TVB Cancels 2020 Sales Presentation

In light of recent social and political events, TVB has decided to cancel its upcoming 2020 Sales Presentation and lighting ceremony. The company will instead promote its upcoming productions through traditional mediums.

Every year, TVB hosts a sales presentation to present upcoming projects to promotors in the form of trailers and performances. The event is usually opened up to fans and advertisers. This year, however, TVB will cancel the sales presentation in favor for a new anniversary program, with the theme “Sing Well Hong Kong” <唱好香港>, to brighten spirits of the Hong Kong public.

Since the start of the ELAB movement, TVB has been criticized for censoring various details about the protests on their news channel, leading to protesters boycotting TVB. It’s been reported that TVB’s decision to cancel the sales presentation was to avoid advertisers who share political differences.

However, the station has denied the report’s claim. A rep from TVB’s sales department said, “There is absolutely no evidence of that. TVB needed to adjust the programming to adapt to the current market environment. It needed to present itself to advertisers in a more lively way to strengthen communication.”

TVB said it will directly present its new projects to advertisers in a more private setting.

On the cancellation of the 2020 sales presentation, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) said, “I myself do keep up with news about the economy, and I understand that Hong Kong will have a lot of obstacles coming. I think it’s a good thing to have a program that is meant to encourage everyone. As the artiste, I will wait for my orders.”

Ruco Chan expressed, “The Sing Hong Kong Concert <香港唱好演唱會> was very successful. I will definitely support the company’s decision.” Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) said, “It’s good to keep things simple.” Mandy Wong (黃智雯), on the other hand, said, “I’m not sure. I haven’t received notice of the program changes, but given the current environment, I do support the company’s decision. The most important thing is for everyone to be happy.”


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