a second choice, Yuki said she does not mind picking up the role after Amber gave up her part.

With Doppelganger currently underway, Stars Academy <聲夢傳奇> singers Yumi Chung (鍾柔美) and Rock Ho (何晉樂) will be singing the opening theme. Although details are still to be finalized, Lam Chi Wah will make the announcements as soon as he receives confirmation.

Telford Wong and Yuki Law’s kiss in “Doppelganger”


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  1. If this is true, it is really rather sad. Stupid on her part to forego an opportunity because of her bf’s insecurities. And super unhealthy and controlling on the part of her boyfriend to not be ok with her partake in the series because of a kissing scene. They are in this industry together. If anything, he should be even more understanding, it should be him since he is also in this field. Chances are hard to come by and there will always be someone readily available to take your place if you don’t step up given the chance. So what is the poor girl gonna do? Turn down every single role if there are intimate scenes? She won’t last long nor will people cast her anymore after this charade. I hope Amber wakes up and realizes that Arnold’s reaction is immature, controlling, and abusive. They both need to grow up.

  2. She’s talented in dance and witty in her responses during her pageant days but I feel like she’s a little more or too chill when playing variety shows than Arnold, who is neurotic. There could be many reasons she didn’t get the part in the series. If it is because of Arnold’s jealousy, that’s a dealbreaker for me personally. If it is her lack of ambition, then I guess time will tell. Arnold is actually an ok actor if you ask me. We haven’t seen her act so it’s hard to tell….

  3. If it’s true, would he also turn down roles involving similar scene with female costars?
    The actress should consider changing her career or her boyfriend if this is really true. They are not even married and it’s not like she is going to act in cat 3 movie.

      1. While I agree with your view, the Asian culture is still conservative in areas that we may not agree with.

  4. I mean, ultimately it’s her choice, but then, she’s gotta really think if acting is the career choice she wants if she and her bf can’t even handle something as small as on screen kissing.

  5. Boyfriend aside, that’s really unprofessional from her end. If you wanna be an actor these things are practically unavoidable and this is just television — not some rated R movie.
    I think Arnold is a smart guy and does ok with acting (not exactly lead actor vibes though), but this if true sounds overly controlling

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