Carina Lau’s 42nd Birthday; Faye Wong’s Daughter’s Cleft Lip Surgery a Success

Carina Lau Ka LingCarina Lau Ka Ling recently celebrated her 42nd birthday. From December 6th to the 10th, Carina had numerous celebrations and cut 10 cakes for her birthday this year!

Carina described boyfriend Tony Leung’s present, “Although the present may be an ordinary object, but whatever Tony gives, it is more significant than the whole universe, which includes unending support and love!”

Carina also received many warm wishes from her dearest friends. Although Faye Wong has retired her microphone, Faye still sang a birthday song for Carina. When Carina saw Faye’s newborn daughter, Li Yan, her heart was moved to tears.

“Faye’s daughter is beautiful! After holding her, I didn’t want to let go!” Carina said that Faye’s daughter’s cleft lip surgery was performed successfully. ”

“Although Faye’s baby daughter suffered previously, she often smiles now. The baby’s eyes are huge and her features resemble both her parents.”

Since Carina has not seen Faye in such a long time, how has Faye changed? “Faye has grown more mature after experiencing so many changes in her life. She is intelligent and she appears to be very happy and more mild-mannered now.”

Carina also received a “Golden Horse” made of solid gold from good friend Bridgette Lin Ching Ha. “The gift is crafted of solid gold, so it is very valuable. But Bridgette’s birthday card was filled with many heart-felt and moving words. I really admire Bridgette’s precise take on life. I appreciate everything that Bridgette has given me!”

Since Carina received so much love and support on her birthday, she hopes to receive and give back to charity. Faye Wong and husband, Li Yapeng have set up a charity event. Carina is responsible for inviting friends to the event and she will definitely appear on that day. Carina hopes that Faye will sing at the charity event, as she wishes to listen to her music once again!

MORE ON CLEFT LIPS (thanks to Wikipedia):

Cleft lips can be caused by genetics or environmental influences, such as cigarette, drug, and alchol use and exposure to lead, etc. etc. during pregnancy.

During the first six to eight weeks of pregnancy, the shape of the embryo’s head is formed. Five tissues grow: one from the back of the neck over the top of the head down towards the upper lip; two from the cheeks, which meet the first layer to form the upper lip; and two from each side, which form the chin and lower lip. If these tissues fail to meet, a gap appears where the tissues should have joined, causing the cleft lip.

Cleft lips occur most commonly among Asians, Latinos & Native Americans. Within the first 2-3 months after birth, surgery is performed to close the cleft lip. Cleft lips may cause problems with feeding, ear disease, and speech in children.

Source: Singtao, Takungpao

Jayne: Faye and Li Yapeng have set up a charity to help raise funds to help more children who are naturally born with cleft lips in China, so that they may receive the proper corrective surgery.

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