Celebrity Weddings: Benny Chan and Lisa Chiang

On July 1, 2011, 41-year-old Benny Chan (陳浩民), got married with 25-year-old mainland model, Lisa Chiang (蔣麗莎). Yesterday, Benny revealed his marriage certificate on his blog. Benny’s manager denied that the bride was pregnant, thus prompting the wedding. Benny’s former love interest, Charmaine Sheh, sent her congratulations wishing the new couple happiness.

Benny and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) had dated for six years prior to their break-up. In recent years, Benny has focused his career in mainland China and met Hunan model, Lisa Chiang. Netizens claimed that Benny and Lisa conducted their marriage registration in Changsa, while accompanied by their managers and parents. The low-profile Benny preferred to get married in a simple manner instead of choosing a lavish wedding. Yesterday, Benny uploaded two wedding photos on his blog, writing, “Thank you everyone for your best wished. I have happily entered another stage in my life.”

Benny’s wife, Lisa Chiang, was the second runner-up in a Hunan modeling contest and current worked as a designer. On her blog, Lisa posted numerous sexy photos of herself and revealed her 24-inch waist while wearing a bikini in the Maldives. In addition, she filmed many advertisements without wearing a bra. Netizens also claimed that Lisa served as a “chest double” for Cecilia Cheung in the past, showcasing her busty figure.

In a telephone interview, Charmaine congratulated the newlyweds, “Benny informed the public about his wedding through his blog. I sent him a text message congratulating him. Although I do not know Lisa, I am happy for her as well.” Benny’s former TVB colleagues, Tavia Yeung and Evergreen Mak, also posted their congratulations on Benny’s blog.

Benny’s manager, Charlie, had just returned to Hong Kong after serving as a marriage witness in his wedding. Allegedly, Benny and Lisa already had marriage intentions at the beginning of the year. Charlie said, “Dating for nearly two years, Benny and Lisa decided to get married since they loved each other and both shared the same marriage intentions.” Since Benny’s work schedule was busy until next year, the newlyweds chose a simple wedding in which they shared a dinner with family members.

Responding to rumors that Lisa was pregnant, Benny stated, “We will let nature follows its course regarding the conception of children. I will try my best to have as many children as possible, to allow the continuation of my wife and my superb genes!”

Benny explained that the newlyweds decided to get married on July 1st since this was the day the couple had met. Since Lisa was scolded publicly for posing in ultra-revealing photos, Benny sounded protective, “She is currently a designer. She is a gentle and virtuous woman.” Benny emphasized that he will continue acting, noting that he revealed his marriage because he did not want to be accused of getting married secretly.

Compiled from Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: Congratulations to Benny and Lisa! A somewhat large age gap, but Benny still looks so youthful! It appears that Benny and Charmaine broke up peacefully; she was very gracious in sending a congratulatory message to him.

Benny had incredibly beautiful ex-girlfriends such as Michelle Ye and Charmaine Sheh in the past, two women who are reputed to be difficult to chase.

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  1. What’s up with Benny’s floody pants and ugly shoes in the pic? So tacky!

    1. The pic is photoshoped! That’s just another pic with Benny’s face posted onto it! Take a closer look……….the pants and shoes would never be worn by anyone in their right minds for a wedding photo!

      1. Gotta agree that its photoshopped! The photo of his wife topless also looks photoshopped.

        And damn Benny Chan still looks as youthful as ever!

      2. Cinsin,
        I came across quite a few of Benny’s wife, Lisa’s topless photos. She apparently posed for numerous ads and magazine photos topless, with her hands blocking the important parts. I didn’t post all the of photos I came across to maintain PG-13 friendliness of site. One photo already got the point across as to the daring quality of her past photo shoots.

  2. What is up with these HK guys dating/marrying China girls with big boobies? (Raymond Lam GF, Ron Ng GF)

  3. @Jayne:

    Thank you for the translation! 😀

    I think Benny looks like he didn’t age from his Sun Wukong portrayal days haha! He totally doesn’t look like a 41 year old! Guess he had good inheritary genes from his parents! 😀

    Erm but will you call a woman “virtuous” when she took sexy photos and filmed many advertisements without wearing a bra? Maybe my definition of “virtuous” is different from Benny’s perceived benchmark of “virtuous”, I guess!

