Chin Siu Ho’s Son Andrew Pong Reveals Hardship of Being an Artiste

Above: Andrew with his father, Chin Siu Ho.

As Chin Siu Ho’s (錢小豪) son with ex-wife Sharon Kwok (郭秀雲), Andrew Pong (龐景峰) has his fair share of hardships being an artiste. While some people may believe that Andrew would get an easy path to stardom because of his famous parents, Andrew shares how he developed his career after undergoing intensive training in South Korea before becoming a stuntman and martial arts star.

Learning Martial Arts as a Child

Though both of Andrew’s parents are well-known artistes with impressive martial arts background, Andrew revealed that he actually received his training from his uncle, Chin Ka Lok (錢嘉樂).

Sharing his early experience with martial arts, Andrew said, “Boys who grew up in the 90s all watched Dragon Ball and imagine themselves as heroes. My parents worked long hours and I can only watch their movies. Unconsciously, I was influenced by them to want to learn martial arts. Like how little brothers like to prank their older brothers, my uncle taught me martial art moves to annoy my father.”

Training in South Korea

Despite having famous parents, Andrew confesses he initially did not consider becoming an actor nor intended to depend on martial arts for a living. Life took an unexpected turn when Andrew was recruited by a Korean entertainment company.

Andrew recalls, “During college, a Korean company selected me as a part-time trainee. After graduation, I worked in a bank, but it was very boring. Less than a year later, I started to plan for the future and decided to work full-time as a trainee to lay a good foundation.”

Andrew soon discovered that it wasn’t easy training in South Korea, “When I was training there, I found that many people dream of becoming a star. While dreams are good, the flip side is that it is easy to think of shortcuts and quit. During my two-and-a-half years of training in South Korea, there were originally 16 students. By the ninth month, five people couldn’t endure and quit. By the time I finished the training, there were only two people remaining. This made me realize that not many people understand the entertainment industry.”

Hardships as an Artiste

Though Andrew has been a martial artiste for several years, he doesn’t like to talk about his injuries. Beginning his acting career as a stuntman, Andrew jokes that his major role is usually playing the main lead’s younger version. It wasn’t until recently that he is gaining more prominent roles such as in the movie MMA Diva <擊鬥女神>.

Despite his slow career growth, Andrew is not discouraged and has expanded his career by starting a performing arts school for children while also becoming a boxing and Muay Thai instructor.

Sharing his experience in the entertainment industry, Andrew hopes to inspire children in his school. While his school provides lessons on martial arts, dancing and becoming an emcee, Andrew is not pushing his students to become stars. Instead, Andrew wants the students to find their own potential and the skills they learn there could still lead to versatile careers.

with his girlfriend and his mom, Sharon Kwok

Source: HK01

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