Arthur Chen’s “Yesterday Once More” Disappoints at Box Office

In February, Chinese actor Arthur Chen (陳飛宇) was involved in an intimate photo leakage scandal. When his bed photos with influencer Yi Lin (是亦琳呀) were leaked on the Internet, negative press and criticism followed Arthur, as Yi Lin is already married.

Unlike many other artistes who were cancelled due to their scandals, Arthur received a second chance when he clarified the photos were taken when both were still single. Many suspect this is due to his elite status as filmmaker Chen Kaige‘s (陳凱歌) son.

Arthur’s movie Yesterday Once More <倒數說愛你> got the green light for release and premiered earlier this month. Also starring Ye Zhou (周也), the film’s box office earnings only passed 20 million Chinese yuan after three days of its release.

The film took a further hit when it was accused of plagiarizing  2004’s If Only, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls. In response to the plagiarism allegations, the agency issued an official statement, “The film tells the love story of the male and female protagonists crossing through space and time, traveling both forward and backward in time to find one another. The characters and setting of the film are all original developments.”

Hopes were high for the film, as Arthur and Ye Zhou were set to become the next “It Couple.” However, due to Arthur’s scandal, fans have noted that Ye Zhou seems to be noticeably keeping her distance during promotions.

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  1. I was wondering if the scandal affect Arthur…Very unfair situation but I am not surprise he lost fans due to it. Maybe his dad may advise him to take a short break a while and then slowly working his way back …
    He is still in very good hands, and he has star quality, he still have good future ahead.

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