Cheated in Phone Scam, Tang Wei Criticized as Being Ignorant and Too Naive

With the rise of telephone scams in mainland China, actress Tang Wei (湯唯) also became a recent victim. Tang Wei was cheated of 210,000 RMB and the case is currently being investigated by the Songjiang District Police Department. Netizens were surprised by Tang Wei falling prey to the scam despite the police’s recent warnings. While some questioned Tang Wei’s intelligence, fans quickly said that their goddess was too naive and lacked societal experience.

According to news reports, Tang Wei was filming in Shanghai when she received a phone call on January 11 and immediately rushed to the nearest bank to transmit the money. It was only hours later did Tang Wei realize it was a scam and she alerted the police immediately.

Tang Wei’s manager, Ms. Deng, confirmed that Tang Wei was indeed cheated of her money but did not want to elaborate on the details. However, she said that Tang Wei is calm despite the loss and is currently busy filming the movie, Tale of Three Cities <三城記>, with Sean Lau (劉青雲). She hopes that the public will learn a valuable lesson through Tang Wei’s mistake.

Telemarketing Scams On Rise in China

Telephone scams have become a growing problem in China, often targeting the rich. The Shanghai Public Security Bureau said last week that telemarketing complaints were up 40 percent in 2013 compared to the previous year. Fraudsters often impersonate law enforcement officers and attempt to scare people into transferring money to “safety accounts”. Police said victims were often retirees and elderly people, but more young and educated people are falling victim to the scams as well.

Naïve and Ignorant

Tang Wei being cheated in the scam has since sparked a heated exchange on the Internet. While some netizens indirectly called Tang Wei ignorant and said she lacked common sense, others excused her gullibility. Fans said, “It turns out that Tang is such a naive and innocent goddess!” Another said, “Celebrities are still humans after all. It is not uncommon for celebrities to be cheated. We should not focus on Tang Wei, but look at the lessons to be learned.”


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  1. Wow… I thought people were smarter… But how cool is that? One phone call and you can earn about 34k in us dollars.

    1. She is beyond naïve……….I would call it pure stupidity………

      1. Please don’t say so!
        Nowadays ppls are targeted!
        My mum received a call of me being abducted as well and they knew my name.
        My mum even said she heard a gal similar to my voice shouting to her for help.
        Thankfully my mum got two handphone, as they didn’t allow my mum to end the call.
        My mum use the 2nd hp to text my brother and my brother called me. Luckily I was still awake at that time.
        And my mum didn’t transfer the $$$ to them but imagine if at that moment u didn’t have a 2nd hp to re-confirm with ur other relatives, will u risk the life of ur loved ones and hang up the phone?!

        In the article, it didn’t mentioned what kind of scam but nowadays “abduction” scam is very popular!
        And yes, they won’t request a big amount of $$$..
        RMB210,000 is nothing to TangWei.
        Just like the “abducter” asked my mum for Rm10,000.
        As they realised those amount, families will surely pay.
        We lodged a police report but so far even we give the acc num to the polices, still no furthers infos from the polices.
        Since that day, I never silent my phone and always text my family. And surely I stop “checking-in” to places in FB.

      2. And yes, an extra hp. Just in case.
        So, TangWei surely isn’t stupid or whatever.
        Do u think with her wealth, she will fall on those “YEAH, U R OUR LUCKY 89 CALLER!! And U WON A CAR!!”
        In that case, you are the one that is PURE STUPIDITY!

      3. She just pity the scammer so loan them some money to use……….

        Tang Wei plz loan me some too~~~~~!!

  2. as long as she learns her lesson, then it shouldn’t matter if she is a celeb or not.

  3. If the scammers are claiming too be police, then it’s the corrupt police that are to blame for this. – Sounds like this won’t be solved anytime soon considering how corrupt they are.
    In the U.S. you could never get any money claiming to be a cop and demanding a payment.
    Hopefully since she is so high profile, then that will make people more aware of it, I doubt that amount of money is going to even make a dent in her bank account and might save some poorer people from falling victim when they hear about it.

  4. She is very ignorant and naive. Wait!!!! Is that not the Asian norm?. She certainly should not be criticized.

  5. Some people tends to lump a certain type of mentality to a certain group of ‘race’! It only goes to show that they have been wearing their head just to look taller! Nobody will get cheated if they just use their head to think/access about the whole situation before making a drastic move!

  6. Even educated Americans surprisingly fall prey to the Nigerian scam. Many are too embarrassed to report it to the cops.

  7. Have to see what type of scam.

    Either naive or greedy or both!

  8. Getting cheated online is a norm nowadays, especially if you are not computer savvy. BUT WHAT’S STUPID IS TELLING THE WORLD THAT YOU GOT SCAMMED. JUST SHUT UP! At least you know shes honest! lol.

    1. Reporting and publicizing the scam might deter more victims from falling for scams. She did the right thing.

  9. Anybody ever heard the investment in telecomunication tower. Wonder if is i scam too?

  10. Poor Tang Wei… If she has been made a target, the scammers would have had checked for her weakness and used it as a “bait” to induce her to make the payment.

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