Cecilia Cheung’s Clothing Shop Closes Temporarily, Pays Staff As Usual

The actress continues to pay her employees during difficult times.

Under the negative impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak, many are choosing to stay home, affecting sales at retail stores in Hong Kong. As the owner of a retail fashion boutique, actress Cecilia Cheung’s (張栢芝) business has also taken a hit.

Takes Care of Sons at Home

Shuttering her store temporarily since mid-January, Cecilia prioritized her employees’ health and safety, issuing them their salaries as usual despite the staff not needing to turn up for work. Combining monthly store rental charges and employee salaries, her business expenses are expected add up to at least a six-digit figure during this period.

With such a generous gesture from Cecilia, her employees have taken the initiative to return to the boutique store to help and maintain a neat inventory and keep the outlet clean and tidy. When interviewed, Cecilia’s manager said that it was still uncertain as to when the shop could resume normal operations since the virus situation has yet to come under control.

With the temporary closure, Cecilia has been staying home since January 21 to enjoy time with her three sons. After a month indoors, Cecilia finally brought nine-year-old Quintus out to buy toys on February 19, which delighted him greatly.

Sharing about her trip on social media, Cecilia had put on a mask throughout the outing, and diligently used alcohol sanitizers to clean the bottom of her shoes and also on Quintus while in the car. They left the shop after spending a short 10 minutes picking out Quintus’ preferred toy. Despite the short trip out, Quintus looked in high spirits and left the store clutching his toy happily.

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This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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