Charmaine Sheh Forever Young At Heart

TVB Anniversary series, Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到>, having taken the TV ratings of the year award last year, will be premiering in Zhejiang as of today. The series had re-used ninety-percent of its original cast from the previous popular TVB drama, Beyond the Realm of Conscience <宫心计>

Yesterday, the entourage of Charmaine Sheh (who acted as Princess Zhao Yang), Moses Chan (who acted as the betrothed husband of the princess), Fala Chen (who acted as the princess’ palace maid) and  Susanna Kwan (who acted as the princess’ in law) arrived at Hangzhou to promote the drama.

The reporter also interviewed Charmaine Sheh on the spot. Charmaine Sheh who used to be TVB’s “biological daughter” and was heavily doted by them, had recently “married off” to mainland to do some filming and centralize her career there. With regards to the $15 million contract spanning two years, Charmaine Sheh’s smile blossomed but she declined to comment. When mentioned about love, ex-lover Benny Chan had already wed but Charmaine Sheh chose to focus on her career instead (upcoming project being a televised version of If You Are the One <非诚勿扰> and had plans to continue enjoying her “golden  bachelorette” status.

Higher Filming Fees in Mainland

Because of her good interpersonal skills, Charmaine won the favor of TVB higher authorities. However, it was rumored that earlier this year, Charmaine was displeased that TVB had handled out the TV Queen award to “non biological daughter” Sheren Tang for two consecutive years and thus changed direction to venture into the Mainland market. There was even a mainland management company which offered to sign her up for $15 million Yuan for a management period of two years! Therefore, within a short span of half a year, Charmaine had already filmed a television series and a drink and makeup advertisement in mainland. It was indeed overwhelming! However, when asked about it, Charmaine Sheh smiled gently and denied that she has left TVB, “I did not leave TVB. I only changed my work arrangement with TVB to a per series basis.”

Charmaine revealed that she is currently busy filming TVB’s new drama, 4 In Love in Hong Kong with her costar, Moses Chan. Charmaine also confirmed that she has signed up with a mainland management company but when the $15 million Yuan contract fee was brought up, Charmaine swore to secrecy with a smile and said, “This must be kept a secret okay!”

About her career advancement into the Mainland industry, Charmaine expressed her excitement, “I arrived in mainland this year and realized that it was really different here as compared to Hong Kong. I feel like I have found a new direction.” Charmaine also revealed her desire to work with acclaimed film director, Zhang Yimou, “I feel that Director Zhang Yimou is a director who knows women’s heart the best.”

This September, Charmaine will also be accepting the television version of If You Are the One and will be playing the lead role of “Xiaoxiao”, which was originally played by Shu Qi (舒淇) in the movie. Charmaine added that she had already watched the original movie version and loved this role, “Initially, we had plans to film earlier this year but because the location at Japan had some problems that cropped up, other locations will probably be used instead. Definitely something worth looking forward to.” With regards to the high filming income in Mainland, Charmaine let out a satisfied smile, “Well, it is really a lot more than back in Hong Kong.”

If Only Cared About Money, Would Have Been Married Earlier

Although Can’t Buy Me Love was a comedy set in the ancient times, its English title meant that money can’t buy one’s love. In connection, nowadays, many females pick their future respective partners firstly based on their financial conditions. In reply to this, Charmaine expressed her empathy, “Everyone’s  situation is different and everyone have different requirements or needs. However, I do not believe that money is able to buy love. If that was the case, I would have been married a long time ago.”

In TVB, Charmaine Sheh has had her fair share of male rumored contenders from Julian Cheng (张智霖), Benny Chan (陈浩民), Kevin Cheng (郑嘉颖) to Ron Ng (吴卓羲) and others. Earlier on, there were even rumors that she fell in love with a Mainland property mogul who was younger than her. Charmaine smiled and professed that she was still single, “For the time being, I will be focusing entirely on my career. Wouldn’t be in a relationship for a year or so. Even so, there must be an excellent combination of timing, the right person, circumstances and background that can move me before I will accept the declaration of love.”

The only love that Charmaine ever admitted to was with ex lover Benny Chan (陈浩民) and even Benny himself had just gotten married. Charmaine expressed that she had already sent him a congratulatory text message. Charmaine who was 36 years old this year, was considered to be a “golden bachelorette left on the market.” Asked about this tagging, Charmaine laughed and said, “It is most important to be happy. Whether I’m left on the market or not, I will continue to be young at heart.”

