Carman Lee Wants to Work with Louis Koo Again: “Just Don’t Cast Me as His Older Sister”

A popular star in the 1990s, Hong Kong actress Carman Lee (李若彤) is beloved for her ethereal appearances in costume dramas. One of her best-known roles is “Little Dragon Girl” in The Condor Heroes 95 <神鵰俠侶>. Along with her costar Louis Koo (古天樂) who played Yang Guo, their onscreen performance gained them a number of fans in shipping them to become a couple in real life. At an event recently, Carman was asked why she didn’t date Louis at that time.

Carman responded that she must withdraw from her character and return to the real world after filming for the drama ended. She also mentioned that it’s always the viewers’ fantasy that onscreen couples should date in real life. “They become so immersed in the drama that they generate these kinds of thoughts on the actors and actresses. But drama and reality are not the same.”

Expressing that she is the type of actress who takes her roles very seriously, she would make herself believe that Little Dragon Girl is highly in love with Yang Guo during filming. However, Carman would extricate from her role with no other complicated feelings attached.

In terms of whether she desires to work with Louis again, Carman said, “Depends on fate. Being able to give everyone beautiful memories is a good thing. If I were a viewer, I would also look forward to it. But I can’t play his older sister because viewers won’t accept it.”

Adding on to this, she warmly called out to Louis that he should take care of his health, and hopes he will find the right partner soon.

Source: Ettoday

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  1. But I can’t play his older sister because viewers won’t accept it.” ? Viewers won’t or you won’t accept it? haha lol.. It’s just dramaland, you can’t play lovers in every series or film.

  2. i think she was in golden ducks w/ him where she played a middle aged woman drewling (don’t think i spelled this right) over his muscular body in the gym. it was funny. they could be in a comedy together.

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