Carlos Chan Hopes to Be a Father Soon

Carlos Chan (陳家樂)  and the cast of Below the Lion Rock <獅子山下的故事> attended a promotional event but it was Carlos who stole the spotlight. It was the actor’s first public event since he proposed to Shiga Lin (連詩雅) and the media had many questions.

The actor joked that answering the media is more nerve wracking than proposing and shared some updates, “I will share with the public when I have good news. After the proposal, I haven’t formally sat down with both of our parents and haven’t talked about the dowry yet.”

When asked if his family are still angry that they were kept in the dark from his proposal plans. Carlos said, “My family loves me so it wasn’t a big deal. My grandmother was very happy and already bought the dragon and phoenix bangles. I received many blessings from everyone so I hope I can plan a big wedding. Of course, it will also depend on the pandemic”

The media jumped in to ask if his grandmother is expecting a grandchild and Carlos  coughed out loud in surprise before responding that he hadn’t planned that out. However, when costar Ken Hung (洪卓立) teased that that it could be an accident, Carlos responded, “I hope that wedding planning and family planning can happen simultaneously but I have two projects lined up. I will be busy until the end of the year. At the earliest, we will register our marriage next year. I will go with the flow.”

When the media pointed out that Carlos and Shiga were exposed for living together earlier this year, Carlos answered that they weren’t cohabiting and Shiga was there to look after his dog. Asked if the couple are moving into a semi-cohabiting arrangement, Carlos dodged the question and said, “Thank you for your concern!”

In Below the Lion Rock, Carlos and Shiga are acting as in-laws and they share a few scenes together. If the script is right, Carlos would not mind working with Shiga again.

Source: HK On CC

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