Arnold Kwok Avoids Kissing Scene Because of Girlfriend, Amber Tang

Despite a rough start to their relationship amid cheating rumors, Arnold Kwok (郭子豪) and Amber Tang (鄧卓殷) continue to remain steadfast in their relationship. Dating for more than two years, the couple has a consensus on boundaries with their co-stars.

Earlier, it was reported that Amber dropped out of the TVB drama, Doppelganger <雙生陌生人>, to avoid triggering Arnold’s jealousy due to the kissing scenes. It seems that the jealousy is both ways, as Arnold blatantly went off-script to avoid a kissing scene with fellow costar, Trixie Yu (余詠童) while filming short film, When a Man Goes Long Distance <當男人Long-D>, for his own YouTube channel.

Usually a flexible and adaptable actor, Arnold portrayed a variety of outlandish roles, such as dressing as a woman, and portraying a grandmother. However, Arnold deliberately went off-script to avoid a mouth-to-mouth kissing scene and instead completed the romantic scene with a forehead kiss. Amber was also on set during the filming this scene.

When asked about this incident, Arnold admitted, “Actually, I am very happy during the filming of this short film, because we used a lot of methods to convince a talented director to help with this movie. Filming also went very smoothly. The only thing I was worried about was the kissing scene. I didn’t think it was fitting, so I changed it to a forehead kiss. I have to respect my ‘boss,’ who is my girlfriend.”

When asked whether Amber’s presence on set gave him unnecessary pressure, Arnold expressed, “I wouldn’t say she was there to supervise. She has always been supportive of my filming projects. She just wanted to come and watch. You guys don’t have to worry. I had a great time filming. It is just a matter of mutual respect [with my girlfriend].”

“When a Man Goes Long Distance”

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