Ben Wong Outraged in Not Being Nominated for TVB Best Supporting Actor

TVB will soon unveil the Top 10 nominations for its 45th Anniversary Awards. Known for his strong acting skills, Ben Wong (黃智賢), won the Best Supporting Actor award last year and it was expected that he will again be a strong contender in this year’s race. When Ben learned that he was omitted from a leaked version of the nomination list, Ben was furious.

Oriental Daily obtained an early copy of the Top 10 nominations list, in which Ben Wong was notably absent in the Best Supporting Actor category. Ben had electrified audiences with his impossibly evil character, Poon Sir, in Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>. It was speculated earlier that Ben will be a strong contender against Power Chan (陳國邦) and Koo Ming Wah (古明華) in this year’s Best Supporting Actor race.

“I am very surprised and of course disappointed! I don’t know what the rules are. This year, we talk about fairness and the people’s wishes with the one vote per person system. Now that I am not even nominated, where is the fairness? How is it fair that Poon Sir is not nominated?” Ben said angrily.

The leaked copy of the Best Supporting Actor nominees included veterans such as Elliot Yue (岳華), Ram Chiang (蔣志光), and Jazz Lam (林子善) as “adornments,” while failing to qualify Ben Wong.

After his strong performance in The Confidant <大太監>, Power Chan  has emerged as the front runner to challenge Koo Ming Wah in the race. Power’s colleagues and the media’s confidence that he will win the award has increased significantly. Since Koo Ming Wah is also a fellow graduate of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Power said he will be happy if Koo wins as well. Both veteran actors were happy that their roles left a deep impression upon viewers and their acting was widely appreciated.


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  1. Where is Ben Won’s seat? he sure deserves a seat! And MC jin too and Pierre Ngo, and Edwin in my fav. i don’t like this.

    1. omg mc jin for best supporting actor? he’s not on that level yet lmao. i think edwin’s in most improved though

      1. lol again can you tell me what is the level?isn’t it up to each person to have their own though about it? To me then MC jin did play his role in HAL really good and should get a seat in best supporting role.

      2. and my own thought is that he wasn’t very good in HAL. he lacks experience and was outshined in HAL by others. besides, isn’t he leaving TVB to live in NY with his wife? TVB’s not going to give an award to someone who won’t be here next year lol

      3. If im not wrong, then I heard someone told me that he may be filming a series next year too.

      1. @Linnh even if he is coming back to film for TVB again, he is still not TVB’s “son”. Damien Lau and Adam Cheng occasionally film for TVB. Damien actually films once a year for TVB but he didn’t get nominated.

      2. he didn’t? has the official list coming out yet? Because in the assum list from MingPao then Damian is nominated in top 10 best actor.

      3. The official one announced and it’s exactly the one Mingpao posted.

      4. yup I saw it this morning, like I said Damian is nominated for BA 😛

  2. This guy has a tendency to over emote and overact. For instance, his performance in Lives of Omission was cringe-worthy. I haven’t seen his ‘Poon sir’ performance yet so I’ll reserve judgement.

  3. I thought Poon Sir was better dressed version of Spicy Ginger.

      1. I found Spicy Ginger more likable then Poon Sir, since in the end Spicy Ginger realized his wrong doings.
        I think Poon Sir is more evil!

      2. poon sir was creepy with his stalker-like tendencies and lies (when he was trying to get ella). then in the end he went full blown evil lmao. liked spicy ginger more

    1. I agree~
      I personally thought “Poon Sir” was not much different from “Spicy Ginger” and even if he DID get nominated, it’ll be a tough fight between Goo Ming Wah and Power Chan.

      1. Even that we all know Ben has a lot of competitors, and me myself hopes Power Chan wins supporting, but at least Ben deserves a seat more than some other in the list.

  4. I seriously doubt the accuracy of the leaked list. Ben is not likely to be omitted from the nominations, even if TVB doesn’t plan to give the award to him

    1. i agree. my cousin from HK says all of show HK showbiz you really have to know people and kiss butts to get around n promoted. dont know if any of it is true but the world is full of fake people no matter how hardworking and how long you have acted really does NOT matter to them. I see some ‘kalefe’ some of them are not UGLY at all and quite fit and i see them as a ‘kalefe’ since forever and still they are just a passing supporting star so there…reality sucks people.

  5. I think Power Chan deserves this year’s best supporting actor.

  6. Jazz Lam (林子善) should NOT be top 10 nominees for Best Actor. Ben Wong should surely be one of them. He should replace Jazz Lam (林子善) .

    I would be angry, too, if I were Ben Wong. He got good recognitions from his character, Poon Sir, in “HAL”.

    1. i looked at the article of nominees and didn’t see jazz in the best actor category?

  7. Is that list even accurate? If it is, why did it shrink from top 15 to top 10? Fewer people are going to attend if there are only 10 nominees.

    1. Nah they would have to attend to “respect” TVB. Just like how last year Cilla was scheduled to be in another country but TVB called her and told her that she had to come. She didn’t win the award that year though

  8. The point here is Ben was not on the nomination list. He probably will not win again, but at least give the guy a nomination.

