Bowie Lam: “Gigi Lai is Giving Birth in August”

Partnering with Gigi Lai Chi on numerous occasions in the past, Bowie Lam confirmed that Gigi will be giving birth in August. Bowie ’s statement dispels earlier tabloid reports that Gigi had already checked in the hospital awaiting delivery.

In the Shanghai television interview, Bowie admitted that he admired Gigi the most among his past female co-stars, followed by Maggie Shiu Mei Kei and Flora Chan Wai San. He mentioned that he recently met with Gigi and supported her decision to retire from the entertainment industry to pursue marriage and children.

Bowie said, “Gigi will become a mother very soon. She is currently very happy. I hope that she gives birth  to a happy baby!  Gigi leads a leisurely life now and Bowie is very happy for her.   Bowie also confirmed that Gigi’s expected due date is in August. When asked if Gigi was carrying twins, Bowie said he did not know.

Source: Wenweipo

Jayne: I think Gigi’s family had already confirmed that she was having twins. Only a few more weeks until the twins are born!

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  1. In vitro always resulted in twins doesn’t it? Anyway she does seem very happy looking at all the reports.

  2. I wonder if Bowie ever liked Gigi in that way? Even if he did, I guess it is too late now since she is now married. But it is good to hear that they still keep in touch and remain good friends.

  3. There’s something about Gigi’s marriage that seems off. I believe she was no longer interested in her TVB career and decided to marry for $$$. I guess whatever makes her happy.

    1. how do you know shes marrying for money…..?you shouldnt make stuff up/ 😛

  4. Well, seeing that she married a husband who was there for her when she needed him most, yeah, of course she’s happy.

  5. I think she marries for security, comfort and in some ways love. I think she really does adore that man.

  6. HeTieShou, Bowie has been rumored to be gay. He was previously linked to Bryon Pang (former Mr. HK), who attended Bowie’s father’s funeral and took care of the arrangements. IMO, Bowie has always hugged Gigi closely in front of cameras (yet they never had romantic rumors) because Bowie’s rumored sexual preferences may be true.

    Funn, aside from Frankie Lam, Gigi always dated older men. Her first public relationship with comics publisher, Wong Yuk Long, was quite turbulent. She dated him when she was 16 to 18 years old and he was in his 40s. He was having marital disputes at the time, but I think he reconciled with his wife later. I think Gigi also dated Hui Chuun Hung (Michelle Reis’s husband) at some point.

    IMO, Gigi already had many passionate love relationships in the past and she is looking for a more stable and secure kind of man. The press and Virginia Lok have commented that Gigi’s husband, Ma Ting Keung, seem to be a kind and reserved type of person. When Gigi’s brother had the auto accident, Mr. Ma was by her side. I don’t think she necessarily married him for money nor gratitude, but she realized this is the type of man who pulled through in time of need and genuinely cared about her family. His wealth gurantees a kind of stability of course, but you can also sense that Mr. Ma dotes on her.

  7. Hi guys! Off topic here, but do you happen to know what Fala, Bernice, and Linda did as their talent when they entered beauty pageants?? Thanks!

  8. Hi Jayne,
    Thanks for the info and I have never heard about Bowie being gay before. I guess it may be true then… No wonder he did not go after Gigi.
    I can say that money was a big part of why Gigi married Mr. Ma, but in today’s society, who doesn’t go for money to a certain extent? However, we all question was that all she went for?? I think it is true that Mr. Ma dotes on Gigi a lot and was there for her and her family, so she is grateful to him for it. I remember reading a message that she wrote to her fans after she got married. She expressed how happy she was and the kind of feeling that Mr. Ma gave her. I personally believe that the feeling that the other person gives you is more important than physical attraction. Mr. Ma was not only there for her but was there for her family when her brother had that accident. I think Gigi was deeply touched by that so she also married him partially out of gratitude as well.. Just my opinion though…

  9. I also want to add that Gigi’s husband may not be handsome or good looking, but he has a very kind and loving type of look. I think that type of look can also be attractive to some people.

  10. Grateful for Gigi. Although she married for money, I do not despise her like I do with many other actresses marrying for money. When I saw her marriage photos, I sensed a genuine and mutual feeling shared between the two.

    Hopefully Bowie isn’t gay because I’m truly in love with him. =) I do not sense any sort of gayness in him either. Hehe.

  11. @hellokitty; I dunno what bernice and fala did.. but Linda did hulahoop tricks/dance kinda thing at the beauty pageant talent part.

  12. Thanks for the news Jayne. I always thought that Bowie was gay but wasn’t sure since he never confirmed. Isn’t Wong Hei also gay? Anyhow, I think Gigi is a very smart girl. All the men she dated in the past are much older, giving her a sense of security and stability. I think Mr. Ma is a good pick for her because you can totally tell how much he loves her from their wedding pics. She does look genuinely happy in their wedding pics as well, so money might be a factor in the marriage, but she might grow to love him in a different kind of love-might not be a passionate, fiery one but we all know those passionate and fiery one dies quite fast. Can’t wait to see her twins.

  13. Twin girls? I thought it’s boy/girl twins? So, the ultrasound scanner got it wrong?

    Now, I think Gigi will be trying for a second pregnancy later.

  14. Congrats to Gigi and her husband! The ultrasounds can be wrong and have been wrong before. My cousin once wanted a boy and the ultrasound revealed boy, but when his wife gave birth, it ended up being a girl instead. I think Gigi will definately try again for a boy so that the Ma family can have an heir.

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