    Did Charmaine and Benny really peacefully break up? I thought the reason they broke up was partly due to Benny getting caught (by reporters) kissing some Taiwanese actress on Valentine’s Day? (re: http://www.myrelaxplace.com/2007/03/05/charmaine-sheh-break-up-with-benny-chen/)

    And did Charmaine admit that she ever dated Benny? I thought Charmaine denied that they ever dated and claimed that they were just good friends? (re: http://asianuniverse.net/forums/Charmaine_Sheh_Denies_Ever_Dating_Benny_Chan_t13950.html)

    This is all so strange! *Confused*

    But his newly married wife is indeed pretty! She looks like a cross between Linda Chung, Leila Tong (the huge eyes) and Vincy Chan!

    Well anyway, congrats to the couple! Hope Benny will quit his “player” days and be nice and good to his wife! 😀

    1. @Ah K,

      Yeah, I thought so too. From Charmaine’s response on “Be My Guest”, she didn’t seem to admit her relationship with Benny. And for six years? Wow.

      However, I do believe that Benny and Charmaine once dated since Charmaine stated that she likes optimistic people and Benny is a playful person with a sense of humor.

      I don’t follow Benny’s news, but I have a feeling that he’s the type of men who prefers a hot body, similar to Raymond and Ron. Honestly, I don’t find Lisa that attractive; however, she does have a nice body that many men fancy. Since there were rumors that Benny was flirting with other women while dating Charmaine, I don’t quite believe him. I have more faith in Charmaine’s character.

      1. @Chriselle:

        Wow you must be an avid viewer of Stephen Chan’s “Be My Guest” to even remember that episode with Charmaine Sheh in it.

        Haha now that you mentioned it, yeah ah, quite true, I myself find it find to resist Benny’s deadly combination of being handsome and humorous too! Doubt Charmaine was able to resist those charms back then too! Heh heh! :X

        It’s a natural instinct I think! Guys are always looking out for the best hot bod out there while girls are always on the look out for the most highly qualified and wealthy man out there.

    2. She did admit she dated Benny in “Be My Guest”. However, the media put additional pressure in their relationship, and they barely had time to meet due to their schedule. Knowing Charmaine, this is probably the most she will reveal of her past relationship with Benny.

      They were rumored to break up in 2006, while Benny was caught by paparazzi kissing another actress in 2007, so no conflict there.

      They are still friends though. Lol, I remember that Charmaine is the first person Benny ‘follow’ in weibo.

      Anyway, congrats to Benny for finding his other half.

      1. SehSeh,
        thanks for clarifying the break-up situation between Benny and Charmaine. I think it was somewhat amicable break-up based on the fact that they still follow each other’s Weibo updates and Charmaine was quick to offer congratulations.

        Since their break-up occurred around 2006, that was when Benny was filming in China and Charmaine was very busy achieving the top status in HK. Both likely placed their careers first.

      2. @Sehseh: Thanks for clearing that up, can always count on an avid Charmaine Sheh fan like you to clear any lingering doubts on her! 😀

        Anyway, just out of curiosity, so do you think Kevin Cheng and Charmaine ever dated in real life? 😛

      3. Love how gracious Charmaine handles her break ups and can still remain good friends with her exes. 😀

      4. @ K

        That is a sensitive question you’re asking… I’m giving a ‘yes’ but let’s not assume things I said can represent her 😛

      5. @Sehseh:

        Lol, okay sure, thanks for giving me your opinions though! heehee 😀

    3. Leila Tong have huge eyes? LOL!!! I see her eyes are very average size. Fan bingbing have bigger eyes.
      This wife of Benny looks like Vincy Chan, especially the face shape, long face.

      1. @LeilaFan:

        Haha I always thought Leila Tong had huge eyes but maybe it’s because I myself have very small eyes heehee! 😀

  4. This news is sudden, I didn’t expect Benny get married soon. I also see this news in Yahoo, it stated that Benny secretly married so I guess this is true.
    I like Charmaine better, this girl Lisa Chiang don’t have natural beauty looks, um! Maybe sexy body, LOL!!
    Anyways, I don’t judge her looks, hope this marriage last and full of happiness for both of them.

    1. Mavis Pang, Vianna and Lisa all don’t possessed natural boobs but men loves surrounding them…probably due one reason kinky S.E.X. I guess most men are concern of having big boobies gfs rather than average gfs with average size boobs lol.

      1. Veejay,
        Mavis Pan got extensive plastic surgery on her face and body, including a boob job. The news was revealed by Appledaily and posted an article about Mavis’ before and after photos.

        IMO, Viann Zhang’s boobs look too firm for their size and come across as fake as well. Not sure about Lisa’s boobs as to whether they are natural or not.

      2. Aimee chan is another with fake boobs. If you look at her bathing suit photos during the Miss HK pageant, her bombs look too round and firm.

