Chilam Praised Annie Liu for Her Beauty

Chilam Cheung (張智霖) attended an event with Annie Liu (劉心悠) yesterday. Since filming Natural Born Lovers <天生愛情狂>, they also filmed an ad together.  They have a good working relationship and are a much sought after “couple” for ads and promotional events.

Asked if his wife Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) also praised Annie, Chilam said, “She has commented that Annie is a first class beauty.” Similar to Cherrie Chung (鍾楚紅), she is definitely gorgeous and most importantly she is natural. Chilam remarked that plastic surgery has been a fad lately, and many artists have looks, so he cannot differentiate amongst the artists.

With his current contract is expiring soon, Chilam was asked if he will be moving to another company. “I have been with this company for a long time. We are like a family, but I have worked in this industry for so many years. I have always been looking for new and fresh things. Most importantly, I must be hardworking, otherwise there is no self-improvement whichever company I go to.”

Annie feels extremely happy after being praised for her beauty and was asked if she has received plastic surgery before? Annie said, “If I really need to do surgery, I want to make my feet bigger because now I am wearing a size 4 and it’s difficult to buy shoes. Whenever I put on high heels, I need to stuff a lot of paper into the shoes which makes me feel like a drunkard; I cannot even stand properly.” Chilam chipped in mischievously to say Annie needs people to “support” her.

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Source: Oriental Daily 

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  1. size 4 shoes!!????!!! How tall is this girl? That’s some tiny feet!

      1. if she’s 5’5, there is no chance she’s a size 4 for her shoe!

      2. Considering how often actor’s height are erroneously reported, shes prob 5’3 with size 4 feet

      3. even if she’s 5’3…my niece is 5’3 and she wear at least a 6.

      4. your niece represents an entire demograph of human beings? In that case, my best friend is 5’5 and wears a size 6. I went shoe shopping enough with her to know her size. I am 5’7 and wears a size 7. People come in all shapes and sizes, some people have big feet, big mouth, big nose, big face, others have small feet, small mouth, small nose, small face. Cant just deny someone having small feet, just because your niece has big feet for her height.

      5. Nicole – People do come in different sizes, but sky’s niece (5’3, size 6)actually has small feet, if not average, for her height, not big.

        If Annie is really a size 4, then she has extremely small feet, which is difficult for her to buy shoes.

      6. Swtlavender, if you read my comment, do note that i said that one person cant be used to determine the shoe sizes of the population.. I couldnt care less if her niece has big feet, small feet, average feet, but if shes using her niece’s shoe size to doubt annie liu’s shoe size to be true, with that implication, can I use my friend’s shoe size to judge her niece’s feet as big? That line of logic = fail.

      7. at nicole…

        do you even know how small size 4 is?

      8. Darling, My grandmother wears a size 4 US. But then, shes 5’1. Usually she buys size 5 and use the pads in her shoes.
        But just because you wear a size M, are you saying theres no one can wear a XS or XL?

      9. guys. maybe she had footbinding when she was little. That’s why she has small feet even though she’s tall
        hahahaha 😀

  2. Why do people get paid to Photoshop images when they’re absolutely horrid at it? Do they hate their jobs? I cannot imagine how anyone would be proud of results like the one above.

    1. Haha, chilam looks like an elf, i remember one where raymond was photoshopped so much, he looked like ron.

    2. Yup, above pic looks photoshopped to death. Slimmer faces and smooth/poreless complexion makes them look like a different person altogether. Just because they’re trying to sell beauty products they think consumers are dumb and can’t differentiate.

  3. It’s funny that she wants bigger feet bc during the Ching Dynasty small feet for women were desirable (yes im aware we live in a different time)LOL

    Well I suppose there are some benefits with small feet e.g she can showcase her feet in a Ching Dynasty series, shoes for children = alot cheaper 🙂

    Only disadvantage = lose balance more easily

  4. She is naturally gorgous and she is not short but don’t know how she gets small feet.

    Exoidus: children shoes is cheaper but the style is not the same as adult and also they don’t make that many high heels in children size. She was just saying she hopes for bigger feet like in size 6 or 7… because it’s average. She’s not asking for giant feet.

    1. She is just an outlier when it comes to the feet department. No one knows how it’s one of the great mysteries of nature 🙂

      Yeah, not the same “feel” indeed and it does limit her options when it comes to high heels. Prolly get custom-made since money won’t be an issue for her.

      She should be happy bc she didn’t end up at the other side of the distribution i.e size 10 cos that would look weird, LOL

  5. I think Annie is pretty but not sure if she is 100% natural or not. When we watched BBJX, my mom kept commenting on her nose and how fake it looks. She said that even Asian’s with a high nose, does not look like Annie’s. I was wondering that too and it really does look like she got a nose job or did something to her nose. But of course many artists will not admit it even if they did.

      1. IF she was mixed then maybe she is natural. However, I am not sure if she is…

      2. She looks mixed to me. I don’t think she fixed her nose and if she did – she didn’t do a good job.

      3. She is mixed? I don’t think so. But maybe I’m wrong. Could someone who knows chinese investigate about this? It’s never mentioned in english website.

        I doubt she is natural, though. But in this day and age, so what?

      4. I also doubt that she is natural, but yea as qwerty said, who in this day and age from the circle is natural???

  6. I always think she is very pretty as well. I am NOT sure if she’s a complete natural but definitely beauty level haha. But what’s up w/Chi Lam? OMG, he looks so plastic n botox or whatever my gosh….

    1. ohhhh, on te shoe size…that does sound weird b/c size 4 is really rare for someone for her height. I am not tall either 5’3 5’4 at the most and my average shoe is 5 1/2 – 6 at the most…how can someone w/her height w/such small feet is that even possible?

  7. Aren’t shoe sizes different in varying parts of the world? A size 4 in HK could be the equivalent to a size 7 in the US.

  8. What is so shocking? I wear a size two shoes! I am a full grow adult. Not a dwarf. Buying shoes is very difficult for me. Usually I buy size three , four or five sized shoes. Yes & walk funny.

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