Artists Disappointed in Omission from TVB Anniversary Awards

The official nominees for the 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards were announced on November 21. The nominees were determined by a panel of judges consisting of nine TVB executives.

Since revamping the ceremony in 2005, the TVB Anniversary Awards have been criticized for being too overly biased and attentive to only the station’s own management artists, disregarding other hardworking artists who appear in the dramas.

To lessen the criticism, TVB arranged for the top three awards – Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Drama awards – to be completely decided by audience votes this year. The other categories, as usual, will be determined by a panel of TVB judges and over 3,000 staff members.

Despite the attempt at greater “transparent” environment, the 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards are still under fire for being too biased by the public. While the list of nominees did include several non-management artists who have recently left TVB, such as Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) running for Best Actress and Joe Ma (馬德鐘) running for Best Actor, there are several deserving artists who surprisingly lost a spot on the nominations list.

Gigi Wong Knows the Rules of the Game

Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽…> is currently the second highest-rated drama of the year. The drama contributed to the fame of rising stars Eliza Sam (岑麗香) and Koo Ming Wah (古明華), who are both nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Actor respectively. Him Law (羅仲謙) and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) also won a spot in the Most Improved category.

Leading lady, Liza Wang (汪明荃), managed to snag a spot on the Best Actress nominations list, but her costar, Gigi Wong (黃淑儀), failed to make it on the list despite her critically acclaimed performance in Divas in DistressChin Kar Lok (錢嘉樂), who also achieved critical praise for his performance in the comedy series, also failed to get nominated.

Gigi however, expressed that she is not disappointed with her loss, and stated, “I once said that I am not interested in joining the games of the circle. I actually prefer not to be nominated! If I never hoped, how would I be disappointed? Moreover, I only have a per-series contract with TVB. Why would they nominate someone who is not a managed artist? I understand the rules of the game really well, so I will not mind the loss. I want to thank the audience for admiring my work! This is better than winning any award.”

Selena Li and Linda Chung

Since joining TVB in 2003, Selena Li (李詩韻) has been included in the nominations list each year. Although Selena won a Most Improved TVB Female Artist award for Gloves Come Off <拳王> at Singapore’s StarHub TVB Awards this year, her performance failed to win her a nomination at the TVB Anniversary Awards.

Selena admitted to feeling disappointed, “This year is the first year in which I will not attend the awards ceremony. This is something I cannot control, and the only thing I can do is to continue to work hard.”

Even though Selena’s performance in The Confidant <大太監> was commended to be the actress’ best performance since debut, she failed to win a nomination for her performance. However, what Selena prides on is not her loss, but the acceptance by the audience and her seniors. “The happiest thing that happened to me recently is to see senior Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) praising my performance in The Confidant on Weibo. So even if I did not get nominated, I feel I have already won it!”

Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) performance as the introverted “Hailey Kiu” in Witness Insecurity <護花危情> was a favorite among the Hong Kong audience, and she was once labeled to be a hot contender for this year’s My Favorite Female Character award. In spite of her character’s popularity, Linda only managed to get nominated for a Best Actress award.

Sounding slightly disappointed, Linda said, “I had four dramas out this year, and I thought one of them would get nominated for a character award. TVB also had me film a trailer to promote that category, so I thought I would get nominated, but I didn’t. I admit that I am a little disappointed, but I think my fans would be more disappointed. My fan club members doubled after the broadcast of Witness Insecurity, and I am very thankful for their support. I do not feel dejected.”

Ben Wong, Raymond Cho, and Ruco Chan

Many TVB drama viewers were also shocked with the absence of Ben Wong (黃智賢), Raymond Cho (曹永廉), and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) in this year’s nomination list.

Ben Wong, who portrayed the main villain in Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>, was once considered to be a hot contender for the Best Supporting Actor award. Ben has already expressed his anger in being left off the list. “I am very surprised and of course disappointed! I don’t know what the rules are. This year, we talk about fairness and the people’s wishes with the one vote per person system. Now that I am not even nominated, where is the fairness?” Ben asked.

Raymond Cho, currently starring alongside Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Michelle Yim (米雪) in The Confidant, was also thought to win a nomination for Best Supporting Actor, but only costars Power Chan (陳國邦) and Elliot Ngok (岳華) were nominated instead.

