Chilam Cheung to Win TV King at 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards

Chilam Cheung (張智霖) will be the next TV King, according to inside sources at TVB. Management executives met in a three-hour meeting to decide on the winners list earlier. Due to Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II> receiving the highest ratings year-to-date, TVB will go with popular opinion and give the Best Actor award to Chilam. Although he is not a TVB-managed artist, Chilam confirmed that he will film another drama with the station next year.

Kenneth Ma is Sacrificed

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) was originally a hot contender in the TV King race. Although Kenneth was voted Best Actor at the TVB Anniversary Gala last month by peers, he now stands a slim chance at the official Anniversary Awards on December 16.

With Kenneth’s obedient personality and strong work ethics, TVB considered pushing him to TV King status this year. However, The Hippocratic Crush 2’s <On Call 36小時II> ratings and feedback has been mediocre, and Kenneth failed to generate the same buzz as last year during the first installment’s broadcast.

Furthermore, Kenneth had just renewed a seven-year contract with TVB. With Kenneth locked in for the next few years, TVB does not feel the urgency to give him the award immediately.

Chilam Cheung Drops $500,000 HKD Event to Attend Anniversary Awards

Chilam’s Most Popular Actor win at the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013, which was determined by popular vote, was seen as a precursor to the outcome of the TVB Anniversary Awards.

In order to attend the TVB Anniversary Awards, Chilam declined to participate in a mainland event despite a $500,000 HKD appearance fee. Chilam’s management agent, Stephen Shiu, Jr. (蕭定一) admitted that Chilam turned down the lucrative event to accommodate the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards.

“Cool Mort was a role that TVB gave Chilam, allowing him to have such a successful year. He should repay TVB,” said Stephen Shiu, Jr. “Although we rejected [a lucrative job], Chilam still has a lot of work to do. We’ll try our best to accommodate. We’ll have to see what TVB does?”

An insider stated, “If TVB gave Chilam the pork award, ‘The Most Popular Male Character Award,’ he would rather not get it. When the TV King is announced and it turns out that Chilam did not win, he doesn’t know what kind of expression to give the zooming cameras. He knows that winning TV king will boost his commercial value, tripling and quadrupling his fees in China. No one will complain about having too much money!”

When asked about his attendance at the Anniversary Awards, Chilam said, “I’ll see what my company arranges for me. But I’ll be happy if another artist receives the award!”

Linda Chung to Win TV Queen

Although Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> was not an Anniversary series, it received even more positive feedback than The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call II> and Will Power <法外風雲>. The TV Queen title is largely in Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) hands, with Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) posing little threat despite her stronger acting.

Leading dramas since her 2004 debut in Virtues of Harmony II <皆大歡喜>, Linda’s healthy image made her well loved among fans. She also won the Most Popular Actress award at the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013, indicating her popularity. TVB executive, Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), openly praised Linda’s acting in Brother’s Keeper and promised to vote for Linda as TV Queen.

To increase the excitement of the Anniversary Awards ceremony, Linda allegedly suggested that she will reveal her relationship with boyfriend of six years, Philip Ng (伍允龍). Although the couple has been low-profile in their romance, Linda’s open acknowledgement of Philip as her boyfriend would put a stop to their frequent breakup rumors.

Ron Ng to Win Best Supporting Actor

Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), who is favored by Catherine Tsang, was originally the hot favorite to win the Best Supporting Actor. However, TVB will likely give the award to Ron Ng (吴卓羲). Although Ron has slipped to supporting roles in recent years, his position at TVB appears to be on the rise again. Ron plays the lead role in new drama, The Vinegar Lady <醋娘子>, opposite Myolie Wu (胡杏兒). TVB hopes to retain the 34-year-old, whose management contract will be up next year. Also, Ron’s performance in Triumph in the Skies 2 was well-received.

Elena Kong to Receive Best Supporting Actress

Known for her solid performances in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> and Triumph in the Skies 2, Elena Kong’s (江美儀) acting will finally be acknowledged by TVB. Elena is rumored to win the Best Supporting Actress at the Anniversary Awards.

Most Improved Actress Fight Between Priscilla Wong and Eliza Sam

Producer Sandy Yu (余詠珊) is known to heavily favor Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) and has openly campaigned for Priscilla to win the Most Improved Artist Award. However, other management executives prefer Eliza Sam (岑麗香), whose charismatic personality has won a wide following. Eliza is also well-liked by advertisers and her commercial fees are on the rise.

The Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Drama awards will be determined by public votes and a professional judging panel. The Favorite Male Character and Favorite Female Character winners will be selected by public votes. The Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Most Improved Actor, Most Improved Actress, Best Hot, Best Variety Program, and Best Informative Program will be chosen by a professional judging panel and TVB artists.

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  1. Forgone conclusion, no need to vote and no need for “professional” panel. Choosing betw Chilam and Kenneth Ma as BA is like choosing betw the devil and the deep blue sea, both are undeserving but Chilam has a slight edge being more established and all. Cool Mort character is not BA-worthy, only his diehard fans will disagree.

  2. Linda will most likely win best actress and I think there is good reason to give it to her. She won based on audience popularity in Malaysia and she came in second based on peer voting. No one can deny she has support from many people. I believe Krystal should win but I would be okay with Linda winning. As for best actor, I will be very disappointed if Chilam wins. I’d rather anyone else win. If Chilam wins, it will be the clearest case of exchanging awards for continuing to act for TVB.

    1. Im a fan of linda but i dont think she should win. She may be popular but her acting skills are so so. If she should win than chilam deserves to win because hes better than her even though i agree that captain cool is no ba material.

  3. Ruco Chan is the only one worth winning Best Actor. If someone else wins the award, it will show that BA award means nothing!

    1. Can’t agree more. But there’s little chance that he will win. sick of tbb!

      1. Ruco shld win as he performed best of all the actors this year and his role was the most challenging. I can’t imagine Sam Sir being acted by any of the others; Ruco just nailed it perfectly. However, TVB will sacrifice him like they’re going to sacrifice KM just to please Chilam. Even Francis will have to take a back seat. The irony is that TITS2 is supposed to be riding on Francis’ name but Chilam’s the one getting all the attention.

    2. Why is Ruco’s name not even mentioned? So unfair when it is so obvious that he is the ONLY ONE DESERVING of this award.

  4. I only care about Best Supporting Actress category. I’m rooting for Elena Kong all the way.

  5. Elena, without a question, deserves it. Out of all the males, Francis or Ruco are the most deserving. However, Chi Lam is not that bad, so I wouldn’t protest for that. Ron’s acted okay as Isaac, so if he wins it’s still okay. The most undeserving is definitely Linda. Her role was not a breakthrough, and her character was annoying. However, I felt that TVB purposely gave out the other awards at the ceremony to Kenneth and Kristal to compensate and set up for Chi Lam and Linda to win at the official ceremony, so it would be less controversial. It’s really starting to look like it.

    1. Then what about Ruco? If anyone needs to be compensated, it is Ruco.

    2. Did linda ever has had a breakthrough role. Even as miss koo she wasnt that great.

  6. Based on this article, other than Elena all others are just fake.

    Although majority people knows TVB Awards are obviously given by favouritism and not my actual acting skill, however, I can’t seems to understand why does it still helps to boost one commercial fee.

  7. TITS2 wouldn’t have made it all the way to its spot if it wasn’t for Francis Ng. He was basically the pillar to the whole series. So much negative stuff was going on (with Fala Chen getting bashed every other day, actors expressing their disappointment with the production crew etc.), this drama wouldn’t have survive. I honestly don’t know what Chilam do that he deserves TV King.

    1. He charmed the pants off every man-crazy girl who only knows how to drool over his handsome face, regardless of whether he can act or not. Looks-wise ge definitely wins over Francis so it’s hardly surprising his character his character is more popular. Francis must be very annoyed. I would be too if I were him.

  8. Hmmm…so who do you think should win the TV King Award this year?…Kenneth or Ruco or Mose or other….? I am rooting for either Francis or Chilam.

    Frankly, it doesn’t matter who is going to win this award, that actor will get attacked or criticized from other actors’ fans in so many different levels anyway. It’s all subjective.