      3. @Jayne,

        I’m sure Lisa’s boobs are fake as well as others (mavis,Viann, Cecilia + jolin lin). Remember the article where a makeup artist made a shocking revealation about artis who had niptuck operation? According to the source, the makeup artist said Big boobies women usually have thicker arms whereby all these mainland models doesn’t seem to possessed any thick arm and they’re rather too slim to equipped with big knockers like ECUPS lol. Also, I remember reading from internet articles before that majority asian women are born with flat chest. Even the bigger frame koreans and mongolians women doesn’t big knockers like these models does.

      4. @P,

        Not sure if Aimee Chan’s knockers are real or fake but she already possessed a devilish figure during her ms. hk days. Maybe she’s real boobs? LOL. So far, there is no report of Aimee having artificial implants yet…

      5. Veejay, what you said is true. Here is the quote “woman with big breasts possesses large upper arms as well.”
        This quote is true, speaking from myself experience. I am a petite girl, and I naturally have large breast (maybe this is due to my diet here in USA fat food, LOL!) and I also have larger upper arms.
        My breast is big, so my upper arms is also big as well, it actually balance out with the body. If your boobs and waist are big, upper arms should also be big too.
        So if you see a girl who have thin upper arms, but large pop out boobs, then mostly likely she have breast implants.

      6. Boobs size are also part of the diet of where they live. Many women in China due to low fat diet likes vegetables and rice all their, ofcourse naturally their breast size smaller.
        Then looks at women here in USA, they have bigger breast because of their diet, eating all the high fat fast food like double cheeseburgers and BBQ ribs and beef steak in USA, ofcourse will give them more meat on their body.
        Ammie Chan she born in Canada, maybe she have better diet than those girls in China, so her boobs are bigger.

      7. aimee’s boobs look too round, firm, space too far apart, and too high on the chest while wearing a bikini. Women need to wear tight push up bras to get the same results. Big natural breasts should look jiggly without push up bras

    2. Lisa’s facial features and breasts really don’t look natural to me either – very odd-looking combination of sharp chin, overly-large eyes and the Linda Chung/Vincy Chan mix is quite ugly to me.

      I also question Benny’ definition of virtuous: I mean, what kind of ‘virtuous’ woman would show herself to the world on such a public platform as her blog through such exhibitionist, provocative photos? Uuurghh! Bad taste if you ask me, but then again, I’m female not male!

      1. Impmuse,
        Benny comes across as open-minded. Perhaps he feels secure enough about their relationship and not possessive towards his wife showing her sexy side to the world. She was just posing in photos, similar in the manner where Western models would pose naked even for a perfume ad. It appears that more mainland Chinese models are showing more skin and posing provocatively.

        I actually like the fact that Benny is supportive about Lisa and comfortable with who she is, rather than force her to remove Weibo sexy photos and become jealously possessive of her.

      2. We in 21st century, it is OK if those models like to post sexy photos. Post sexy pictures show their skin and boobs is OK, as long as they not engage in sexual activities result in sex tapes or sex photos (like Edison’s case).
        Taking sexy photos is just depend on each person taste, they are stars and models so this is normal for them.
        Hey if Lisa is a good wife, who doesn’t cheat behind Benny’s back, then no problem. They in this entertainment profession so they understand each others, just like Lisa would know that Benny would embrace or kiss or even bed scene with other co-stars.
        I try not to judge people on looks, wish Benny happy marriage.

      3. I don’t think Lisa is a natural. In the wedding photo, Her eyes look like eyes from those anime characters

      4. @Jayne,

        Your response is appreciated, Jayne! You seem to be a compassionate person who is generous in your views of others and accept them quite unreservedly.

        However, I can’t agree with Benny’s description of his wife as ‘virtuous’. The Oxford Dictionary online definition of ‘virtuous’ is “one with high moral standards,” and to me, a virtuous person would simply not even consider publicly revealing such semi-pornographic photos of herself.

        Benny’s use of the word ‘virtuous’ is at best misleading. He would’ve been better off describing her as eg. ‘someone I can trust.’ He either doesn’t know the meaning of the word, or his moral standards are low.

      5. “I also question Benny’ definition of virtuous: I mean, what kind of ‘virtuous’ woman would show herself to the world on such a public platform as her blog through such exhibitionist, provocative photos?”

        She didn’t steal, didn’t cheat, didn’t harm people. Why is she not virtuous?

