Cecilia Cheung Takes Sons on Canadian Cruise

Cecilia Cheung’s (張栢芝) son Lucas Tse (謝振軒) turned 6 years old on August 2.  Unlike other years, where Cecilia would bring him to theme parks, she celebrated this occasion by bringing both Lucas and Quintus (謝振南) on a cruise in Canada.

Even on board the cruise, Cecilia managed to bump into fans and happily agreed to take pictures with the locals, indicating that she was not even the slightest bothered by rumors about ex-husband Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and Zhou Xun (周迅) being romantically linked. Earlier, reporters speculated that Cecilia was angered by the rumors and decided to enroll her sons in overseas studies in Canada to prevent further interaction between Lucas and Quintas with the Tse family.

Good friend, Au Wing Kuen (區永權) was at a baby crawling competition convention today and said he already wished Lucas a happy birthday through text message. Because of his close relationship with Cecilia, the paparazzi took the opportunity to ask him about her. Au Wing Kuen only revealed that he heard that Cecilia has a lot of pursuers and does not know when she will return to Hong Kong. “Last time I saw her, she didn’t seem eager to get back together with Nicholas. This was in the past; it’s important to focus on the present.”

On the day of Lucas’ birthday, Nicholas was filming for mainland Chinese talent show, Super Boy 2013 <快樂男聲>.  It was understood that when he first learned of Cecilia’s intentions to move to Canada with their two sons, Nicholas was initially against the idea. However, after considering the future of the children, Nicholas warmed up to the idea and supported Cecilia’s decision.

Sources: Apple Daily; Apple Daily; Oriental Daily

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Nic and Cecilia make beautiful babies! Both Lucas and Quintas are so cute.

  2. Cos both are beautiful. They make a beautiful family. It’s sad how things turned out. If one was not a celebrity, it might be a different story altogether.

    1. Yeah well, the little fiasco and pics that Cecilia did with Edison sure didn’t help……….she just wasn’t sensitive enough to the issue or Nic’s feelings about that scumbag Edison.

  3. It could be an Alaska cruise, boarding in Vancouver.

    1. That’s one cruise I haven’t done yet… but it is on the “to do” list 🙂

  4. I love these two boys, charming and beautiful. Cecelia made a wise choice by putting both her children in Canada. At Canada thepey can grow up without being bothered by reporters.

  5. Ugly kids. Honcouver just fill with Chinese just like another hk but much more dead n boring

    1. Don’t be so rude!! Just imagine someone else talking about kid that way!

    2. yah, her kids are just normal looking,not that great looking but God loves everybody just the same, btw, cecilia not that good looking before plastic surgery, maybe that’s why

    3. Lol you guys are so jelly and butthurt that they have a beautiful family. I’m sorry that you have a crappy childhood.

    4. too much credit given here.. just because of grandpa tse

  6. Wow she’s brave = a cruise means she’s ‘trapped’ on board at sea for days with people = a whole bunch of bzbodies monitering her and her kids’ daily.

    It’s probably an Alaskan cruise (they’re very popular this time of the yr).

  7. This is a rather cute family event. The rumors of Nic doing whatever he pleases with his life really shouldn’t be included here.

  8. They do looks bit of a mixed parentage though.. 🙂

    1. Cecilia is 1/4 white so I think this makes the kids 1/8 white?

  9. Cecilia spending money on fun and not on the boys’ three “R”s. Kids that young do not fully appreciate a cruise versus going to a theme park.

    1. Wholeheartedly disagree. My sons has been on several cruises and he loves them. He has so much fun onboard the ship and loves going to the museums etc.. when we get off the ship.

      What can you learn at an amusement park? My son has already visited several different countries and has gone to see several museums and historical sites. He’s walked in towns and has seen how different people live. He now has an appreciation for his home and his country as well as having experience abroad. Can’t get that at a theme park.

      We went on a cruise early this year and he’s already asking us when we’ll go on the next.

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