Moses Chan Stammered When Asked About Marriage

With “Princess Zhaoyang” aka Charmaine Sheh marrying into the mainland market, “Prince” Moses Chan, who was still a TVB artist, did not bother to disguise his envy, “Ah Sheh earns much more in the Mainland as compared to us; I’m very envious!” However, Moses who had recently replaced Bowie Lam (林保怡) and was his “Number 1 TV Brother” successor, had no opportunity to break into the mainland market for a career advancement as of yet.

Early this year, Moses walked out of the shadows of his breakup with Bernice Liu (廖碧儿) and quickly fell for former Miss Hong Kong, Aimee Chan (陈茵薇). There were even rumors that the pair of lovebirds will get married in a flash. Yesterday, when asked whether wedding bells will be ringing soon, Moses Chan was thoroughly embarrassed such that his entire face was flushed red. After holding his silence for half a day, Moses finally cracked a joke and laughed, “A good matter? Our coming here to promote our new drama is a good matter!” It was known that Charmaine, who was beside the latter, impersonated the media to tease him, “Too official!”

After constant pressure and relentless questioning from the reporters, Moses finally shyly revealed that the relationship was going smoothly but did not forget to evade the issue, “When will we get married? Just leave it to fate and for God to arrange.”


This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. Charmaine, Moses and Can’t Buy Me Love : 3 overpromoted things which are more hype than substance.

    Charmaine and Moses must really improve their acting before they get too old. Charmaine is already looking older than her age. Is it because of her smoking habit?

      1. Yea, she smokes just like most artists do due to the stress and all. I used to be shocked that artists smoke and all but not anymore…

      2. Ohhhhh. I couldn’t believe she smoked until i read that article and saw the photos. Because her teeth doesn’t look like she smokes .

    1. Okay, yeah she does smoke, I just found an article.

    2. @Vivien:

      I agree with you that Charmaine does look older than usual in the photo, I guess it may be a combination of late night filming, alcohol and the long term smoking of nicotine that took it’s irreversible toll on her. Just look at Lindsay Lohan, she’s only 25 this year but she looks like she’s already 30.

      Actually, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Charmaine smokes as many artistes do that in their free capacity, you would be surprised. One of our local celebrity here used to smoke too but has since given it up and she was known to be one of the more sweeter and innocent celebrity around. That celebrity revealed that she picked it up while filming in Mainland as it was freezing there so it was really a common sight for everyone to light a cigarette to keep themselves warm while outdoors and she also mentioned that she also picked it up due to peer pressure from her co-stars and the other cast and crew.

      If I’m not wrong, Kevin Cheng also smokes but is now trying to quit after become an anti-smoking ambassador, I think that Stone Sir (Felix Wong) smokes too as just look at his teeth, it is yellowish and in quite a bad state.

      1. From what I read Kevin tried to quit after become anti smoking ambassador but was caught redhanded smoking again during filming of BF3 and he said it’s to control his weight. Hypocrite.

      2. Many other artistes smoke too but what makes Charmaine look hypocrite is because she was a health ambassador or something. It’s just like those young stars who caught with drugs while promote anti drug campaign.

      3. I agree with what you said since I am in USA and I see Hollywood stars here all smokes. But they are Western, Charmain is Chinese. And Chinese men smoke is different from Chinese women. It just make Chinese women image more bad, since foreigners think we Chinese women are traditional women.
        I don’t recommended anyone smoke, since it not only hurting your health but it will hurt your baby health if you have a young born in the house, they can inhale all those smokes to their lungs. Not only that but it give you yellow teeth, and I am a woman so I like to keep my smile fresh, clean and white teeth, so I stay away from smoke.
        One of my friend dad is a long term smokers for like 20-30 years, and now his lungs is so damage that he in and out of the hospital all the times, smoking is not good, No, No!

      4. Not only lung cancer but there’s also mouth cancer and gangrene from smoking and spouses or someone close who inhale those smoke can get sick too.

      5. Lol at detractors finding every reason to bash her.

        1. Charmaine is not ambassador for health aka anti smoking.

        2. The company she represent was HK Health Care. It’s a health/medical screening lab (commercially owned). It doesn’t represent HK Health Department.

