Cecila Cheung Denies Retirement Claims

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It has recently been reported that Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) decided to quit show business after several box office flops. Cecilia’s move to Canada with her two sons, 6-year-old Lucas Tse (謝振軒) and 3-year-old Quintus Tse (謝振南), further fueled retirement speculations. While Cecilia’s management company confirmed that she has indeed immigrated to Canada, she did not quit making movies and will be back in Hong Kong in late September to resume her work.

Retirement Rumors

Following her divorce from Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), Cecilia’s career spiraled downward. The previous Movie Queen is now nicknamed “Box Office Poison” instead. This year, Cecilia only starred in variety programs and advertisement endorsements. With a lackluster career, many believed that Cecilia’s move to Canada confirmed her decision to quit the industry entirely.

Furthermore, Cecilia’s trusted assistant Andygaga resigned from his post and moved to the United States after a heart operation.  Introduced by good friend, Blackie Chen (陳建州), Andygaga was a pillar of support to Cecilia through her career as well as her divorce. Without her reliable aide by her side, it was alleged that this was the final push for Cecilia.

Sons’ Canadian Citizenship

It is understood that after her divorce, Cecilia already had plans to leave Hong Kong with her two sons. Since Nicholas grew up in Canada and her half-sister resides there, Cecilia eventually settled on moving her sons’ away from the intrusive eyes of the Hong Kong media. Despite  Nicholas’ citizenship, the two boys had to go through much red tape to obtain theirs.

Once moving to Vancouver, Lucas and Quintus quickly adapted their new lives. Lucas will be going to Walnut Road Elementary School as a first grade student while Quintus has been enrolled in a community child care center. With Cecilia’s earlier acquisition of a $7 million HKD house in Canada, it looks like life is settling down for the young family.

Management Company’s Response

Responding to the press’ inquiry, Cecilia’s public representative denied claims that the 33-year-old has retired, “It is indeed true that this year, Cecilia has requested for time off. As a result, many invitations, including promotional events, advertisements, and movie deals were mostly rejected. Right now, Cecilia is taking care of her two sons in Vancouver so we understand.”

Also denying that Cecilia is a “box office poison”, her management company further clarified that Cecilia has film roles waiting for her. Having shortlisted a few scripts, the company will allow Cecilia to choose a script when she returns to Hong Kong in late September.

When Cecilia resumes acting again, Lucas and Quintus will be under the care of Cecilia’s half-sister, Dai Pek Chi (戴碧芝) and a nanny in Canada.

Source: Hunantv.com 

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

13 comments to Cecila Cheung Denies Retirement Claims

  1. Charbydis says:

    OMG! What sort of guy calls himself AndyGaga?

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    • lise replied:

      A person who doesn’t mind what other people think!

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    • msxie replied:

      It’s only a blip on a long list of weird English names adopted by many in Hk,Taiwan and China. You can see plenty of bizarre monikers of HK entertainers on this site.

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  2. yuaida says:

    I can’t even remember the last time Cecilia starred in a decent movie or did anything meaningful in the entertainment industry……….I don’t think her downhill started after the divorce with Nic. In fact, it already started years ago after her pics with Edison circulated and that completely killed her career. Those were not just nude pics man……they were pornographic at it’s very best…..after those came out, her career was already killed, but she just kept hanging onto Nic so that she won’t completely fade out of the entertainment industry…………Now with Nic gone too, her acting career is history.

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    • azndoraemon replied:

      very true

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    • bizzybody replied:

      Sad but true. I also don’t know what she did to her face cos now her eyebrows look weird (one side is always ‘perkier’ than the other) and while she looked naturally beautiful when she cried in ‘Fly Me to Polaris’, her crying face in ‘Shadows of Love’ creeps me out. I’m not even going to touch on the acting.
      I do hope she can relax in Canada until she’s ready to face the world again. Forget about hanging on to Nic with stupid antics (like being friendly to Edison despite what he cost her, that’s just a dumb move).
      Hope Cecilia can find her backbone, recover her pride and confidence for the sake of herself and her children. Wish her well….

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  3. hrei says:

    I think moving to Canada is the best thing she could have done for her sons to keep them out of the chaos in HK and focus in raising them so the kids could have a normal childhood. Even after CC’s nude pics I still think she’s very beautiful on the outside like Michelle Reis always beautiful on the outside but the inside…I don’t know. I don’t think she should comeback or try to get back with Nick. She should just live a calm life and move on. She will be happier that way if she knows how to enjoy a simple life and find someone to share it with in the future.

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  4. oh_man says:

    please retire, her voice stinks and she can’t do jack on her own.

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      If she retires, where will she get money to raise her sons and support herself? I don’t think she wants to always rely on Nic. She now has to take care of and raise her sons. Of course Nic would help and all, but it is always better to have your own income and money rather than rely on anyone else.

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      • hrei replied:

        She could invest in many things that way she can have income coming in monthly or film a movie once in a while will help maintian a nice life in Canada. Not to mention Nick will provide if she wants it she could live a nice life but she doesn’t look like the kind of gal who would settle down completely and be a stay at home for long term.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        True but investments are a gamble and you are not always guaranteed a stable and secure income. It is still better to work for it. I guess the good thing about being in show biz is that you can be flexible. Therefore, I think she still needs to work in order to support her sons and herself without needing to rely on Nic all the time.

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  5. ANGELA says:

    who cares about her now! SHe has made a few awful movies since the divorce. Her popularity has gone down.

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    • Carmen replied:

      Yes, please retire – never fancy her acting and movies. Most of her movies do not have good ratings, save the investors money….

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