  9. Ben really deserves a place in the Nominations List but remember he’s mad at a ‘leaked’ report and it may not be true, so getting all worked up may be just for nothing. Be patient, Ben.

  10. Ben Wong should have reserved his negativity when the official list was released. Now he would be branded as a crybaby and a primadonna. He definitely lost points with some viewers as a result.

    1. I can understand why he is pissed. Only if he said “its okay, everyone did a wonderful job this year” would he lose points from me.

  11. Soon enough, TVB will lose this great actor who would decide to seek for other Company’s who will give him the recognition and he deserves.

    However, I do think that his outrage, although it’s understandable, it’s unreasonable for him to be so angry since it’s not even the final list yet. Yes, the leaked version might be very much similar if not exactly the same as the official one, but it’s just going to his attitude as an artist seem bad for some viewers. Sometimes i think it’s best to leave the talk and noise to the audience/viewers to make.

    Perhaps Ben’s outrage thus discussion amongst viewers may cause tvb to do something about it and include him in if they haven’t already decided to do so..

    1. Hope he will leave TVB ASAP. Seems like the list is the official one and he prolly knew he wasn’t nominated.

      He should know how the system works in TVB and that the award has zero correlation with acting skills. Still it’s understandable that he got emotional esp. with all the mediocre/rubbish artists in TVB.

      I bet TVB doesn’t even care if he leaves. They think the new race of goddesses are going to save them from armageddon, LOL.

      1. or selling sex in new series that will save them LOL..

        well, it would be pity if Ben leaves, he got talent!

      2. Not exactly sex but 1 sec supposed to be rape scene, LOL.

        Next time it will be 2 and so on. TVB is slowly but surely moving towards to porn industry, haha

      3. those hk aunties won’t give them chance to turn home series into soft porn haha..they will file complain!

        Tvb will prolly maintain their 1 or 2 seconds porn clip to the audience for them to create their own fantasy! lol

      4. Nah, HK sei lais don’t care anymore. I reckon TVB can do better in that segment which require less acting skills.

        They can recruit Lawrence Ng he got plenty of experience, LOL.

      5. haha..u said Lawrence will have plenty of experiences and what about LF? he too have plenty of experiences but never show it “out” in his series at all. HOw come? these wolves know how to hide their dark side well u know? U think everyone think like Ron? haha… say No but pictures of him sexily wrestling Toby says otherwise..haha

      6. Haha Vj, I only mentioned Lawrence bc of his past.

        620 won’t allow his beloved to portray anything less than prince charming. So virtually zero probability of seeing him as a rapist, killer etc.

        For Ron is win-win since he doesn’t need to pretend anymore and reveal his true face.

    2. TVB already gave him recognition last year. He won ‘Best Supporting Actor’ last year.

  12. No worries Ben, still 24 or 48 hrs for TVB nomination list countdown wish u luck though!

  13. He’s enraged too early. Earlier before he also has ranted to press about Kate and Raymond’ attacking him in weibo. Ben could learn to control his temper and emotion.

  14. Omg! It can’t be true..not even on the nomination list?! Ben deserve one of d higher seat! TVB, u guys are just damn crazy..better re-alter the list otherwise u will be lossing viewers, I’m sure will be the 1st u will loose!

  15. This news just winds me up so much! Ben has every right to be angry and upset!

    1. I can understand his emotions because after all of these years of hard work, he still has to struggle so much and may not even get a nomination??That is truly sad… It’s like he is asking for the award, just a nomination…

      1. At least Ben should reserve his rage until official list come out. Besides he just won last year.

    2. half half agree with you. I has a right to express his anger over this, however, i agree that it would make situations better if he was to wait until the official list is released..i mean, what if he is actually on the final list when it is released? it’ll only make it difficult and awkward for himself imo.

      In terms of winning last year, im sure every artist wouldnt mind and would want to be recognised and rewarded for their efforts they out each year into their roles…so whether they have previously won or not, that doesnt mean they shouldnt and wouldnt want the title again.

      1. Why would it be awkward? He has every right to get angry if he isn’t nominated.

  16. Since there is only 5 slots for Best Supporting Actor nominees, it’s hard to be fair to everyone. I’m sure there are more than 5 great performances in the Best Supporting Actor category since TVB has many good acting green leaf actors. Can’t put then all in.

    1. Agree. Why were Him Law and Lam Chi Sin were among the top 10 nominees? Their acting was just average when compared to Ben Wong (Poon Sir) in “HAL”.

    2. Isn’t it top 10 nominees, and then top 5 at the anniversary awards? Surely Ben can make it top 10.

      1. Definitely as Poon Sir in “HAL”, but his name was not in the top 10 list.

    3. Remove the undeserving ones and put in as many deserving ones as possible, or extend the list to top 15/20 if tvb wants to promote their favs so much.