        3. She didn’t deny smoking when reporter asked her about it. She didn’t glorify or make promises about it either.

      6. When I went to school, I saw that many of the younger international students all smoked and that sort of shocked me. The girls smoked more than the guys did. This one girl smoked so much that her teeth turned brown. It was so scary and gross to look at…

        Can you guys believed that my grandma who lived to be 100 actually smoked?? But she did not smoke a lot…

      7. @Vivien,
        Yea, I heard about Charmaine being a health and anti drug ambassador but then gets caught smoking red handed.. That would make her a hypocrite, however, it isn’t just her.. There are many artists that say that they don’t do this and that and encourage others not to, then they end up doing it more than anyone does…

        I have heard of Kevin trying to quit many times but not sure if he has achieved it yet or not. It is really really hard to quit smoking once you start.

      8. @ Leilafan

        “And Chinese men smoke is different from Chinese women. It just make Chinese women image more bad, since foreigners think we Chinese women are traditional women.”

        So, because foreigners think Chinese women are traditional, you will keep up this image for their sake?

        Traditional chinese women also stay at home to look after their children and serve their husband. But, you seem to disagree with this idea.

        I guess it’s only good to follow Chinese tradition when it suits you.

      9. Thanks for the info Sehseh. Well, you also have to understand that many are not fans of Charmaine so it’s not like everyone follows her news… Anyways, many smoke so it’s not like it is only her that does… Therefore, I guess it should not be a big deal that she does.

      10. Kidd, I just state a real life example of if you asking any American men they will said that they think Chinese women are traditional.
        As for smoking, I don’t smoke is because I want to have good health. I don’t want end up with lungs problems and paying hospital bills. I do this not for anyone or for any image, I do this for me because I am the one will be paying if I end up in hospital. Also, I like to keep my smile pretty and nice breath, and ofcourse trying to stay young.
        My husband always say, don’t do something if you don’t want your kid to do, be a role model. Meaning if I do not want my son to smoke, I better not smoke. I must be crazy if I smoke and I have a newborn son in my house.
        I am not a traditional Chinese woman. I move out of the house at age 18, renting my own place, because I can’t stand my mother lecturing me about Chinese tradition stuff.
        As for Charmain, she smoke her not does not affect my life, so I don’t care. It just a discussion about her smoking habit. Charmain don’t have children, she can smoke all she wants. But if she have children, I really do not like to see her smoking.
        Anyways, I’m glad to see you write in the other post that you do not want to smoke and don’t want to try, keep that up. And I’m sorry if my English is hard to understand and cause misunderstanding sometimes. English is the fourth language that I learn, and I am still learning it, it not easy since I am a native Mandarin speaker.

    3. Considering how thin she is, she probably smokes for stress and to keep her weight down.

  2. Hi Jayne,

    Thank you for posting up my article and grateful to you for replacing my choice of word of “predecessor” with “successor”! I only realized that it was wrong when I woke up in the morning, haha translated this when I was sleepy at night hence the error! ((:

    Oh yeah and I think it should be “It was known that Charmaine, who was beside the latter, impersonated the media to tease him, “Too official!” instead of “…impersonated Moses to tease him”

    And I think it should be “The series had re-used ninety-percent of it’s original cast” instead of “…ninety-perfect of i’s original cast”, think typo error here heehee, thank you very much for the editing in advance and so sorry for being such a perfectionist nazi! 🙁

  3. Smoking is bad, Charmaine. It kills young lungs, yellowing your teeth, and make you look older than your age. What’s the use of young at heart if your physical isn’t healthy and good?

    1. It is hard to quit smoking once you start since it is very addictive due to the nicotine.

      1. but she’s a famous starlet and should consider that smoking will affect her health and appearance.

    2. Many Asian artist dont take care of body. This is the fact.

  4. Who else smokes?
    Does tavia, Raymond lam, myolie, bosco, Kenneth those smoke?

    1. Myo takes good care of her health and don’t smoke. Bosco smokes and he’s also daring to smoke in every episode of Lives of Omission.

      I don’t think Raymond or Kenneth smoke. They don’t look like it.

      1. I think Raymond does if I remember correctly, but not sure about Kenneth. However, don’t be shocked if they do…

      2. I’m certain that Kenneth doesn’t smoke. He looks clean.

      3. But on Lives of Omission; he smokes fake cigs. Give him real cigs and he is a camel.

      4. Raymond Lam smokes, no doubt. That guy has a lot of health issues (injuries, sickness) lately, wont be surprise if he stops.

        Kenneth Ma… I have a feeling he does it too if you look at his neck area and see a lump… It may indicate he does smoke in the past.

      5. Fake cigs? In episode 5 that thing he smoked is lighted up and he produce smoke. I thought it was real.

      6. @Larry 3 – you can’t possibly tell if someone is smoking or not based on their lump.