      6. Hey if she is a good wife, who faithful to Benny, and not cheat on him behind his back like other actresses, then I don’t see the problem with she poses half-naked photos. It is the trend of the 21st century, movie stars follow the latest trend. This didn’t happened to stars in the 80’s, 90’s because the ways people views things then are different from now.
        I, personally won’t take photos like Lisa, but again we are normal people.
        There is a saying “Rather married a prositute be your wife, better than married a wife but then she become prositute”

      7. @Kidd:

        Hi Kidd! Hope you don’t mind me pointing out that erm according to the dictionary, Virtuous meant 01. Showing or displaying high moral standards and 02. (esp. of a woman) Chaste and if we looked up the word, “Chaste”, it means pure in thought and act; modest and decent.

        And if we looked up the word, “Modest”, it refers to having or showing regard for the decencies of behavior, speech, dress, etc.; for example, a modest neckline on a dress or a person who would prefer a more modest swimwear in comparision.

        I doubt Benny’s wife is “virtuous” enough to fulfill the definition above but I agree with you that we are in no position to judge as in today’s modern society, Benny’s benchmark of “virtuous” may be different from our yardstick of “virtuous” and afterall, as long as Benny loves her for who she is, that’s what truly matters yeah? 😀

  5. Well at least its a nice change from reading of divorces, fights, custody of kids etc…

    Don’t really know Benny Chan apart from a few dramas. Be happy anyway and hope this marriage lasts.

  6. He doesn’t look 41 though.

    Natural or plastic, his wife looks quite cute though.

  7. Geez, what is it with celebrities marrying mainlanders. One would think there are no more eligible bachelors and bachelorette in Hong Kong. Got nothing against folks from China but come one, why marry someone in China when there are hot goodlooking folks in HK, I don’t get it.

    1. simply better value for your money. hk woman are demanding i guess so better to “buy” a wife in mainland that are young and plastic LOL

      1. @exoidus, LOLLLL, sorry I had a dirty thought when I read your comment “a wife in mainland that are young and plastic”. Blow up doll comes to mind. Oops, if I offended any ladies from China OOPS heheee 😛

      2. What about HK actresses marrying mainland guys? What is their advantage over HK guys?

      3. U mean Ada and sonija right? Sadly to say, it’s because they’re considered middle-aged leftover girls. Mainland guys don’t mind older or more successful women. Hk guys worry about being labeled “eat soft rice.”

      4. I never saw Ada nor Sonija has a ‘leftover’ woman. For Ada, I know Steven had feelings and pursued her before during the Where the Legend Begin days, but I suspect she rejected him.

        Sonija was beautiful and even though her beauty is fading (even with make up, it’s helpless), she seems to be the type of person who values love and don’t mind marrying someone who is less famous than her.

      5. @Kidd, that is a good point. I wonder if it has to do with age. HK actresses who do marry mainland men are usually well past their prime and their husband are always younger then them, whilst it is the opposite for the HK male actors who marry mainland girls half their age.

    2. There’s nothing wrong with marrying people from China. While looks do matter to a certain point, the most important thing is the person. Like exoidus says, maybe it’s because the HK women/men are demanding that’s why they don’t want them? I really don’t know but when I take a look at China celebs, most of them tends to be married and wouldn’t mind admitting it while HK actors either hide it or not wanting to get married at all. Perhaps that’s why they chose China actors instead.

      1. I don’t dislike or like this trend. It only makes me value couples like Bosco and Myolie more because they are both popular HK celebrities’ news that I follow, whom series that I watch, and who I actually know more about. I feel more happiness for these two because we’ve seen them onscreen together and there interactions with one another makes it appear closer to us.

        Since I don’t follow mainland celebrities’ news and since these girls that HK actors usually marry/date are young and newcomers, it doesn’t bring much of an affect other than knowing that they’ve finally settled down or have found another partner.

        In other words, I feel ‘closer’ to HK celebrities who date each other. 😀

      2. Maybe because the HKer stars know each other too well then they can’t be together.

  8. Could the real reason be, there are far more Mainland actresses than HK ones? I must admit that they are alot prettier than they used to be. Benny Chan’s wife is quite nice looking. Unfortunately she’s another one who’s into these revealing photos. Why are they like this nowadays? You would never see actresses like Ada Choi, Jessica Hsuan, Kenix Kwok, Jamie Chik, Sheren Tang posing like that. What’s wrong with the world nowadays? Am I the only one on this site who feels so strongly about all this?

    1. @Pineapple, showing some skin or being sexy isn’t such a bad thing as it shows the person is happy with their body. If someone has big boobs or a hot body, why not flaunt it if you got it. Obviously that doesn’t mean being completely naked for all the world to see you in your birthday suit or doing a Shu Qi po*no spread, then being sexy and provocative is fine…I for one, cannot bare to see females who act “virgin like”. My oldest brother used to love Vivian Lai because she was so virgin-like and pure. But I thought she was a fake as my crocodile shoes…See what happened to her now, married to a loser who cannot be faithful to her.

