Chin Siu Ho Takes Friends to Wudang Mountains

Finding fame as a martial arts star when he was only 17 years old, Chin Siu Ho (錢小豪) experienced a second wave of popularity after starring in TVB series, Wudang Rules <潮拜武當>. The series garnered positive reception and viewers praised Siu Ho’s lasting agility and martial arts skills in his action scenes.

Recently, Siu Ho was invited to be the officiating guest for the Wudang Company Ltd. Bringing along his parents to the event, Siu Ho hoped his parents can learn tai chi to help improve their health. “My father’s heart condition is not good. I used to take my parents hiking when I had time back then. Recently, my mom also began suffering from gout. I hope my parents can learn a few tai chi moves, so they can exercise at home.”


Absent from television series for 18 years, Chin Siu Ho shared that he has been occupied with mentoring a group of youths. These youths are not assimilated into society and, while they lack social skills, are often more active in the cyber world. “Right now, they are no longer hidden youths. They will be memorializing this process into a microfilm. I will help by being the film’s producer.”

Although divorced from actress Sharon Kwok (郭秀雲 ) and absent for the majority of his 24-year-old son Andrew Pang’s (龐景峯) life, Siu Ho has found happiness in his second marriage and played a more active role in his second son’s childhood.

Siu Ho revealed that he will be vacationing with his group of friends soon. “I am very excited about taking my group of friends to tour Wudang. After watching my series, my friends urged me to find time to take them away from the hustle and bustle. At Wudang, we will absorb its historical legacy and learn about the Taoist philosophy!”


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