Netizens Compile a List of TVB’s Top Ten Favored Male Artistes

With the 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards about a month away, discussion regarding TVB’s favored artistes is bound to happen. Recently, netizens ranked TVB’s top ten favored “biological sons” by factoring in things like the number of times the actor was the male lead, the importance of his series, who his costars were, and where he stood at TVB’s annual lighting ceremony and anniversary show for the past five years. Here are the 10 TVB actors who made the list.

10. Ben Wong (黃智賢)

Just barely making the list is 52-year-old Ben, who is the oldest artiste on the list. Although the actor has maintained his leading role for the last five years, netizens believe the company doesn’t favor him that much since his usual standing positions at TVB’s annual lighting ceremonies are not prominent. It is also important to note that he was never crowned TV King, and the last time he won an award at the TVB Anniversary Awards was the Best Supporting Actor award in 2011 for his role in Lives of Omission <潛 行狙擊>.

9. Owen Cheung (張振朗)

Owen, 32, is the youngest actor on this list. As one of the newer promoted siu sangs, he starred in a couple of dramas as the main lead and participated in some grand productions in the past few years. Although his lineup at the big shows are not favorable, he was only promoted to the first row last year. Coincidentally, last April, Owen Cheung announced he broke up with his girlfriend of three years Apple Chan (陳芷尤).

8. Joel Chan (陳山聰)

Joel only landed his first lead role 25 years after his debut, but luckily he received a lot of positive feedback for his performance in Barrack O’Karma <金宵大廈>, which just finished airing. In fact, netizens believe the 43-year-old star is one of the top five contenders for TV King this year. Although his standing spots at TVB’s big shows have not been ideal for the past three years, this year might be different. Joel has also been receiving more screen time by frequently appearing as a guest at TVB talk show Big Boys Club <兄弟幫>. However, one can’t help but wonder if his wedding plans next month will affect his future at the company.

7. Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿)

Though Lok Yi was originally grouped with fellow big names Raymond Lam (林峯), Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒), and Kenneth Ma (馬國明), he failed to reach the success of his colleagues. However, Lok Yi’s recurring role in the popular sitcom drama Come Home Love <愛.回家> opened new doors for him. This allowed Lok Yi to secure a good lineup position at big shows in recent years, but he has never stood near the center area. Aside from Come Home Love, the husband and father gained recognition for his hit drama Who Wants a Baby <BB來了> last year, but unfortunately, TVB decided not to recast him and former costar Ali Lee (李佳芯) in the sequel. Despite so, the 39-year-old artiste was given the opportunity to host his own variety show A Chef and a Gentleman <懿想得到>.

6. Edwin Siu (蕭正楠)

Like Joel, 42-year-old Edwin got a second chance in the entertainment industry after his steady rise abruptly came to a halt due to some controversy. His performance in 2013’s Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>, and 2017’s A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch <超時空男臣> solidified his frontline position in the company. However, TVB executives began to take even more notice of Edwin when he revealed at the 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards that he and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) were already married. Since he cleverly raked in higher ratings for the show, TVB thanked him by offering him better lineup spots at following big shows and events.

5. Kenneth Ma (馬國明)

Although 45-year-old Kenneth has been leading dramas for a long time, he is too obedient in that he doesn’t talk back to TVB. Since he neither complains nor asks to be in the center, TVB keeps him in a mediocre spot at lineups. This is the case with the Best Actor award as well. Though netizens love him, he has never been crowned TV King. On the other hand, he won the Most Popular Male Character three times – the most in TVB history to date. This year, he is one of the top five contenders for the Best Actor award for his acting in the Big White Duel <白色強人>.

4. Moses Chan (陳豪)

As one of the few artistes on the list who won Best Actor before, this one-time TV King has stood in the center of the annual lighting ceremony for the past several years. However, netizens believe TVB is losing faith in Moses after the 48-year-old expressed interest in working in Mainland China.

3. Ruco Chan (陳展鹏)

Thanks to his superb performances and high viewership, Ruco was given strategic standing spots at TVB’s shows for the past few years. As with Moses, Ruco took home the Best Actor award once – in 2016. However, TVB began to doubt the 42-year-old artiste when he began his relationship with Phoebe Sin (單文柔). Not only did he shut down his rumors with TV Queen Nancy Wu (胡定欣), but also he inevitably lost some fans after he got married and became a father. Moreover, he said he wanted to prioritize his family and lessen his workload.

2. Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪)

TVB has been heavily promoting 38-year-old Benjamin in recent years, especially after he snagged the Most Popular Male Character award in 2016 for his performance in A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄>. Thankfully, the three dramas he led received good ratings. Moreover, the company allowed him to star opposite the legendary Kara Wai (惠英紅) in The Defected <鐵探>. Although netizens don’t believe his role in the drama will earn him the TV King title, TVB might reward him for losing 20 pounds for the series.

1. Vincent Wong (王浩信)

Be it his dramas, costars, or lineup position Vincent is given the best. After the 36-year-old won the Best Actor award in 2017, he was allowed to stand next to Liza Wang (汪明荃) at the lighting ceremony the following year. His success began in 2013 when he won the TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Male Artiste. Receiving critical acclamation for his acting, he had an anniversary drama for the past five years. On top of that, he made it to the top five nominations for Best Actor in the last couple of years. As TVB’s most favored “biological son,” it won’t be a surprise if he wins TV King this year for his role in The Man Who Kills Trouble <解決師>.

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  1. Wait I thought Moses left. Why is he still on this list?
    It’s sad to see that the youngest person on this list is over 30.
    Such a lack of diversity.

    I remember a while back there was an article mentioning TVB lacks good actresses but I think it’s the males that are more lacking.

    1. @eleven Moses still has upcoming drama that will be airing. There arent many young people because TVB doesnt do Mr. Hong Kong Pageants anymore. They should really start casting young actors for dramas.

  2. Yay! Happy Owen cheung made the lists his one of my fav young actor in Tvb so far! Powerful young actor too out for!

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