  9. Congratulations Benny! My last movie I saw him in was the one with the 12 zodiac signs and he looked great! Perhaps, on top of being beautiful, she’s also got a good personality…hence his description of her being genuine and virtuous. There are more to people than the pictures that exist of them.

    I’m so happy to read of marriage news. Jaynestars has been increasingly depressing and frustrating in the last few weeks :T

    1. Iampheng,
      Behind the frustrating break-up and divorce news, we are also reminded of how much effort it takes to hold a relationship and family together. Although there is love, there are also petty fights, intense emotions, and perhaps poor problem solving at work.

      I sympathize with the celebrities involved, yet their behavior in relationships are easily relatable in real life. If anyone is or was in a long-term relationship, they can easily relate to these universal issues. Separation can be very bitter and don’t take anyone important to you for granted! It’s sometimes too easy to keep fighting, become self-centered, and call it quits– forgetting why you initially loved the person to begin with.

  10. That picture of him and his wife looks kinda photoshopped. Anyway, congrats to them! On a random note, just found out that there is another Benny Chan who was born on the same year and date as this Benny Chan.

  11. His other ex, Michelle Ye, was far less gracious, according to another blog….

    1. Rambling Mind,
      Did Michelle comment to Benny’s marriage?

      Has it been more than 7 years since Michelle Ye left TVB? Maybe the time has been very long, but I sense that she doesn’t keep in touch with her ex-TVB colleagues. Instead she grew very close to Director, Johnnie To, and likely other key players in film industry. She tried very hard to wash away her “TV” feel.

      1. Fox,
        Thanks for reminding me that Michelle Ye left in 2004. Her name has not been associated with TVB for many years, thus it appeared to be much longer than actual time frame.

      2. Her last series with TVB is the Herbalist one. However, her contract ends before that after the fight in LWOLAP.

    1. @P,

      thanks for the link, i also notice that Aimee Chan has a rather longer chin than average people. Honestly i wont be surprised if she had gone under knife before her pageant days..

    2. Aimee looks very pretty in that photo. 😀 Normally, her photos don’t come out in good quality or she’s dressed in a weird outfit that doesn’t flatter her body.

      1. Aimee she pretty girl, she born in Canada, also compete in some beauty competition in Canada too.
        She looks good with long hair, like when she compete in Miss HK 2006.
        If she grow her long hair and wear sexy clothes, sure she will outbeat others nowadays Ms. HK, and Aimee have a beautiful smile also.

  12. I don’t think it’s real. She looks kinda short compared to benny who is 174cm. Model should b taller that right?

    Plus what they are wearing seems to be different to what celebrities normally present themselves.

    1. The marriage is real. I read in Yahoo news that they secretly married.
      Since they probably secretly married, then reporters have no wedding photos. Maybe this pictures someone just photoshop the head of Benny and Lisa over, so seem like we have a wedding pic (but this is not the real wedding photo).

  13. Sun li and Deng Cao also married!!! It’s just something I want to share since this article is about marriage.

  14. Oh Benny Chan looks really good. Congratulations to the couple!

  15. Hongkong male celebrities are always hunger for more milk – so big bobbies can fulfill their thirst when they are in dire of KINKY SEX. Hence, a resolution for them when they are in salvation and hunger.

    1. Are you implying that HK actresses are not sexy enough?

  16. ” The low-profile Benny”

    Really? Never had that impression.

    Not pretty though. I feel Charmaine is prettier. Anyway Benny looks good for a 41 year old.

  17. I can only remember seeing Benny in 1 series a long time ago but was rather impressed by his youthful and cheerful appearance and acting. And up to not so long ago did I know about his and Charmaine’s relationship in the past. But that’s all over now and I do want to congratulate Benny and Lisa on their recent marriage. Now that so many of the TVB actors are working in Mainland China it is no surprise that are more chances of their meeting their future spouses there I suppose.

    Just a word about the use of the word ‘virtuous’. Ah K has explained it quite clearly having looked up the Oxford Dictionary for the meaning and I do agree with him on that matter. One certainly has to be very careful in the choice of one’s words. In this modern world the word is hardly used.

  18. no idea for their wedding, but i love benny and love his wife, too

  19. wow Jayne, you consider Michelle Ye and Charmaine Sheh as “incredibly beautiful”?? Charmaine (especially) is SO very average.. so average that I wouldn’t even glance at her if she was not a celebrity.

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