Bernice Liu Hints That Moses Chan’s Romance Is Too High-Profile

Yesterday, Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) attended the “Hong Kong National Elders Boccia Contest.” When asked about former love, Moses Chan (陳豪) and his new girlfriend, Aimee Chan’s (陳茵媺) sweet public display of romance, Bernice graciously responded, “I won’t be acidulous and will even be happy for them!”

Bernice self-professed that she will not envy others because each person has different matters to be happy about. Bernice then flauntingly expressed that her career was successful as shooting in mainland China enabled filming fees to be increased significantly. It’s no wonder that Bernice laughed so heartily when mentioned that she was “digging for gold” (earning the Renminbi).

Asked about Moses’ refusal to give her a status in the past and yet dating Aimee in a high profile manner now, Bernice coldly hinted, “I don’t know. You have to ask that person’s way of handling the situation.” Bernice expressed that she will only publicly disclose her romance when she has affirmed with the other party, “I also wish to have a significant other, get married and have kids. I hope to have good news first before making the announcement. Work is usually tough so I still hope to retain a little bit of my privacy.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. Good for her. Moses is such a barney. Glad that she moves on and hv good career.

    1. Barney the purple dinosaur, barney from “how I met your mother” or barney rubble from the flintstones?

  2. ah mo traded up in terms of looks and bernie traded up financially.

    both party got what they wanted end of story

    1. Well it’s an opinion that Aimee’s the prettier one (I disagree). I’m glad Bernice got rid of Moses though (vice versa). I mean, if the guy won’t even announce the relationship, he’s not worth it.

      1. i got the impression that it was bernie that didn’t want to announce it?

        aimee is prettier but got fake boobs LOL

  3. imo Bernice and Fala are two of the prettiest artists in TVB. Bernice is way prettier than Aimee

    1. Agreed. Sometimes pictures don’t do Bernice justice because of her prominent jaw. She is so much more appealing than Aimee!

      1. Bernice gets my vote over Aimee for beauty. Can’t stand the site of Aimee

      2. Totally agree! At least Bernice isn’t fake personal & image wise. Aimee’s voice gets on my damn nerve! Can’t stand her talk in series, it’s like a chipmunk!

  4. Moses dating Aimee in a high profile manner but go to meet her secretly and deny! I dont understand this couple!

  5. I also agree that Bernice is far more prettier than Aimee and a far better actress and her Cantonese is a million times better too. I can’t say that Moses was a fool to give Bernice up as I don’t know the true facts. Maybe Bernice wanted to give up Moses and maybe she was the one who didn’t want their relationship publicized. Well, whatever the reasons, I hope she finds true love one day and someone who will value her. If Moses thinks he’s got a “prize” with that Aimee then all I can say is that he must be blind and totally stupid.

  6. Of course I don’t know any celebrity personally. I just have to judge a person by what I have seen on TV and their ways and by the interviews they take part in. You are obviously an Aimee fan – well, we all have our likes and dislikes. If people don’t agree with another person’s point of view then thats tough. I have read other people’s comments here and have disagreed with them but then thats their affair. Everyone has a right to their own opinions. If everyone thought exactly the same thing then we might as well not write anything at all.

    1. Yes, I agree we can make some personality judgement by how the person is interviewed. I find Aimee totally fake in looks and maybe in her character as well. I guess Aimee and Moses are right for each other as I find he has no substance, after this whole love triangle thing.

    2. I am not even Aimee’s fans but seeing some of your comments, I can’t help but feel sorry for her. We always say ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’ and yet 100% of people here did that. If it base on interviews, then I can only see Aimee as a cheerful girl while Bernice ? ?? Maybe Bernice is the flirting b*** that really plays around and dump Moses for a richer guy. Who knows? Most of the time, gossips turn out to be real.

      1. Uh, before (and even after) this ‘scandal’, Bernice has always given off that ‘sunshine’/happy-go-lucky image. If you are to see Aimee is that type of girl as well, why is Bernice the ‘b*tch’? Why can’t they both be cheerful girls? Maybe that’s what Moses likes. It seems that people have forgotten Bernice’s good image after this incident, which completely made her the bad guy (since TVB decided to favor Moses & told them to remain silent, until Bernice finally came out and told her side after leaving TVB.) And we were judging them based on appearance, which we has viewers are entitled to because they are public figures.

  7. I agree with Lily. Really dislikes Aimee. anyway, nothing special about Moses now….Bernice is always beautiful compare to Aimee.Look properly…Aimee looks like “panda”

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