Chin Ka Lok and Angela Tong Welcome Second Daughter

Chin Ka Lok (湯盈盈) and Angela Tong (錢嘉樂) are now parents to two daughters! At 1:45p.m. this afternoon, Ka Lok visited his wife and the newborn baby girl at the hospital with their elder daughter, Alyssa Chin. The couple’s second daughter has been named Kassidy Chin, and her Chinese name is to be determined by her grandfather.

Since Angela’s body is recovering extremely quickly, reporters asked if she has plans to give birth to a third child. The 40-year-old artiste expressed, “That fast? I don’t think I’ll consider it in a while.” Ka Lok immediately added, “Three women in the family is enough for now. The whole house is full of women; I have no position!”

Speaking of whether or not Alyssa will become jealous of her younger sister, Ka Lok remarked, “She hasn’t showed any signs of jealousy yet, so we’ll have to guess! My wife and I are actually more anxious. It’s going to be an exciting journey for us.” He added it is fair if Kassidy resembles Angela more, since Alyssa already resembles him. At the moment, the newborn girl seems to resemble her elder sister, but has a dimple on her left cheek. Ka Lok joked, “It’s better if she looks like me, because I’m good-looking!”

Angela shared that she sought a masseur to help her prepare her delivery a few days beforehand. In the following two months of her postpartum recovery, Angela would be learning how to breastfeed properly, since the process did not go well with her first daughter. Career-wise, she will not be filming any dramas in the near future, since she hopes to spend time with her children.


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  1. actually parents are not bad looking. girls’ faces change as they grow. what is important is a healthy child with so many illnesses going on.
    pretty or not, looks like who isn’t important.

  2. The daughters have beautiful names, I’m guessing those english names are down to Angela, good job! And she’s looking really well for only having her baby a few days ago.

      1. @aiya I guess it’s up to the parents which name they want to put down on the birth certificate to make it legally binding. I’m assuming that Chin Ka Lok and Angela are a modern type of couple, so they’ll probably have the girls’ english names as legally binding and their chinese names as a traditional thing to make it easier for the older generation to say/pronounce.

  3. alyssa is a nice name, so is the younger one’s.
    it was mentioned earlier angela had a natural birth…how come it became ‘c-section’ now.

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