      7. Bosco smokes in ‘Live of Omission’? Great. Finally, TVB is going back to some realism.

    2. I’m sure that Tavia doesn’t smoke. Myolie, Raymond, and Kenneth probably doesn’t either. Not sure about Bosco though.

      1. Bosco does, look at recent articles in this site.

        Raymond does, past news articles caught him smoking red handed.

        Kenneth not sure. So….

        Myolie looks clean w/ lots of makeup.

        Tavia does nose job.

      2. There are people that smoke but look clean so at times it is hard to tell. I heard that many celebs smoke to relieve stress and to stay up due to the late night filming.

      3. @ Larry 3

        “Myolie looks clean w/ lots of makeup. Tavia does nose job.”

        Quite irrelevant? That doesn’t state anything about smoking.

      4. @Larry 3
        To be honest, I rather have a nose job than smoke. Smoking can kill, make ur breath stink, ur teeth yellow, hands and fingernails yellow, gangrene, lung cancer …. Nose job… just a big nose, who cares.

      5. Nose job will look more obvious in short term than smoking effect.

      6. LF did smoked. He quit before LWOLAP time because of his health problem.

        Bosco is a heavy smoker, he admitted so. Same to Ron.

        Kenneth smoke(d). He said in a very old magazine in 2003 tat he often smoke when he feels stress.

      7. What? Kenneth doesn’t look like a smoker or used to smoke.

        I know that Michael Miu and Felix Wong are heavy smokers too and Michael Miu said he can’t quit.

      8. Fox, rad about your recent experience with Bosco, well at least you see his true face offscreen, cheers! Glad you have a fun trip back to HK and enjoy it.
        And by the way who is LF, you write his name initials and I can’t seem to figure out what LF stands for.

      9. Raymond Lam Fung. LF = Lam Fung.

        My trip in HK is very nice :P, thank you. I had very good time.

      10. Well can’t really say that that is how Bosco always is based on just one bad experience with him. I don’t think it is fair to judge him like that. On the same token, it is also not fair to say that someone is a really nice or great person just because they were nice to you only once. At least he wasn’t acting all fake and pretending to be nice…

      11. @Fox,
        Not really since LeilaFan mentioned about your encounter with Bosco so just wanted to mention that. I understand how you feel but I don’t think you should just base it on just that one encounter and say that Bosco is a bad person…

      12. I don’t say Bosco is a bad person. I said that he is such an arrogant and impolite guy to do such thing to me. It’s different to bad person. If you notice, I don’t bash Bosco or saying something like “anti him, anti him!”. I told the experience ONLY and said that I’ll avoid him next time.

        I’m kinda tired of repeating my explanation.

    3. I don’t think Tavia smokes. In one youtube video, someone asked what is the hardest part of acting(or something lile that) , and she said smoking. Because she had to smoke and drink together in HOG. She said she don’t smoke.

      1. Yeah, she had a hard time acting as “Jackie”, the chain smoker from HOG

  5. I think ppl smoke because curious or peer pressures and socialize thing. I doubt is because of stress. How could you know it will relieve a stress if you never smokes before. But after hooked into it and addicted, that’s when ppl use it to relieve stress as what they said. But i think is just really an addiction. She looks her age from the above pic. Wonder if she’ll look younger if wearing less make up. Sometime wearing less makeup make a woman look more natural and younger.

    1. Charmaine’s short hair also makes her look more mature (hence ‘older’). Yea smoking’s a bad habit, but over the years I’ve realized how many celebs from the Asian entertainment do it.

      Most of the international students at my college are Asians and among them, I notice the Koreans smoking the most. The weirdest thing is seeing these petite and baby-faced 18/19 year old Korean girls puff like a pro. I wonder when they started…

      1. Yea, I agree and I used to see many of the asian college students on my campus smoke all the time. It was not just Koreans, just Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese,etc.. a lot of them did… I wonder why so many of them do?? I am guessing it is peer pressure and other social issues.

      2. Asian always copy cat each other. Since Tavia changed her long hair to short hair now i see every actress get the same hair cut as Tavia.

        Molye’s hair in Ghetto Justice is the most ugly hair I ever seen. Doesn’t like her at all in that movie. Like other casts….Kevin Cheng and especially Joyce Tang.

      3. Short hair is in style right now. No one is copying Tavia. Btw, Tavia needs a new hairstyle. She has the same hair in all her recent series.

