Charlene Choi Purchases $40 Million HKD Luxurious Home

By on October 27, 2015 in NEWS

Charlene Choi Purchases $40 Million HKD Luxurious Home

Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) is now the proud owner of a $40 million HKD luxurious home located at Redhill Peninsula in the Southern region of Hong Kong Island. At a promotional function that she attended with fellow Cantopop duo Twins member Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼), Charlene shared that her mother was the one who organized the transactions. At the moment, she is still unsure about whether or not she would move into her new home or use it for investment purposes.

When asked if Charlene has a net worth of hundreds of millions, she indirectly responded, “If so, am I allowed to pay less tax?” Earlier tabloids also speculated that Charlene decided to move out of her current home in Kowloon Tong to avoid residing in the same district as her ex-boyfriend William Chan (陳偉霆). However, the singer denied the reports and exclaimed her decision had nothing to do with him. Since both Charlene and William have their birthdays next month, reporters asked if they would give each other gifts. Charlene replied impatiently, “Stop asking me these, it’s pissing me off!”

Gillian, who was standing beside Charlene, expressed that her mother also manages her finances and investments. When asked if she gives all her salary to her mother, Gillian replied, “It’s directly transferred into her account!” Charlene laughed and added, “A lot of people call me a miser, but it’s because I give my mom all my money!”


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3 comments to Charlene Choi Purchases $40 Million HKD Luxurious Home

  1. akinu says:

    i truly wonder why it matters if Charlene purchased a 40 million home or not. about the ex-boyfriend questions though, my goodness give the poor girl some space!

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  2. hannah says:

    Go Girl! Happy for Ahsa!

    Bloody reporter stop asking her about William and leave her alone!

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  3. vlol says:

    Charlene actually owns lots of properties including apartment buildings and multiple luxury homes that she’s renting out. She made a good decision to have her mom handle her finance because Choi Mama is very good at investing it. It’s very likely that Charlene’s current net worth is over 100 millions because a few years ago it was reported that her properties are worth over 50 millions; and she actually purchase several more properties in the last few years which include a place in the same building as William. Whatever the reason for her to purchase a new home, the most important thing is that she’s happy and moving on. William and Charlene sounds like they ended in good terms so the reporters should just give them space. Yesterday, William actually sent a wreath for Charlene’s grandpa’s funeral so they genuinely still care for each other.

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