Bai Lu and Dylan Wang’s “Only For Love” Releases New BTS Cut

With romantic drama Only For Love <以愛為營> completing filming in March, behind-the-scene clips of Bai Lu (白鹿) and Dylan Wang (王鶴棣) were shared, showcasing their strong chemistry.

Only For Love follows Zheng Shuyi (Bai Lu) who goes through a breakup after falling madly in love with Shi Yan (Dylan Wang). In one particular scene, Bai Lu and Dylan’s heads were so close together that they reach over and kiss. Driving fans crazy with the behind-the-scene footages, the clips garnered over a million views shortly after being uploaded to Mango TV. The clips were teasingly captioned, “Can this be watched without paying for a subscription?”

The backstage footage also showcased a particular scene where Shi Yan asked Zheng Shuyi if she had a boyfriend. Quick to tell Shi Yan that she broke up with her boyfriend right after falling in love with him at first sight, Zheng Shuyi boldly asked if she could pursue him now that she was single.

Discussing the scene with the director, Bai Lu and Dylan offered opposing interpretations. Dylan said his character should have felt sad for Zheng Shuyi and would not take advantage of her new single status. While Bai Lu believed that Dylan’s character should feel thrilled when hearing about the breakup, as he was interested in her but did not want to initially date an attached woman.

The behind-the-scenes stirred up excitement, and some netizens gushed over Zheng Shuyi’s bold actions. However, other netizens criticized Bai Lu’s thinking, and believed that she lacked true understanding of her character. Meanwhile, Dylan’s fans were eager to see the actor in another new drama and remained enthusiastic over Only for Love despite Bai Lu’s prolific drama output this year.

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