Cecilia Cheung Seen With Youngest Son, Marcus, at Airport

Above: Cecilia seen with her sons, 11-year-old Quintus and 2-year-old Marcus.

Although having a thriving career in China, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) took some time off to spend with her three precious sons who are off from school on summer vacation.

A netizen shared a photo of Cecilia at the Shanghai Pudong Airport. The actress’ did not care that her hair was unruly, as she was busy watching over her three sons. Her oldest son Lucas, who is almost 14, walked by himself and led the way for the family. Her 11-year-old son Quintus has grown a lot taller.

It was two-year-old Marcus that caught everyone’s attention, as he is not seen out in public often.  Although Marcus weighed over two dozen pounds, Cecilia carried him in a sling while also wearing a large backpack. The netizen remarked that Marcus has grown up a lot and is very cute with chubby legs, while pointing out his thick, dark hair. This inadvertently cleared up the old rumor that Marcus is of mixed race, as he was seen with much lighter hair when he was a baby.

Mistaken Identity?

As Cecilia takes her sons out often, she is frequently the subject of candid photos. Another netizen claimed to have seen the actress outside a hotel in Singapore. Wearing a black mask, she was scrolling through her cell phone seeming to be searching for something. The netizen posted the photo, and shared that Marcus and Quintus had a very good relationship.

However, other netizens pointed out that the two boys in the photo did not seem like Cecilia’s children due to their height. The smaller child was clearly taller than 2-year-old Marcus, and the taller child seems to be at most seven or eight years old, so the netizen likely was mistaken.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I believe she is a good mum to her boys. These boys are really loved by Cecilia… her boys all look very good.
    But she is so slim, she is still carrying her youngest boy. He is tall enough to walk on his own. I have similar bump seat she is using, it is not comfortable to wear when the child is older and bigger. The weight will add stress on her hip.
    Anyway, I feel the public should leave this family alone. They dont need to be photographed everywhere.

  2. this makes we wonder if Nicholas has even tried to be in touch with he kids, you always see photo of the boys with their mom but barely any with their father.

    1. If she gets full custody it’s doubtful that NT is always in the picture especially if they live in diff countries/cities which is no excuse but it’s reality. If they have joint custody like some parents do it’s really p/t here and there so they get equal amount of love w both parents. Since the kids are young it’s probably more preferable to stay ft more with one parent since they have school n everything. Definitely in this case, the mom is much more hands on and closer to her kids. It’s interesting because NT is not poor or anything so even if he has a life w FW now or whoever some parents still go on family trips together just so they can spend time together as a family even thou parents are divorced but if they ever did it was either not reported or it’s really less get together w the famous dad and if it gets like that in long periods of time of course they don’t remember much of the dad but the one who lives w/them. It’s normal.

      1. There was a discussion of an absent mother in the earlier article on Yang Mi. Similarly, only Cecilia and Nicholas know if he is really an absent father and if he is, is that by choice.

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