    4. Limited seats but Jazz Lam is in and not Ben wong? hard to believe..

  17. I am rather surprised at his errrr sureness that his performance was so darn great that he should get a nomination. Humility is not his name now. That being said, I too am outraged, not just by his omission but by lots of additions and omission. Ben don’t take it personally; it ain’t you alone.

  18. Well, the official list is out. There were no changes. -_- As always, TVB claimed the “leaked” information is not accurate. Tsk tsk

  19. I think he has a right to be angry or at least disappointed. I think he did great in HAL. He & Michael Miu carried that series. Surely he is deserving of a top 10 nom at the very least.

  20. Really disappointed with TVB’s nomination list for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor. How the hell did Aimee Chan get on the Best Actress list with her role in TLSA?
    AND I can’t believe Ben Wong is not on the list for Top 10. Are you serious, TVB? So disappointed….

    1. if aimee chan be on the best actress list ben can be on the best actor list.. ben is a better actor then moses and some of the other on the best actor list

      1. That is an obvious error or rather move for some publicity. No way she will win, if hat’s a consolation.

  21. JT, I agree with you absolutely. Just read over the official list of nominations and found Ben’s name missing.

  22. If I have to kick one person out of BSA list to add Ben Wong, it will probably be Kenny Wong. That guy still can’t act besides showing off his abs. No idea how he won his Best supporting actor award.

    1. I thought Kenny was good in LSA. I think they should’ve kicked out HimHim, Oscar, or Vincent Wong. Especially if they’re gonna give Him or Oscar the most improved award.

      1. Obviously I did not watch that show with such a large dose of aimee chan. 😛

      2. Supposedly, Ben was not nominated in Best Supporting actor, because he’s actually a leading role, according to the producer.
        So it’s an upgrade he’s left out of the BSA list? In that case they should kick out Joe Ma (As Tiger Cubs was very case-driven), and nominate Ben in the Best actor category!

      3. I think it was initially a leading role meant for Roger/Kevin, but when it went to Ben, the screentime for the role would likely have been cut, making it a supporting role. After all there are already 2 male leads anyway. Well, even Ben thought it was a supporting role.

        Then again, the line between leading and supporting roles for TVB dramas seems to have blurred. Aimee Chan in the Best Actress category is a clear sign for that. Last year, Linda even made it to the Top 5 for Best Actress for her supporting role in YSSS.

  23. What is there to be disappointed about? People… you need to understand what the TVB awards are all about. it has NOTHING to do with role/talent/acting. it has everything to do with PROMOTION.

    Who will win? The person TVB wants to promote will win.

    Why is Aimee on the list? Not because she will win or have a chance… TVB is putting her on the list so that people start to see her name up there and start to associate her with the “best actress” crowd. It’s market positioning for Aimee because they want to push her.

    Why isn’t Ben Wong there? Because someone higher up didn’t want him to be. Maybe he’s had friction at TVB? Maybe they are still angry with his past actions with TVB? Who knows? As I said earlier, he needs to kiss more executive butt, do more TVB promotions when asked, and basically prostrate himself to TVB to get into their good graces.

    Sorry to be so cynical, but that’s how I’ve grown to understand the award ceremony at least 😛

    1. Well, you’d have to be blind to not understand that. TVB hasn’t made any attempts to be subtle or to hide it. Heh. We tend to criticise them for playing favourites, but stupidity ranks pretty high on their list of flaws too…

      Fortunately, we’re just the viewers. Imagine what it would be like to be in Ben’s position or the gazillion other artists who don’t deserve such treatment.

    2. It’s obvious that TVB has an issue with shortage of ppl. Ben won last year therefore it makes sense to promote others regardless of their performance.

      Likewise noone will from now on ever win consecutive times bc in that way they can create many more best actor/actress level artists, haha.

      TVB awards = promotional/adv. tool and bargaining chip i.e extend their slave contract.

      1. Yep agree with you that it’s tvb’s tactic to promote others when Ben already received an award last year..but then its a humiliation for Ben for not getting nominated while those who are inferior than him got to the list.

    3. The fact that TVB is heavily promoting audience voting to determine the winners makes it that much more disappointing. The Top 10 list should at least fulfill popular preferences rather than cause an uproar mainly revolving Ben not included in BSA, Aimee in BA. Oh, and Kevin Cheng not nominated as his role as Law Ba!?

      Anyways… The server better not crash again for voting.

  24. TVB Award, just the first name should tell you that it is a company reward than a TV achievement. Just wait for Charmaine wins the next award, so TVB can get her contracted.

  25. Ben Wong said he is disappointed he is not in the top 10 list but who in the list should not be there and should be him instead? He maybe should have point that out.

    1. I think Jazz Lam should not be on the list. But looking at previous years, I think Evergreen Mak was not nominated last year although he won the year before. Sharon is also not on the list although she won last year. I guess sometimes it really depends on whether they are given breakthrough roles that year and also on luck.

      Too bad, there are only 10 places. IMO, others who did well in supporting roles this year include Raymond Cho (both in Bottled Passion and The Confidant), Evergreen Mak (GJ2), Savio Tsang (3K RPG).

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