Bosco Wong: “It’s Hard for Workaholics Like Me to Find a Girlfriend”

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Bosco Wong: “It’s Hard for Workaholics Like Me to Find a Girlfriend”

It’s already been 16 years in the game, yet Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) had a breath of fresh air when he accepted his role as Sheldon Chun in the TVB anniversary drama, Two Steps from Heaven <幕後玩家>. The Joe Chan (陳維冠) drama, currently airing on TVB Jade, stars Bosco as an ambitious PR mastermind who ends up betraying his loved ones to achieve his goals. He betrays his friends, cheats on his wife, and even cheats on his lover, abandoning all morals to become the winning player.

He is, as simply put by Bosco, a bad guy.

“Sheldon is willing to sacrifice everything to achieve his goals,” said Bosco. “To succeed, he can abandon both his lover and his wife.”

Sheldon is a man with two faces—he appears to be a loving husband and father, but is actually unfaithful. He appears to be loyal to his two best friends, but ends up betraying them for gain.

Sheldon is, without a doubt, the most unlikable role that Bosco has taken in his 16-year television career. “I’ve given it my all,” he said. “If the audiences don’t like me, then that means I have succeeded.”

When in the past heroes were adored, recent years had the course pushed to an opposite direction, where TVB villains are the ones being cherished instead. The villain role has become TVB’s lucky charm, and many fans now prefer to see the story of an unconventional anti-hero than a perfect Mary Sue.

Sheldon, despite his vile imperfections, is that desired unconventional anti-hero. And while there has been TV King buzz for Bosco to win this year at the TVB Anniversary Awards, the 35-year-old said he has never thought about winning it.

“I don’t put too much thought on [the TV King award],” said Bosco. “I think winning word-of-mouth is more important. If people say they like my dramas, or that they liked my performances in them, that would make me happier than winning any award.”

Bosco on Edwin Siu and Louis Cheung: “We Make Up Each Other’s Flaws”

Bosco’s role, Sheldon, has two other PR warriors in his golden triangle—Sean Fung (portrayed by Edwin Siu 蕭正楠) and Tim Yau (portrayed by Louis Cheung 張繼聰). Despite their different personalities, the three best friends complement each other well—Sheldon is the brains, Sean is the nice guy, and Tim is the loyal best friend.

Bosco, Edwin, and Louis grew close during filming. Bosco first collaborated with Edwin in Aqua Heroes <戀愛自由式> eight years ago, but the two friends didn’t really start to connect until Two Steps from Heaven.

“I’m very happy,” said Bosco, when asked for his thoughts on working with Louis and Edwin. “Louis is seriously very energetic. When all of us were tired from a full day of work, he was the only one who still looked energetic. He’s a funny guy in real life too. The three of us often add our own stuff into the dialogue. Many people I’ve talked with said they enjoyed watching the three brothers on screen.”

Kissing Best Friend’s Girlfriend

Sheldon is somewhat of a womanizer. Despite being a loving husband to his wife Carmen (portrayed by Katy Kung 龔嘉欣), he strikes an affair with his sexy assistant, Emma (portrayed by Moon Lau 劉佩玥). When ambition clouds his senses, he seduces his best friend’s wife, Max (portrayed by Priscilla Wong 黃翠如).

Two Steps from Heaven is Bosco’s first collaboration with Moon, a rookie in the industry. “I’ve had my concerns at first. Moon never had experience in doing intimate scenes,” said Bosco. “She’s never played a role like Emma before, so she has little to no experience. Fortunately, she is a hard worker, and also extremely bright. She’s always asking us for advice, to make sure she’s doing everything right.”

On the other hand, Bosco said he felt a bit troublesome when he had to do intimate scenes with Priscilla, Edwin’s real life girlfriend, who also plays his wife on the show. “It’s just weird,” he said.

Bosco: “Katy and Moon Aren’t My Type”

Whether on screen or off, Bosco appears to be quite popular with the ladies. At one point in time, Bosco was rumored to have dated both his costars Katy Kung and Moon Lau, but this was quickly debunked by all parties involved.

“I have three love interests on the show and none none of them are my cup of tea in real life,” admitted Bosco candidly. “Their personalities aren’t my type.”

Turning 36 in December, Bosco admitted that his love life is still empty. However, the Two Steps from Heaven star isn’t in a hurry at all, explaining, “Let’s just leave it to fate. It’s hard for workaholics like me to find a girlfriend.”