        And I like Myolie’s hair in Ghetto. It’s unique and suits her. At least more stylish than other actresses who have the same boring look in every series.

      4. “And I like Myolie’s hair in Ghetto. It’s unique and suits her. At least more stylish than other actresses who have the same boring look in every series.”

        I feel that most TVB actresses have the same boring hairstyle. They need to be more daring and be trend-setters.

        Indeed Myolie’s haircut was super adorable and cute on her! 😛

      5. @ DDevil

        I agree with you. Myolie’s hair in Ghetto Justice indeed looks nice on her. I like Tavia’s hair, but she REALLY needs to change it. She had it for like three series already, and at least in two more in the future. The only break we get are her ancient series coming out. It’s getting boring.

      6. Short hair doesn’t grow overnight. She’s growing it out. Her hairstyle in TOT is longer than in YSNS. I think she re-dyed it and straightened it? Whereas in YSNS it was a bit shorter (fringe) and permed. It looks better now.

      7. Is the trend in HK now is short hair like Tavia, Myole hair style? I have long hair all my life, so I’m not use to short hair and I think girls with long hair are more feminine looking, and it feels great when you get compliment from people that your hair is long and beautiful, LOL!
        See alot of HK actress have short hair lately, even those in minor cameal roles.

      8. I’m tired to see so many actresses have short hair. Selena and Shirley also have cut their hair.

      9. What’s more tiring is some of them continue have same short haircut in many series.

      10. @ Leilafan

        You should try short hair one day. The feeling is very nice because your hair become lighter.

      11. @sure-lee: well her side sweep fringe is longer and it doesn’t look like she’s cut/trim it recently so it looks like she’s growing it out.

  6. why does ppl care so much about them smoking or not ? it’s their life mine your own.

    1. it’s because some fans treat their idols as IDOLS, so they are curious to know if they smoke or not.

      tell me you are not curious about ANYTHING

    2. People like you read some juicy gossip news.


    3. People care because they are supposed to be good role models for their fans, therefore, if they smoked then they aren’t a good role model. They also don’t maintain a good and healthy image if they smoke.

  7. I’ve never seen this woman before but I was thinking how attractive she is. Funny how so many of you are saying she looks older, lol.

    1. I guess you have not seen her back in the days since you said this is the first time that you have seen her… Plus, she has loads of make up on as well…

    2. Beruda has the fairest assessment since he/she has never seen Charmaine before. So, his/her view is not tainted by hate or love for the actress.

  8. whoa, a Charmaine’s article can’t be positive? AT ALL? she rarely gets one.

    People listing off the bad things to smoking like it’s a secret. geez.

    She’s the ambassador of a health screening program. Not the endorser of “PLEASE DON’T SMOKE!”

    1. Of cause, smoking is a bad thing that why many governments do not allow children to smoke, and require to put a warning label on each cigarette box^_^

  9. Yes, she is kind of old at the age of 35 compared to other TVB actresses. Elvina Kong looks even younger (and sexier) than Charmaine^_^ does.

    Charmaine is supper old in her newest TVB series, “My Sister of Eternal Flower.

    1. Charmaine look older than Ada, Gigi and Maggie Cheung

      1. disagree, Maggie C. looks the oldest out of all the ladies. she’s so gaunt it’s scary!

    2. Yeah, I’ve been noticing that she’s looking old ever since her haircut.

    3. Age does always necessarily define how old a person looks. You can be older than another person but look younger than them and vice versa. Charmaine looks about her age and at least she doesn’t use botox or do any plastic surgery(that we know of anyways).

  10. Elvina Kong is 10 years older than Charmain. Keep that in mind, she already 44 year olds this year going on 45.
    Yet Charmain only 35. So HECK YEAH!!! Elvina looks heck better than Charmain even at such old age.

  11. I read with sadness some people were so mean to put remarks such as Charmaine looks older than her age. Honestly, I’ve always admired her hard work, perseverance, high EQ and acting skills. I’m sure all of you will agree that all of us will age, of course some people are lucky enough to look younger than their age. Some artists look so good but how much do you know whether they’ve done botox or whatever? It’s so harsh to quote Charmaine saying that she’s old & her acting skills are just mediocre. Fala still has a long way to go and there’s also nothing fantastic about her if you were to ask me. I still like Charmaine with long hair & I sincerely wish her all the best in Mainland China.

    To LeilaFan, how do you know whether Elvina Kong never did anything to enhance her look? How sure are you? Unless you are Elvina Kong agree?