Raymond expressed, “When the nomination list was released, The Confidant just began its broadcast. I lost to luck. The awards ceremony is a joke. (Would you attend?) Of course not! I don’t know if they will invite me, but even if they do, there is no point for me to go!”

Another shocker was to see TVB’s new favorite son, Ruco Chan, out of the list. Although both of Ruco’s dramas this year, No Good Either Way <衝呀!瘦薪兵團> and Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國>, only performed mediocrely in ratings, his performances were well-received by the public. Could it be that Ruco Chan is now out of favor by the executives?

More Pork Chop Awards

Regarding the artists’ disappointment in the nominations list, TVB executive, Sandy Yu (余詠珊), explained, “Originally, we planned to have fifteen to twenty nominees for each category, but in the end, we narrowed it down to ten. Each of the nine TVB executives chose ten potential nominees and whoever got the most votes made it into the nominations list.”

Three more special awards will be added to the awards ceremony this year, including Outstanding Male Artist, Outstanding Female Artist, and Lifetime Achievement Award. When asked if these awards were made to appease the lost-out nominees, Sandy Yu clarified, “Every award is an encouragement to the actor. Originally this award was to be called the ‘Most Professional’ award, but after a few more discussions, using ‘outstanding’ would be better.”

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  1. This article highlights things we fans have been saying for years.

    Raymond Cho, don’t burn bridges. The way to win awards is to be their pet.

    Anyway of all the names, Selina Li is the one who should not be considered or even feel disappointed at nomination. She should however be disappointed despite the opportunities given, her acting still suck big time.

    1. yeah.. like I can’t remember any memorable scene from Selina. All I remember Selina is her pretty face.

      1. haha yeah like she’s short of breath when talking emotionally.


        i think she’s ok, sweet looking. Many guys will fall for girl like her.

      2. @subtleness: She’s pretty and bubbly. The picture above isn’t really good but she looked good in Gloves Come Off and Wish and Switch.

        @Veejay: I find her attractive and sweet and so do many of my guy friends. Haha

      3. i do find Selena prettier than other so called fadans like Tavia, Myolie or Kate… Her acting might be stagnant now but I do think it’s pretty good for a supporting actress…..

    2. “Even though Selena’s performance in The Confidant was commended to be the actress’ best performance since debut,”

      Sorry but I disagree. Not the first and will not be the last of disagreement between groups on certain issues. It was a terrible performance especially when she went crying. She must take voice lessons.

      Oh and I apologise, her name should be Selena and not Selina.

      1. Maybe it is truly her best since all her previous performances were even worse? 😛

        Haha I like Selena but I do think her acting has become worse. Hope Linda isn’t going down that route either. Thought she could have done a better job in WI.

    3. Why shouldn’t she be considered or even feel disappointed at a nomination? She’s been in it every year, according to this article. So of course she would be disappointed about not having a nomination this year even though she’s been getting one year after year from 2003 – 2011.

      I beg to differ about Selena’s acting. I find her acting quite decent and isn’t the ‘breathless voice’ supposed to show desperation? She played a desperate character (in TC) that was desperate for love, freedom, babies and revenge.

    4. ”Rename those awards to anti-viwers awards,executive Associate awards or Best made up promotional tokens instead.”

  2. LoL TVB’s award ceremony this year will be like watching a comedy skit. The list of hand-picked nominations aren’t even genuine from the very beginning, so whoever wins whatever award, does it really matter anymore? The awards have lost its meaning anyway.

    1. all the artists who aren’t nominated should actually feel like the luckier least they are not going to waste their time sitting for hrs and only put on a show knowing that they’d walk away with nothing. They should all gather up and plan their own party to celebrate their achievements in gaining the support and recognition from viewers/fans, something in which TVB always fails to provide to those deserving.

    2. They can’t be that sore losers, after all are they saying they’re better than their colleagues, some of whom are probably close friends? Good they expressed their feelings but still, a bit of consideration for their nominated friends and colleagues.

      Anyway so can we expect Raymond Cho NOT to be at the gala? Let’s see then! And of course Ben Wong?