And what does this ‘workaholic’ like to do in his free time? Bosco laughed, “I like to cook, buy groceries, eat meals with my friends, go to the gym. I’m old now. I don’t like clubbing anymore, hahaha!”

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12 comments to Bosco Wong: “It’s Hard for Workaholics Like Me to Find a Girlfriend”

  1. hannah says:

    Hey Bosco, i can be a woman behind you back hahah! Anyways i do hope Bosco find Mrs right !

    I know people hate Sheldon but i like his character for some reason lol

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    • janet72 replied:

      @hannah hi-5. i like Sheldon too…he is so cool and pro.
      many will think he hides his emotions and he plans his moves so well that nobody can predict. he is doing a wonderful job so far.

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  2. diana80 says:

    Bosco for TV King this year? Not likely…unless TVB wants to promote him to become the next TV King.

    Ruco’s is more outstanding than him among the lead actors of their generation…excluding veteran actors in comparison.

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  3. kidd says:

    Is this series good? I have not watch it yet, but, a clip from this series I saw made me interested and this news add to said interest.

    Earlier, I read complain about this series being not realistic in their portrayal of PR people. So, I didn’t plan on watching this. But now, I might. So, I need some feedback.

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    • dramadrama replied:

      @kidd It’s bad. I gave up after few episodes. The reason is I can’t stand having a pure bad guy as the lead. I would loved it if he is second lead, be the bad guy everyone wants him to be in jail/ gets his karma. But based on how tvb promoting now, he seems he is going to have a happy ending after all the bad stuff he had done. Is tvb telling us there is no karma? And please be as bad as’s as possible to have happy ending? Good people is meant to be stepped on?

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    • funnlim replied:

      @kidd It;s ok. I am ok with anti hero, like breaking bad. I just can’t stand Edwin Siu. And Priscilla Chan’s accent is sorta gone but somehow her features seem fake. I don’t think I heard her going under the knife but in this series she just feels so plastic. maybe it’s her character.

      PR people? Not sure realistic or not. But PR work is very very competetive so if they’re dog eat dog world, I believe. However don’t watch TVB series for realism. If you do, you can skip all doctor, lawyer, firemen, public servant series.

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      • dramadrama replied:

        @funnlim I find this series too realistic in humans character. Like how bad people are always rich and successful. Poor people are more humble. And if you are rich enough, there’s no karma. And hiw they glamourised a cheater husband, making it seems like its super cool to cheat. And when you cheat, more ladies will fall for you. If I wanted so realistic, I would watch the news instead. Especially politics news. That’s why I boycott this series.

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      • funnlim replied:

        @dramadrama Right now may look glamour but when he is in deep trouble and everyone leaves him and he is all alone, then that’s karma, can’t be that glamorous. In life nothing is black or white. He is supposed to be a compelling sort of sociopath, charming, likable, and all that but deep down he is empty vessel. I hope he gets to murder someone to truly abandon his humanity, like that stupid mistress who deserves her comeuppance. It would make sense.

        It is not realistic. No need to boycott the series. TVB is never founded on realism. There are not so any rich people in the world and not all rich people are busy being evil to one another.

        I never thought of him cheating from moral pespective. I did think the scene where he left his wife and daughter on a plane very very well done. He made no apologies for it. Same story and yet he could spin a sob story for his friends. I love he he pushed that mistress aside.

        I suppose I like the fact his mother was his last compass in terms of morality or maybe the last lock. When she died, the lock was unlocked and he could do whatever he wants. He is very honest with Priscilla who is another.. I am not sure what’s up with her. You can’t hate her, she is trying to help her brother. Am waiting for these two to have affair.

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      • kidd replied:

        @funnlim Why can’t stand Edwin Siu? Is it his character or his acting?

        Login or Register before you can reply to kidd
    • kidd replied:

      Thanks @funnlim and @dramadrama for your feedback.

      I’m ok with the bad guy being the lead. It’s a departure of usual drama storyline. But, they usually get the comeuppance at the end of the series even if they are lead. So, it wouldn’t be bad moral.

      Login or Register before you can reply to kidd
  4. janet72 says:

    i watched 10 minutes of episode 1…skipped and then watched episode 20 when i had nothing to do one night. can’t stand the way he treated his wife and daughter.

    Login or Register before you can reply to janet72
  5. nori says:

    Currently watching and waiting for new Episodes. It’s kinda interesting to bad guy as main male lead. Not a fan of Bosco but his portraying as Sheldon is very well performed. I think I started liking Bosco now

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