Arnold Kwok, Matthew Ho, and Milkson Fong’s Friendship Was Nearly Destroyed

Arnold Kwok (郭子豪), Matthew Ho (何廣沛), and Milkson Fong (方紹聰) became good friends after filming Story of Zom-B <食腦喪B>. In March of last year, they took a leap of faith by investing a seven-figure sum into creating their own online production company.

Although the company has only been open for a year, their self-produced shows and commercials have been receiving praise. They have not recouped their investment yet, but they are slowly building their reputation. Arnold leads the group and focuses on finding clients; Matthew handles operational issues, and Milkson handles their creative work.

Constantly looking through his contact list to see who they can bring in for collaborations, Arnold reached out to Nick Cheung (張家輝), Louis Koo (古天樂), and Sean Lau (劉青雲) as they were making a short film that was related to a movie the trio had worked on. Unfortunately, they did not reply.

Friendship Was Nearly Destroyed

The three friends have always seemed to have a great working relationship, but disclosed they  had their differences before. Arnold shared that they have many chat groups where they would discuss work, but Milkson would never reply giving excuses that he was busy. Matthew added that Milkson also worked very slowly, “We had to buy many things for the office and asked for his help. We waited for several months and he still was not done!”

The most hurtful thing that Milkson had done was his intention to leave their partnership and try to open his own studio. Arnold felt this would affect their company’s reputation and had considered kicking Milkson out of the group. From Arnold’s perspective as the group lead and Milkson’s colleague, he wanted to end the partnership. However, as a friend, Arnold did not want to see Milkson leave, “Emotions ended up winning over rationale and I decided to let him stay.”

The group was able to continue working together because Milkson was honest and willing to change.  “He was able to quickly fix his faults. Also, he was very honest about his plan of trying to make it on his own. Arnold and I decided that if he hid his intentions, then there would be no chance of us continuing to work together.”

Milkson stated that he never had any intention of lying to his friends, and always shared his decisions. In the end, he no longer worked two jobs and placed all his efforts into their company.


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