      1. True- agree with what you said about respecting their colleagues/friends..but still, I bet their colleagues would know what they are in for when nominated, knowing TBB’s politics…

        If Ben Wong attends, don’t know if it’d be more embarassing /humiliating for him, or for TBB itself..with Ben’s support from a lot of ppl, his attendance would make TBB appear more stupid as it already is.

  3. lols tvb, not only us but now the tvb actors criticise what a joke this year’s nominations is!! not surprised if only half the amount of ppl are gnna attend.. not like there were many that attended in previous years

    1. With their own artists’ criticising, complaining and treating their award events as a joke, that truly shows a lot about what TBB is like as a company…lol. Bravo TBB, bravo.

      1. TVb doesn’t care since Ben just renew his contract, he still have plenty of years with TVB and Raymond cho can’t survive w/o Tvb and Ruco has no where to go.. unless CTI wants him.

      2. CTI still no license? Not good for these artistes if everything is cable or straight to DVD.

      3. Ruco Chan signed a long-term (8-year) contract with TVB last year after the airing of “The Other Truth”. Not surprised that he was not on the nomination list. Moreover, he did not have any impressive roles this year, though he did quite well as Chow Yu in “3 Kingdoms RPG”.

      4. Yep no lic yet but I heard China Gov is giving away lics soon, i heard CTI is one of the company who will received it SOON. not sure how soon though lol..But how did Maggie Cheung survive without getting a penny from CTI so far? or CTI pays her despite not having lic to show their series?

      5. btw, is LF’s contract gonna expire soon hence the mgmt set him for the best actor award?

      6. ray signed new contract last year with the 1 series per year until 2017 so that is 5 yrs

      7. I rmb some loyal fan here said becuz LF is a money magnet/puller, so the mgmt have to ensure he gets something in return to keep his heart.

      8. the loyal fan is maybe right. lols i always think tvb needs him more than vice versa

  4. These supporting artists like Raymond Cho and Ben Wong can’t disobey their boss, they can complain but in the end, they still need TVB…

    I m a bit surprised that Ruco didn’t make it to the list.. thought he was their favourite?

  5. Just give everyone an award = virtuous harmony, LOL.

    yes Raymond Cho the award show is a JOKE!

    1. He said it best- in fact, too blunt and direct that makes him kind of disrespectful of his friends/colleagues nominated. However, of course not intentional.

      But seriouslly..TBB, what the eff is happening?? Getting worse by the year…can’t imagine how the future of TBB would be like..

  6. Another note is that I don’t think Ive seen Ron being made into the top 5 for last couple of Awards ceremony but he always attends, I thought he improved a lot this year but he wasn’t even mentioned at all. It’s a bit unfair to him but I have a feeling next year will be his year with ATF and the grand production TITS2 being aired next year.

  7. I’m surprised the article didn’t mention Natalie. I felt she was better than Selena in Gloves Come Off, and I thought her death would at least give her a fav char nomination.

  8. There are several other supporting artists who deserve mention: Raymond Cho, Evergreen Mak (GJ2), Ben Wong (HAL), Henry Lee (GJ2), Joseph Lee and Savio Tsang, (3K RPG), Elaine Yiu and Claire Yiu (Bottled Passion).

    1. What about Maggie Shiu in “The Confidant” for Best Support Actress top 10?

      1. Yes Maggie Shiu too! And someone mentioned Charmaine Li for SSSS. I haven’t watched SSSS but I agree that Charmaine’s acting has been consistently good.

  9. Ray Cho (TC), bad luck. He is so outstanding..
    Elaine Yiu(BP), bad bad luck as it aired in the wrong time, or is she being forgotten always?
    Ruco(3K), Chou Yu was amazing.. Alex Mo was cool but the character was not that impressive, & bad luck ATF was pushed to no where.. wrong year for him!
    Natalie, Bor Bor was good, and she as the Queen should also be good.. sigh

  10. Some should complain and some shouldn’t. For example, I don’t understand Sharon Chan complain for wat? She wasn’t good this year. Although I like her, accept this. Another example is Natalie Tong.

    1. Natalie was alright this year.. but yes, Sharon shouldn’t complain… her roles/acting in 3K and Queens were somewhat the same and boring.

  11. I don’t know why the actors who missed out are disappointed. Yes, winning raises their profile and allows them to raise their fees but its not like the award is a true indicator of talent. It never really has been.