  12. To Kidd,
    I agree with what you’ve written. What era is this? I mean I don’t smoke nor would encourage anyone who smokes be it male & female. But, when I read some people made comment that Charmaine smoke and made a great fuss over it. Just because she’s a female Chinese? What is there to be surprise if Charmaine smokes, after all it’s her life & she’s an artists. A lot of artists smokes just that some you don’t know. How much do you know Fala doesn’t smoke since everyone is head over heels of her. Unless you live with her am I right?

    1. @ bloom,

      Yes, I personally do not smoke and do not plan to try. But, people make it sound like Charmaine has committed a big crime by smoking.

      I also disagree with this ‘chinese women should not do this and that because it’s bad for the image’ thinking. I really don’t get why Chinese women (or any women) should be put into so much restriction and shackles. What is the purpose of all this?

      By saying Chinese women should not do this and that because Chinese women are traditional/nice/good/moral/virtuous or people think Chinese women are traditional/nice/good/moral/virtuous, we are just living op to an image and a standard and not truly being ourselves.

      Also agree that other actress might be smoking too. They just didn’t get caught.

    2. A lot of Chinese women smoked back in the days too… Even some of the empresses of CHina smoked opium since that was considered high class back then…I nearly forgot about that until you guys were discussing about this….

  13. I guess everyone will get old one day soon right?..

    1. Of course everyone will but some age better than others…ALso, aging naturally is a lot better than having all of this plastic stuff and injections which will make you sick, age unnaturally and look like a barbie doll…

  14. Reply to Vivien,
    Vivien I think you really didn’t bother to look at some of Ada Choi’s photo without her make-up. She also looks older than her age. Anyway, most women (me included) will always age faster compare to men, especially if you’ve delivered. I would say that Gigi Lai is still very pretty and she still has the baby face. But, it’s very sad you again give another comparison such as Maggie Cheung. Excuse me Maggie Cheung has done quite some plastic surgeries, do check out how she looks when she won the Miss HK. Like I said a lot of artist would have had plastic surgeries, botox etc to enhance their look. Please check out before you make comments. I agree that Charmaine looks better with long hair, short hair makes her tired looking but I still feel she still look nice at 36.

    1. Don’t a lot of women that have used make up heavily and then not have it on look a lot older than their age??? I think that is normal… Some look better than others.

  15. I don’t know why some ppl here find Charmaine looks older than her really lol. I think she looks her age and I wont label her a big beauty but she’s quite decent looking imo and she definitely is one of those rare artist who didnt have any plastic surgery done on her face.. Not really sure but she looks the same to me.

    1. I agree and I also think that Charmaine looks about her age. Although she isn’t a great beauty, at least she did not get any plastic surgery to try to look better. She has the money and all and can easily do it but she doesn’t. She looks the same as when she first started out, besides the fact that she has aged naturally, but that’s it.

  16. I think charmaine looks good for her age. I think it’s just hard core fala fans trying to make their idol look good. Fala’s acting is ok but not exceptional that she can hold leading roles. TVB has little choices lately that why fala is given bigger roles. Whatever people say, charmaine was and is the top in TVB. Fala may get there one day, but not for some years yet.

  17. this is what i get after reading all the comments: if a person looks older than she is, that’s bad and she’s not pretty; if a person looks younger than she is, then that’s also bad because she got plastic surgery.

    In my opinion, Michelle Reis (41yo), Vivian Chow (43yo), Loletta Chu (51yo) all look younger than Charmaine (36yo).

    1. Oh come on Lara, how can u list loretta chu w/ a straight face?! Chu ling ling is certainly a beautiful lady but saying she looks younger than charmaine is BS. It’s like telling your mom she could pass as your sister. Totally fake and cheesy. You should’ve stopped at Michelle reis b/c now you’ve lost all credibility.

      1. sold, yeah to me she looks even better than char. but she is RICH and perhaps lucky with the genes. i think michelle yim looks very good for her age too…

      2. @lara,

        That woman is 51yrs old?! wow she certainly know how to stay young probably massive birdnest consumption, botox etc etc hehe but like what exoidus said, she’s rich so that explains how she managed her looks.

      3. ANgie Chiu looks great for her age as well and she has had 3 kids. I know that Angie did not do plastic surgery or anything since I heard she is anti plastic surgery. Michelle Yim looks good for her age and hasn’t had kids. Although they look good for their age, I would not say that they look younger than Charmaine since it is clear that they are way older than Charmaine.

