Benjamin Yuen Pursues Singing Dream

Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), 41, is striving for a fresh start as he finally has the opportunity to pursue his dream to become a singer. He released his latest single “Road Warrior” <馬路英雄>, which he self-composed and recorded on October 20 last year.

Benjamin candidly shared that he wanted to become a singer when he was young, but “at that time, I was still naïve and ignorant and only just entered the industry. It was obvious that I wasn’t ready at all.”

Despite putting his singing dreams aside to work as an actor for the last 15 years, Benjamin is still grateful for the hard times before he participated in the 2007 Mr. Hong Kong contest. “While I did feel lost, I am happy that I had opportunities to meet with so many talented musicians. I learned a lot from them, and I would not be the person I am today without their help.”

Criticized Heavily After Marriage

Tying the knot with Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) in 2020, Benjamin was nicknamed the “rich heiress’ consort” as Bowie hailed from a wealthy family. Her father is successful businessman Cheung Wong Wong (張煌煌), who owns a large undergarment company and possesses real estate assets valuing HK$300 million.

Confronted by reports that Benjamin pursued Bowie because of her wealth, the actor said it would be a lie to say the negativity did not affect his emotions. Refusing to remain silent on criticisms, Benjamin fought back with netizens fiercely on their hateful comments.

“It caused a greater emotional toll because of the pandemic. Since I spent more time at home, I could not avoid reading the comments and feeling fired up at how careless people behave online. Work was also stressful too, because hard work does not always get rewarded,” he said.

Regardless, Benjamin self-reflected and considers the past three years as a life lesson. From now on, he will work hard to prove to everyone that he can raise a family and is not the “soft rice king” that everyone has been calling him.

“Road Warrior” by Benjamin Yuen

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  1. BIG NO…. Please Stay home to serve your wife… we need her to have baby, so we don’t see her often like amy & grace

  2. Not sure why ppl keep labeled him going after Bowie for her wealth since the day they started dating, but nobody said anything about Mat and Shawn. Probably he keep defending and fight back so makes the netizens criticize more

    1. As in Mat Yeung and Shawn Dou?

      Mat’s GF family is in other countries, not local so they might not know as much about them. Same for Shawn – his GF is from Macau.

      But Ben’s wife is definitely local and he’s also not very talented. They said the same thing about Carlo Ng but Carlo is actually talented IMO and can act.

      1. Yes Mat Yeung and Shawn Dou, but Shawn GF everyone knows who is her father but yet not many commented he is after her wealth. Probably Ben need to stay quiet instead of keep defending and fight back

      2. Would think that the main reason is he takes offence over everything and doesn’t keep quiet. People think he goes after her money, he gets upset and defends his love, people think he’s getting old and haggard, he gets upset, think that people are just against him and gets defensive. Would not be surprised if he behaves the same way when receiving criticism for his acting (or has he already done that?). While no one except his own self knows his feeling for her, his looks and acting quality are visibly noticeable and impossibly not to receive comments. Maybe he should exit the entertainment industry if he gets so worked up everytime or expect to receive only love and praises.

  3. don’t understand why he takes criticism so seriously just be who u are and live your married life!! guest being popular in the spot light is a big deal to him w/o it he’s feels bare just like some westerns artist they rose so fast and then it goes south once the fans quiet downs they either become alcoholics or drug addicts most likley fame to them is a top priority

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