[Beauty] How Natalie Tong Maintains Her Dewy Skin

The actress visits a traditional Chinese medicine doctor to condition her body after filming every series.

Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) has always been known for her luminous complexion. Whether on screen or at event appearances, Natalie’s skin has always looked perfect. The 38-year-old TVB actress reveals that aside from diligence in her skincare routine, healing her body inside out is her real beauty secret.

Sharing her tips to having radiant, dewy skin, Natalie said one can’t be lazy when it comes to skincare. “I believe in traditional Chinese medicine, so every time after completing filming for a drama series, I would find a TCM doctor to help recondition my body. The doctor would tell me what I should eat, and sometimes the therapy would include Chinese medicine too.

“At the same time, you have to find the right cosmetics and skincare products for yourself. I also use a facial mask every day. Once, I tried putting on three masks a day. I would also use a lightweight beauty gadget at home to firm up my skin,” Natalie said.

Her meticulous efforts have paid off, as Natalie always looks great on camera. But the actress is more critical of her own performances. On watching her own dramas, Natalie said, “I’ve always been scared about watching dramas I’ve acted in. Every time I finish watching my own performance, I would pick on areas where I haven’t done well enough, so I feel my own annoying side.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Perhaps because she has a wide face, I think she looks her age. Not in the sense that she’s approaching 40, but there’s no way she can still play a character below 30. Male actors in their 40s get paired up with females in their 20s. For Natalie, you have to pair her up with people in her age range–mid to late 30s. She would look odd with Ben Wong, who is 52. Even Ruco at 43 is really pushing Natalie too far.

  2. She has big eyes and a wide smile which contributes to her youthful looks. I thought she looked really compatible pairing up with Pierre Ngo and playing Wayne Lai’s younger sister in King Maker. She just has that ‘younger sister’ type of look lol. Not young enough to play a fish-out-of-water role but too young to play a mother figure.

    I’m not expert but I don’t think 3 face masks a day is good? Most brands recommend once per week. Too much would over-moisturize your skin and cause extra sebum production.

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