        This really reminds me of one of my former friend’s comments. She was saying how I am not as pretty as Mai Suet. I was offended because first of all, I am all natural while who knows what Mai Suet has done(plus she wears make up while I don’t). Also, she is old enough to be my mom as well… Therefore, I wonder if it is fair to compare someone quite a bit younger to someone that is way older???

      4. @Veejay,
        It is partially genetics and other affects on your life that will affect how you age as well. I don’t think it is always whether you are rich or not, but I can see the connection in some aspects.

      5. I think she looks good for her age, but her face looks a bit waxy and stiff… Hey, we all know that she had a lot of stuff done to look that way.At least Charmaine did not use anything yet… I wonder if she will later on??

      6. @ HTS

        “This really reminds me of one of my former friend’s comments. She was saying how I am not as pretty as Mai Suet. I was offended because first of all, I am all natural while who knows what Mai Suet has done(plus she wears make up while I don’t). Also, she is old enough to be my mom as well”

        I will not be offended if someone says Mai Seut is prettier than me because it’s the truth. Mai Suet is a great beauty who looks very young for her age.

        Now, if someone says I look older than Mai Seut, then, I’ll be offended. 🙂

    2. I don’t think Vivian looks younger than Charmaine. I like Vivian and all but she has a face that ages VERY fast and she looks way older than her actual age due to her bony structured face. Even back in the days, she already looked older than her age.

  18. Although I have never been a fan of hers, I must disagree with some of the above comments. I don’t think she looks older than her age and in fact, pretty good for her age. There again, if I had millions like her, then I too would look years younger!!

  19. Hi Lara
    I find it just too much if you bring in Michelle Reis, first of all she’s from mixed parentage and almost everyone said she’s the prettiest actress in HK. How can you compare her with Charmaine? Charmaine is honestly considered pretty (without plastic surgery which I’m quite sure else she would have done it on her chin) and she’s obviously prettier than a lot of HK actresses. Michelle Reis looks like late 30s to me and how much you know she never go for botox or anything like that? Michelle Reis looks has changed from last time to now but I must say that she looks much better now. Vivian Chow also looks late 30s or early 40s, it’s quite difficult to tell from photo & Loletta Chu…. Don’t you think you’ve been very harsh on your comments? I don’t know how you look, I mean whether you look your age or what but honestly not everyone is lucky to look younger than their age or look like that age and I sincerely think Charmaine looks like her age. Thought I feel she looks more mature with short hair that’s all. Remember all of us age, just that we pray that we age gracefully.

    1. Hi @bloom:

      People were making comments about Charmaine looking well for her age, I disagreed. I bought out examples to compare who i thought looked better than Charmaine.

      I don’t consider her pretty. Just because a person didn’t have plastic surgery and is ‘natural’ doesn’t necessarily mean they are pretty. Vice versa, even if a person had plastic surgery, doesn’t mean we should exclude them from the beautiful category.

      Fine if you want to compare Michelle Reis. Dig up photos of Michelle when she was 36 years old. That’s the year she got married. Compare her to Charmaine now. Who looks prettier or younger? Even pictures of Michelle after giving birth, in hospital without makeup look so much better!

      Well tough cookies to Charmaine. Of course everyone ages. But not everyone ages gracefully and Charmaine is one of the ppl. A short hairstyle, heavy makeup, lack of sleep, maybe bad genes (if u are referring to heritage) coupled with bad habits like smoking… then yes, it will make a person age quicker.

      Charmaine just can’t compare.

  20. Fala Chen is only 29 years old and all these people heavily criticized Charmaine looks older than Fala. Hey, 7years age is quite an age gap. I sincerely feel all these people whom commented are fans of Fala Chen. Please don’t forget Charmaine looks very youthful at 29 years also. And I still think Charmaine still looks good for her age despite no plastic surgeries. To Fala’s fans, I know you think your idol is pretty but that doesn’t mean that you can bash Charmaine Sheh. It’s not fair and it’s not to write such harshful words. Imagine what if someone said you look older than your age? I’m sure you feel sad too.

  21. I can’t stand that someone commented that Chinese woman should be this and that. I still couldn’t believe there’s still someone who would make such comments these days. If you go to clubs, you’ll see lots of girls smoking away. Again, I don’t encourage people who smoke but it’s their choice and it’s their life. People smoke with reasons, some want to stay slim, some said it’s because of stress, some because they think they look “great” when they smoke, some smoke because of peer pressure. Whatever it is I still feel that it’s their choice and it’s their life. So what if Charmaine smokes and I don’t think she’s the ambassador for anti-smoking something, something. A lot of artists smoke like I said those who were never got caught so there’s no news on them and thus we don’t know.