  9. i think is chilam or 
    ruco but kenneth is not that very good but i thinkis  chilam and ruco

  10. chilam always have so many expressions on zooming cameras i don't get 

  11. I normally don’t comment. This year series are mediocre. I watched all of TITS II. Francis is a good actor as Tse Yuen in old time buddy. In TITS II, I don’t think he did that good. In terms of playing a playboy, I don’t see Joe Ma standing out when he depict a playboy with well written script. In terms of Kenneth, he should have won last year or when he performed A Fistful of stances. Rucco did a great job, I think the contender for the award should be between Chilam and Rucco. I’m surprised that Chilam can stir all that publicity from a character that is not well developed so that speaks something of itself. There is a storyline line missing in Chilam character that is not well written. It was imply that he had an unhappy childhood and is insecure in lasting love – translating to getting hurt or hurting anyone like how his dad hurts his mom. That line was never exploited. It is all on Sam Tong, his mourning and his righteousness. How everyone is always wrong and he is always right. He does not believe in his brother. The only great love line was Nancy’s and Him Law. In the terms of all the other show, it all suffers the same fate as TITS II. Bounty hunter started out strong and then it slip. Dayo is great, but there is some chemistry missing . I find that I no longer am eager to watch the next episode unlike the first couple of episode. He did really well with Charmaine. There was fireworks there. The awards may be fixed but I still think there are roles that each actors/actresses performed that are well deserved for the award. Yes, Linda did great in A journey called life. Also, she did good in Forensic Heroes 2, Moonlight resonance, Twilight Investigation, Witness Insecurity. Overall there are years where a actor/actresses should win and they didn’t so I wouldn’t complain that Linda and Chilam win. They both are great in their profession. Linda works really hard. Chilam on the other hand balance work life with personal life. But he is a great actor regardless. I think we should just be as happy for those that win and not say that they played the political game well and won due to it and not their effort.

  12. This year, the most promoted leading actresses for TV queen are really bad

    1. Linda, her acting is ok in Brother Keeper, but it is similar to her previous dramas, and her character doesn’t stand out and breakthrough.

    2. Fala, her acting in TITS2 needs to be improved because she doesn’t do well in crying scenes and comedic scenes. Her crying scenes are really fake. Her funny scenes are even terrible because it doesn’t look funny.

    3. Kate, her acting in Sniper Attack is bad, and her character is terrible. A lot of audiences hate the ways she acts. In addition, in her new drama Bounty Lady, her acting is even worse, her acting scenes are not laughable, and other supporting actresses act a lot better than her.

  13. it would be great that either Joey Meng, Kristal, Tavia, or Myolie win BA this year

  14. Well…good luck with that Chilam. Don’t get too disappointed if all the buzz cannot help you to win the award, same like just last year when Raymond Lam didn’t win although after all the buzz.

  15. how do i vote for this stuff? can someone send me the link please??

  16. If Chilam is attending TVB Annivesary Awards 2013 for TV King. Hope he’ll get what he deserve. But I will not assume he will earn Best Actor award. We’ll see the show.

  17. Since 2010, Elena Kong has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Every year since 2010, I’ve rooted for her to win. In most years, there was worthy competition. Sometimes I don’t think she deserves to win for the role that she got, but I do know that in the grand scheme of things, she deserves every bit of her best supporting. I won’t comment on 2011 or 2012, but I can say that i honestly believe that in 2010, she was robbed of her BSA.

    I don’t think TITSII is her best role ever, but seeing that they’ve already given the award to the other person who always gets robbed of her BSA (aka Nancy Wu). Just give it to Elena Kong already.

  18. So what happens now that chi lam really won the so called pork award? Elena won best supporting actress, congrats!

    1. Just checked the Chinese wiki page page upon reading your comment and a double win for Kristal?! That true? And finally a win for Dayo. Congrats to all the winners.

      I haven’t been that invested in TVB dramas this year – since hardly any dramas or performances have fully captured my attention – so I’m not really nitpicky when it comes to the results.

      1. Yes. Kristal won both the best (peer/fan voting) and Favourite (100% pure fan voting). Dayo is officially TV King.

        Very unexpected but great results. If you get to watch zoom to Dayo’s so called acceptance speech over the phone. Seriously funny.

      2. Yay. Most of the winners are actors I like!

        I haven’t watched all / been paying much attention to them this year, so I don’t know whether they fully deserve it for THAT particular performance. But still, I’m happy for them 🙂

    2. I mean according to this article I quote, “an insider stated if tvb gave chilam the pork award, the most popular male character, he would rather not get it”. So what happens now that he really won the so called pork award?

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