Bosco Wong Secretly Dated TVB Variety Star for Five Months

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Bosco Wong Secretly Dated TVB Variety Star for Five Months

It seems like more of Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) love life is being slowly leaked to the public.

In a blog post by food critic Bonnie Chu (朱庭萱), who stars in the TVB cooking show Chef Minor 3 <我係小廚神3> and known for being the student of Steve Lee (李家鼎), she revealed that she had dated Bosco for about five months in late 2001 to early 2002. Bosco was only a rookie at the time, and was about a year into his debut at TVB.

“He was good to me. I’ve met his mother, even his father who no longer lived with him, his god sister, and his godmother. He also met my mother. I ate dinner with his family all the time… he was still doing EYT (Enjoy Yourself Tonight) then, and although he wasn’t earning much, he would always try to pay for most of our meals. We ate cheap food. He would borrow my car, but this is what couples do all the time.”

According to Bonnie, her reason of splitting with Bosco was because he was younger than her, and therefore she lacked a sense of security with him. It was a difficult breakup, and it took her over three months to get over it.

“He wasn’t very responsible. Maybe it’s because he was so young at the time… or maybe it was because I earned more than him, so I couldn’t find a sense of security with him. He also thought I nagged him too much… so we decided to break up. Out of all my past relationships, this one was the most difficult to get over. I didn’t get over it until I went to Japan to watch the World Cup. When I came back, everything felt normal again. Why did it hurt so much? Maybe it was because there were misunderstandings when it happened…”

Nonetheless, the two remained friends after the breakup. All misunderstandings between them were settled about a year and a half after the split, when they encountered each other by chance at a nightclub. “We played a dice cup game together,” said Bonnie. Since then, the couple-turned-friends would occasionally meet up for meals.

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