    1. I find the ‘reasons’ people give to justify smoking to be pretty ridiculous.

      To stay slim– there is such a thing called exercise and eating right (smoking will do more damage to the body in the end compared to being fat). And when they stop, the pounds are just gonna start piling.

      Stress– can pick up hobbies like reading, painting, surfing etc to de-stress. Or even go out with friends, have a couple of drinks or just watch TV, take a long hot relaxing shower/bath, getting a pet.. this all helps a lot in relieving stress.

      Look ‘cool’– No, smoking does not make one look cool. Does a young girl/boy coughing her/his lungs out look cool? And the yellow teeth, stained nails and plain bad breath don’t help either. Sorry to say that no matter how nicely they dress, these smoker traits will NOT look cool on them.

      Peer pressure– Now, that a tougher one to handle. It can be very hard to resist peer pressure but if those bunch of ‘friends’ are forcing a person to do something they don’t want or like, then these people are not friends. Avoid them and make more wholesome friends, no more peer pressure.

      P.S. I don’t mean you personally bloom with my comments because I know I getting harsh. I just mean those who smoke fully knowing the consequences (it’s on every cigarette box nowadays, so unless they are blind or can’t read, they know). They are just coming up with lame excuses for their smoking. If they want to smoke, just say I like it and leave it at that. Don’t have to come up with stories (btw, I am also not encouraging people to smoke).

  22. Hi Lara,
    I wasn’t the one that compare Michelle Reis with Charmaine. Honestly I really like Michelle Reis and I would feel that she’s the prettiest of all the HK actresses. Charmaine does not fall in that rank to be honest. What I was trying to say is that Charmaine is pretty and she’s prettier than a lot of people. But, my personal preference is still Cherie Chung, Michelle Reis & Gigi Lai. Of course a person can be beautiful after plastic surgery but that would not be “natural” beauty anymore but after enhancement. I just felt it was unfair to say Charmaine looks older than her age and no one can beat Michelle Reis’ beauty.

  23. Hi CY,
    I’m just writing out some of the reasons that I know why some people picked up smoking. Agree with you but like I always believe if everyone is good & thinks like the way we think then most probably tobacco business will die.

  24. @ Bloom

    Haha, yea that’s true, and neither would there be drugs 🙂 But, everyone is entitled to their own opinions as long as it’s not illegal.. so if they wanna kill themselves with smoke, nothing much anybody can do..

  25. greetingz..can i say sthg..after i read all of ur comments i was called to post diz comment..for me if u dun like some artist plz dun condemned them esp when there r her fanz..every artist has her aura..if u respect other ppl then they’ll do da same 2 u..i’m not quite a fan of charmaine but i like her acting..i think she’s better than new tvb actresses..many of them does not versatile like charmaine do..its my opinion only..

    1. Isn’t it boring if you read only good comments and people are too polite to write how they really feel? It is for the readers to avoid negative comments then but it is like living in a bubble. The world consists of praises and criticisms. You can’t have 100% of everything. If her fans ask for consideration, then on behalf of her non fans I ask her fans to be considerate to the non fans.

  26. I agree everyone should be given the freedom to voice out what they felt like saying since it’s a free world. But, what I personally feel some of the comments made were honestly very harsh. I agree that everyone has different liking and not everyone share the same idol, whether he/she is your idol or not just don’t criticize one’s harshly that’s all. It’s okay to criticize but not in a harsh way you get me? Like I always believe one’s hair can really impact how a person look. Charmaine definitely don’t suit short hair, even people like Gigi Lai or Michelle Reis don’t suit short hair. I would say that most of the time a person will look younger with short hair (okay that also depends on the cut). Remember this drama Drive of Live starring Charmaine & Raymond, she doesn’t look older than Raymond and I honestly like her hair in that drama very much as it suits her (that’s my personal view). A lot of people commented in a harsh way that Charmaine looks older than Fala (okay that’s their view) but lets not forget the age difference between the 2 of them it’s 7 years age gap. Women age faster I would say most of us once you touch 30s you seem to age and no one can run away from getting old. No one or women especially like to hear someone telling them they actually look older than their actual age. Just put ourselves in others shoes then we will try not to hurt another person’s feelings.

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