    TVB awards are a PR exercise for the execs to see who of their managed artists can beat the opposing faction. The fact that people like Aimee Chan can be nominated for best actress pretty much says it all.

    Kenneth Ma has the right idea- stuff the awards and just ask for a bigger paycheck!

  12. I am tired of Liza Wang getting nominated every time which I think is not fair, after all she had already won rewards before, why can’t they add somebody new, moreover, her roles are almost the same – the diva’s role, which she is so good at acting – no challenge to her at all. Don’t get me wrong, I used to be a fan of hers, but seeing the same person getting nominated all the time is boring and not fair at all. Other artists need encouragement too (and they had worked very hard too), I feel Gigi Wong acted better than Liza Wang in Divas In Distress and deserves to be nominated.

    1. I agree that Gigi is better in Divas in Distress than Liza. Too bad Liza is a TVB ah jeh! she was left out once and I can still remember her throwing tantrums! Don’t think TVB wants to rile her.

    2. I disagree on adding new names just for the sake of adding new names. If she was great, then add her. If she wasn’t, take her out. She was better in Divas In Distress, never quite seen Liza that way before. I believe Liza deserves the nomination for Divas In Distress.

      1. Liza in Divas in Distress = War of the In Laws (I and II) = OL Supreme = Super Snoops

        She hasn’t really modified her character profile much lately. I miss the old days when she played strong feminist intelligent career women like in Threshold of an Era.

  13. its because they decided to change it to top 10 instead of top 15 for each category. there are less artist nominated

  14. Seiously I am really disappointed with how TVB nominate their artistes. I believe Ben Wong should have been nominated.

  15. This year’s nominations are quite a joke. Maggie Shiu, Rebecca Chan, Elaine, Claire, Selena, Natalie, Ben, Raymond, Kent, Ruco, etc. Why isn’t Linda nominated for a character award? Why is Aimee in the best actress category? Why is Moses nominated for whatever he’s nominated for and not for his character in When Heaven Burns? Moo moo pig

    1. Agree with you absolutely in everything you said in your post.

  16. Is it a joke when Aimee is nominated for the best actress leading role when she was a supporting actress.

  17. Honestly, I don’t know who make the TVB award seem inferior, the TVB itself or the artists. Like Oscar, it doesn’t matter if ppl are nominated or not, it’s the honor for them to attend the ceremony. On the other hand, in TVB artists just go to the ceremony because they are nominated. It’s the special event, just go to support your colleagues, be honored and try better next year. It’s quite funny, on one hand, they say how much they love acting and so on, on the other hand, they feel disappointed that they are not nominated. So at the end, everyone needs fame. And it’s so funny the reason that Linda stated, she had four series yes, but it doesn’t mean she would be nominated for the BC, just think about the purity, purity also needs fame.

    1. “It’s quite funny, on one hand, they say how much they love acting and so on, on the other hand, they feel disappointed that they are not nominated.”

      If those who are nominated are truly better than you, then who can you blame? How dejected can you feel? You can only try harder next time. In this particular case, you know you’re working for a company that treats you like sh** anyway, but to have them shove it right in your face and hand the opportunities over to someone who is clearly not (or less) capable… it just makes you sick to the stomach at how unjust things can be.

      I just muse over TVB’s utter stupidity. Is there some higher-up who is secretly on a vengeance spree, trying to bring upon their downfall?

    2. The difference is that everything in Hollywood is very independant. The Oscars is for movies made by a whole range of production companies and even independent filmmakers. The Academy that decides on the nominations is independent from the the companies. Also, the production companies do not manage the actors that they employ. Same goes with TV networks, they have to “pick up” a TV series because they don’t produce them. The producers and production company again, doesn’t “own” the actors or any actors for that matter. This is why actors usually have to audition to get a part. And it’s such an honour to be nominated and attend because there’s such a big pool.

      TVB does EVERYTHING. They manage the actors and produces their own dramas. They cast their own people into their dramas and they create an awards ceremony to award their own managed actors that acts in their own TV production. There’s zero independence going on here and that’s why everyone says it’s unfair. And it’s not even a honor to go because it’s very rigged. It’s pretty much the annual “office party”.

