Chin Siu Ho Regrets Missing Out on Son, Andrew Pong’s Childhood

Action star, Chin Siu Ho (錢小豪), already snagged his first male lead in a movie when he was only 16 years old. After four decades in the entertainment industry, the 57-year-old actor has many classic dramas with many memorable roles on his resume. Despite satisfaction with his career, Siu Ho regrets not spending enough time with his son, Andrew Pong (龐景峰).

Though he achieved popularity through the Mr. Vampire <殭屍先生> film franchise, Siu Ho felt that he hit a bottleneck in his career. “For the next four or five years, I would only film these type of movies. I felt quite useless and bored. Directors seemed to have forgotten to let me try other types of roles.” In order to escape the pigeonhole, Siu Ho left Hong Kong to pursue action films in Taiwan and China.

Due to his busy career and subsequent divorce with Sharon Kwok (郭秀雲), Siu Ho spent little time with his son and missed out on his childhood.  “When Andrew was two years old, he started not seeing me much…. Even when I saw him, it was very limited time. Every week, I would only get to see him for about two hours, so there were a lot of things I did not share with him. For me, his childhood was a blank slate. When he studied abroad, I saw and interacted with him even less.”

With such a distant relationship, Siu Ho had given up hope in establishing a relationship with Andrew. It was only until a chance opportunity to star in a movie together that Siu Ho and Andrew again crossed paths, paving way for greater understanding between father and son. “Filmmakers sought out my son to portray a younger version of myself in the zombie-themed film, Bio Raiders <生化藥屍>. During filming, we had the rare opportunity to spend half a year together. I would frequently hear him call me Dad. When I heard it, I was very happy.”

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