Bosco Wong and Eliza Sam Begin Filming “Mr. & Mrs. Bean”

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Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Eliza Sam (岑麗香) began filming their new series Mr. & Mrs. Bean <貓屎媽媽> today. The two will portray a couple in the upcoming comedy drama, which also stars Michelle Yim (米雪), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), and HotCha member Regen Cheung (張惠雅). At the blessing ceremony prior to filming, Bosco joked about his A Change of Heart <好心作怪> co-star Michael Miu (苗僑偉), calling Michael’s recent photo scandal a marketing strategy. Eliza spoke about her nervousness about learning the dialogue, and hoped to steer clear of rumors with her gossip-prone co-star.

At the event, Bosco anxiously asked about the ratings for the premiere episode of his current drama A Change of Heart, which followed the lowly-rated Beauty at War < 金枝慾孽貳>. Bosco shared that he and A Change of Heart cast members gathered last night to watch the premiere over dinner.

Taking the opportunity, reporters pressed Bosco to comment on co-star Michael Miu’s current scandal. Earlier a photo of Michael kissing Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) daughter-in-law Renee Cheung (張可蕙) on the cheek circulated widely online. It was later determined that the photo was snapped at Eric’s 60th birthday banquet. After Renee and husband Mark Tsang’s (曾國猷) heated public argument in late May, many accused Renee for flirting with Michael even though Eric stepped out to defend his daughter-in-law.

Responding to the request for comment, Bosco joked that Michael has many similar photos and that the scandal is generating buzz for A Change of Heart. “Sam Gor (Michael) also hugged me and took a similar photo that night [at the cast dinner]. He even posted it on Weibo. Sam So (Michael’s wife Jaime Chik 戚美珍) saw the post and laughed all night long! These photos are so common! We just see this as promotional opportunity. Sam Gor has great tricks up his sleeve. He is a veteran! Even though I don’t have these photos to make more buzz, Sam Gor’s alone is more than enough!”

Eliza shared her fears over filming Mr. & Mrs. Bean due to the numerous dialogue. As preparation, Eliza wakes up early every day to memorize her lines despite little sleep. She is also very nervous about her Chinese pronunciation on-screen, and continues to take Chinese lessons to remedy the issue. Eliza was asked about her language learning progress, and whether she is afraid that others will use curse words that she doesn’t understand. Eliza said, “It may actually be a good thing. Sometimes not knowing is bliss.” Reporters asked if she is worried about being linked with Bosco. Eliza quipped, “[Rumors] are spread by the media. I hope not!”

HotCha’s member Regen Cheung makes her comeback in Mr. & Mrs. Bean following a 3-year hiatus to study in Australia. She will play Eliza’s younger sister in the series, and showed up to the set dressed in a high school uniform. Reporters asked about her plans with HotCha, which transformed into a 2-member group since Regen’s departure. Regen insisted that she remains a member of the group and has no plans to change that status any time soon.

Source: Ming Pao

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16 comments to Bosco Wong and Eliza Sam Begin Filming “Mr. & Mrs. Bean”

  1. Exo jern says:

    i wouldn’t mind a cheek kiss from michael if i was eric’s daughter in law. these events are once in a lifetime lol

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  2. starry says:

    So is Eliza leading over Nancy? Wow.

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    • Jessi replied:

      No, the storyline between Nancy, Michelle is the main thing for this drama. (well we’ll see).

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      • Primrose replied:

        Then why is Eliza pair up with Bosco, assuming he is the lead?

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    • doris lee replied:

      Nope! Eliza’s acting is far behind Nancy Wu. She is 100% better than Sire Ma’s
      acting. However Eliza is trying her very
      best to improve her cantonese. Support her & wish her good luck!

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      • bear replied:

        i like eliza! she’s so cute and pretty! potential actress~ i hope TVB write good scripts for her development!

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      • MW replied:

        Agreed, thumbs up for Eliza Sam, especially if her Chinese/Cantonese becomes more fluent. “piiiiiiiiih” “piiiiiiiiih” 🙂

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      • Nicole replied:

        Uh? Why drag sire ma into this?

        when sire acted in similar likable characters, i didnt hear criticism about her acting either. Like her role as Ron’s love interest in OL supreme? Most people did find sire’s acting quite good in her first series (like eliza).

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      • Jilly replied:

        not eliza but Nancy should to be par up with bosco. agree Nancy’s acting is far above that of eliza. tvb should give eliza supporting roles first until she have improved her acting and cantonese. she is just a rookie now in acting.

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    • b0nni3 replied:

      In reply for some of you guys, she meant leading as in the part not acting but just because she’s paired with a lead character it doesn’t always necessarily mean that her character is leading over Nancy’s, they might be around the same even (:

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  3. Abigail says:

    Haha I saw that picture comparison in weibo too. Bosco and Michael are hilarious and playful!

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    • Yen replied:

      YAYAYAYAYA! Bosco is such a cutie!! He and Sam Gor been good buddies ever since the Dicey Business!
      Am glad he stood up for Sam Gor!!
      And hehe I’m hoping that he will end up with such a lovely bubbly and pretty gal like Eliza!!
      Her smile just heart melting!!
      Bosco, polish up ur English and all the best!!

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    • Shrimpboat replied:

      Thanks for sharing this pic Abigail! 🙂

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  4. Hannahh says:

    looking forward to Bosco and Eliza

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  5. lise says:

    I would say that Eliza is pretty, but unless I see her look the same with less makeup, then no comment.

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  6. Megamiaow says:

    Being paired with Bosco seems quite heavyweight. Looks like they’re set to promote her to lead female very soon. I dont think she deserves it over actresses like Nancy too :/

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