      1. If you want something like the Emmys, then HK has to create a TV Association Academy when they get their licensing right to award shows and actors from ALL the networks like TVB, ATV, CTI, whatever else there will be. THAT will be an honour to attend.

  18. I have no idea why they chose to only nominate 10 this year. A lot of people are being left off to use the nominations to promote newer actors. That being said, I don’t see the point of complaining. In the end there is only one winner and many people are saying the awards are part of the game, rigged, biased, etc so why get upset? Why get upset about not being nominated for an award that you don’t think means anything? TVB is stupid for reducing the nominees. It will only result in less people attending the ceremony. I don’t see any reason for them to reduce the number of nominees at all.

    1. 1) Nomination means a recognition of an artiste’s good performance in a drama series during that year.

      2) If someone else with poor performance (or “no” performance) gets nominated and another artiste with good performance gets neglected, it is a very bad feeling or even an insult to the artiste with good performance.

      Simple example: Why did Eliza Sam and Christine Kuo get nominated for Best Support Actress while all the good actresses, such as Maggie Shiu, Rebecca Chan, Elaine Yiu, etc., were left out?

      1. My point was if people think the award is a joke then why care if you are nominated or not? You can’t just bash it when you’re not nominated and like it when you are. People have got to pick a side and stick with it.

      2. @Ric,

        I think people only think the award whole thing is a joke after they were not nominated. Tehy still treat the award thing pretty highly since its give the person the significant status for their performance in acting.

      3. Veejay:
        You are right. 99%.9% of the artistes know that an award is given to someone with either best acting or favoured by TVB. However, a nomination means that a recognition is given to an artiste for his/her good performance in the year. If a new artiste with lousy acting gets nominated and a veteran with good acting doesn’t, it is like an insult to the veteran with good acting.

  19. i think if i were BEN WONG, i would be deeply disappointed too i mean he is a veteran and he was so well acted in that damien series w/a lot of wives. how can he not get at least a nomination and all nominated those stupid newbies???? TVB is such a joke hahaa…lol…

  20. I think Raymond Cho makes a good point… why does the nomination list come out when The Confidant and SSSS have only aired midway?

    1. Agree. There should be a deadline drawn for nomination, i.e. after the airing of anniversary production series, not even before the midway of airing.

      1. The nomination is by TVB not the audience. And TVB execs would have watched enough of the anniversary production series before they nominate.

    2. TvB has it own way of doing things.. still haven’t adapt it yet? lol.

      1. I’m used to TVB’s practices, but that’s a separate thing from it making sense to me.

        Anyway, I don’t foresee TVB changing their nomination schedule anytime soon; current schedule seems to suit them fine. Unless it happens one year where the early deadline causes some extremely glaring omission and a massive outcry from viewers, but even then they might not care.

  21. I think with everyone thinking the award is a joke, winning an award on that day can actually be quite an embarrassing thing for those who know they don’t truly deserve it 😛 so, it’s not all glorious for those who are nominated and have to sit through it as accessories.

  22. Have long held the TVB awards to be dog and pony show for the network. 15 nominations per category is great method to include everyone but that is a joke for a single network that may not even be able to produce 15 original series a year.

  23. lol Now am I surprised? U r improving TVB! Surprise me more with Bosco n Linda grabbing the Outstanding Awards n yea a blissful ending for WI!

  24. Maybe these artist want to win so they can get pay more? The more nomination and awards the higher the pay raise and popularity? It’s not about acting anymore it’s all about the Money money money 😀

  25. It’s strange but I thought Selena looks better now than before!!!
    She looks very good in “the Confidant”…lol…

  26. Its all office politics. Next yr, they will “arrange” it so its Linda’s turn. Kate has struggled in her acting career at TVB thus far so TVB is just helping Kate out a little more by making sure Linda doesn’t get in the way. Its just typical fare, nothing we haven’t seen, TVB likes to manipulate results rather than let the audience decide complete.

  27. Selena Li is accomplished actress. She was good in tc but too bad she was in only 5 eps. She is also damn fine if you know what im saying.

  28. one word: rigged
    i feel like actors and actress should just start buying dinners and fancy things for the exec, instead of actually acting well in series anymore. is not like their talent is actually given acknowledgement and is not like a stupid award reflect ones’ talents.

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