Bosco Wong Loves Investing in Properties

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Bosco Wong Loves Investing in Properties

Since leaving TVB in 2017 and signing with Shaw Brothers, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) has been steadily developing his career in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. Receiving more opportunities to film movies and dramas, the 38-year-old’s income has increased immensely.

Other than his acting career, Bosco is also a successful businessman. Aside from investing in an entertainment agency and seafood restaurant business, he has been buying real estate properties as well. Already owning properties in Hong Kong, Bosco was spotted seeking to expand his property investments in Malaysia recently.

Earlier, Bosco was speculated to have traveled with rumored girlfriend Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) to Malaysia, but it turns out he had intended to visit properties on sale. Acquiring a leg injury while filming Flying Tiger 2 <飛虎之雷霆極戰>, the actor was captured inspecting the properties with a walking stick. Bosco had laughed when caught visiting with an injured leg, “Even injured, I still have to go look! Still have to eat you know!”

He has already spent over $10 million HKD and purchased four properties in Malaysia. Bosco said, “I always go over there! There are a lot of new properties, so I would visit from time to time. I’ve always loved buying properties.”

When asked if there are any plans in buying more, the actor laughed and said, “Of course! The more the better! If it’s the right one, then there’s no fear in continuing.”

As to his requirements, Bosco said, “The land should be good. Developers should also be good and trustworthy. It’s better if the property has already incorporated decorations and furniture.” He further added some tips, “Rent it after buying it, and wait until the property value increases. The property prices in Malaysia still aren’t that high, so there is definitely space for value increase. I’ve only just learned this from Simon Yam (任達華).”

Known to be a filial son, Bosco also bought a home in Malaysia for his mom to live in when travelling there.


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