Celebrity Weddings: Jimmy Lin and Kelly Chen

Above: Jimmy Lin and Kelly Chen with their son in their destination wedding in Thailand.

On July 30, 38-year-old Taiwanese singer/actor Jimmy Lin (林志穎) and his 28-year-old model girlfriend Kelly Chen (陳若儀) held their wedding reception in Thailand. Although the two registered their marriage in 2009 and already have a four-year-old son, they held out on the actual reception until this year. The wedding took place on a beach in Thailand, with fifty of their friends and relatives present to witness the joyous occasion.

Jimmy Lin wedding 1Jimmy reflected on the changes he has gone through over the years, and his appreciation for his wife and son. “From initially facing the love relationship to my current family life, I have changed from my original silence to a person who is willing to express and share. Starting today, as a husband and a father, I must strive to take on more responsibility,” Jimmy wrote earlier on his Weibo.

Originally, Jimmy had planned to invite Taiwanese entertainer Show Luo (羅志祥), Singaporean singer JJ Lin (林俊傑), and Hong Kong actor Wallace Chung (鍾漢良) to be his groomsmen. Because the date of the wedding was determined too late, however, Show was already booked with work that day and JJ was unable to attend because his grandmother had recently passed away.

Despite this unfortunate turn of events, the wedding was still quite spectacular and eye-catching. Jimmy’s son Kimi served as the page boy, whereas the flower girls were Jimmy’s elder brother’s daughter and Malaysian singer Gary Cao’s (曹格) daughter. Characterized by a mix of Western and Thai wedding styles, the picture-perfect reception cost about 3 million TWD. Jimmy and Kelly rode on horseback on the beach, and they kissed under the fireworks as the memorable evening drew to a close.

Several of Jimmy’s good friends in the entertainment industry filmed a short video to congratulate the newlyweds. Taiwanese singers Richie Ren (任賢齊) and A-Mei Chang (張惠妹) both jokingly encouraged him to have more children, so that his and Kelly’s excellent physical genes could be preserved, and Gary Cao said he could be Jimmy’s marriage consultant. JJ Lin apologized for being unable to attend and said he would work hard to become a husband as well. Show Luo, the other would-be best man, showed up in the video in traditional bridegroom clothing in order to wish Jimmy the best.

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Sources: Ettoday.net; Hunantv.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Jimmy Lin doesn’t know how to age either does he?

    1. That is not true because if you compare his older photos to his photos now, he has aged a lot.

      1. Nope, to me he still look the same…even after 20 years.

  2. He made a mess out of the whole saga when his son was born, now I am glad for the marriage he took a more open approach.

    He looks youthful but that will be a minus because as he grows older, he looks youthful but I am sure in person he may look weird.

    1. Totally agree and what more is there for him to hide? He has a son with Kelly already and is already married on paper. He is not even half as popular as before so many probably would not care what he does. He should done do earlier so that his late father could have witnessed it.

      1. maybe secretly he wed a long time ago – maybe most celebrity couples do that and then pretend to be less devoted and therefore less envied

      2. He was going to marry Kelly after she gave birth . It was planned to be held a year or from that time period. However, Jimmy Lin’s dad suddenly passed away so everything was pushed back.

      3. He’s not acting as much hence he’s not in the limelight and “not as popular”. He’s making tons of money from his businesses and formula driving.

      4. They already married on paper years ago… It’s not like it matters since he is getting old already,already has a son,etc.. There is no big deal anymore.

  3. Seriously weird, he’s 10 years older yet she looks way older. ahaha..LOL…how unfair.

    1. I don’t think so… He clearly looks older than her or about the same age.

      1. It depends on the person then.
        It seems majority of us on this page thinks JIMMY LIN looks way younger.
        I am not defending b/c i am a fan but just stating a fact. haha..

      2. I would not say it is a fact but are just opinions because I used to be a really really big fan of his too(until he lied through this teeth so I know he is nothing but a fake person now) and he DID age. If you said that he aged well or looks good for his age(like some have said here as well) then that is ok. BUT to say that he did not age at all is not correct because he DID age a lot…

      3. hetieshou,
        which celebrity havent lie thru their teeth? look at that twins girl who was married for 4 years or whatever n lying to reporters everytime they asked her when she’s getting married and andy lau? haha LOL which ones dont lie? it’s part of their job to lie i think. anyway, u r looking at the wrong post, i never said he did not age at all, that was posted by someone else if u look up closely but my eyes thinks he’s younger than 38 and wife looks way older. that might not be a fact but yes my opinion n u don’t have to agree of course. =0)

      4. True, but the way that he lied was totally disgusting…

  4. awww congrats!! he still looks so young! hahah and the pictures are really pretty!

  5. WoW he’s 38 and ten years older than his wife????? Even his wife looks older than him. She should be 38 and he’s 28. I think the only person that has good looking genes here are jimmy!

    1. No, I always think he looks baby face esp that show where he pairs up w/that korean lady.

  6. Sure would like to see a reunion of the
    ‘heavenly kings’ who were popular in Taiwan 20 years ago. All four ex-members (Su Youpeng, WuQilong, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jimmy Lin) are still popular after all these years.

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