Artistes Who Fell for Their Co-stars

In the new variety show The PakhoBen Outdoor Show <兩個小生去Camping>, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and Pakho Chau (周柏豪) go on camping trips with their guests and have heart-to-heart conversations. In the latest episode, the hosts and guests reveal that they have fallen for their co-stars in the past.

Pakho and Benjamin invited Grace Wong (王君馨), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), and Gloria Tang (鄧佩儀) onto their camping show as guests in the newest episode broadcasted. Benjamin brought up that Grace revealed in one of her YouTube videos that she previously developed feelings for her costar while dating her now-husband Daniel as she was too invested in her role. “I was very honest with him. I told [Daniel] I had a dream about my co-star, he asked me who, so I gave him the details,” Grace shared.

Similarly, Mandy understands what Grace went through. She said, “I have been so invested before that I wasn’t used to not seeing the person after filming. Once filming ended, I called him just to say bye, and then I started bawling after hanging up. It felt like I was saying bye to the character.”

Mandy laughed and said she handled it worse than Grace. “As an actor, we need to invest our feelings. Sometimes I think it is sad that we need to use our feelings to that extent. But that is how you create chemistry,” she continued.

Pakho disclosed he was also in the same boat as the other two actresses. “Of course I have liked [my co-star]. It is someone you work with day and night. Once you finish filming, it is sad when you can’t see them anymore. It is like losing someone who knows you well.”

Pakho and Gloria said they learned a lot about each other when they were filming Another Era <再創世紀> together. Since they saw each other every day for work, they would write 29 things they knew about each other. The former costars happily shared them on the camping show.

More Trust After Marriage

As both Grace and Pakho are married to their respective significant others, they were asked if it’s awkward to film passionate scenes after marriage. They both answered that it is not. Pakho expressed, “I think it is scarier before marriage because you don’t know what they will think. But after marriage, there is trust.”

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    1. @jesspepperwang I think what they meant was that there is more trust after marriage, because now you’re officially off the market and liable to each other in case of divorce so there’s a lot more to lose, versus just dating.

      might not matter so much to a woman celebrity (unless husband happens to be a nobody), but a male celebrity’s partner would definitely feel the difference.

  1. This is sooo cringe worthy. I like both Grace and Mandy on the screen. But please, your characters have no depth and aren’t complex; doesn’t require galore of “prep” so just say you’ve invested so much emotion in playing them is utter BS. Just admit you “phat hao” and move on *roll eyes*

    1. @jjwong Yeah, they aren’t exactly Meryl Streep level to be that immersed in their role. Besides, Mandy’s roles had always been pretty much the same.

      I think it’s more like having a crush on a co-worker, nothing to do with acting.

    1. @cutie777 I agree. It’s easy enough to fall for coworkers at work, but to add on emotional attachment because of the nature of the job, is asking for trouble. I don’t know why people find it hard to believe that falling for acting partners is difficult. To act on those feelings is wrong, but I definitely think it’s possible to fall for a co-star while immersed in acting.

  2. I’m surprised they discussed about this even after the recent lAshley & Jackson’s affair. Probably liking is normal but not turning it into affair. Trust is important in any relationship

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