Hong Kong Artistes Support Eric Tsang: “He’s a Good Man”

Eric Tsang (曾志偉) held a press conference on January 17 to knock down rumors claiming he had raped Yammie Lam (藍潔瑛) and sexually harassed former Ford model trainees. Eric said that he has always respected women and that he is willing to cooperate with any investigations. Many of Eric’s good friends in the Hong Kong entertainment industry stepped forward to support him and vouch for his integrity.

Simon Yam (任達華) said, “I believe Eric. He respects women. Whether male, female, new, young, popular, or unpopular artists, he is very willing to help friends. I don’t know about other things…I didn’t see [the news] so I won’t talk about them. Anyway, the Eric I know is a good person.” Asked if he pitied Eric since he has been embroiled in the gossip for so long, Simon replied, “He knows how to handle the matter. We are not the involved parties so there are many things we don’t know.”

Toby Leung (梁靖琪) believed in Eric’s integrity, “He is like my godfather. I’m very certain of his personality. I will always support him. Many artistes are plagued by false rumors and they need their family and friends’ support. So we will definitely support him!”

Many younger artistes regard Eric as a “Dad” in the entertainment industry. Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) said, “Words stop with the wise. The innocent will remain innocent. I support Dad!”

Married couple Chin Ka Lok (錢嘉樂) and Angela Tong (湯盈盈), who have been good friends with Eric for many years, fully believed in Eric. Angela said, “We support Eric 100 percent. We know him very well and he will not do things that overstep boundaries.”

Currently in China, Timmy Hung (洪天明) said he is unaware of the details of Eric’s case. Timmy said, “Now people make up fabricated news. As artistes, we’re in a [tough situation]. The Hong Kong Star Soccer Team loves to play soccer, but the [media] wrote such [vicious] gossip. If there is evidence, then show us. If there’s isn’t any evidence, then don’t slander anyone. There are many irresponsible accusations made online now.”

Sources: On.cc [1,2,3,4]

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Was saying before got error message. If this was Hollywood the stars would be total silence borderline hypocrite sort or drop him without any further consideration. Only in hk or Asia we have some brave souls willing to vouch for him using personal belief.

    1. @funnlim

      He’s lying about his ‘respecting women’ when he made potty mouth comments about women and with so many unretouched photos with him pawing and leering at women’s boobs. Your so-called ‘brave souls’ are afraid to speak the truth about him because their careers are at stake.

      1. @funnlim i dont believe everyone who say they support or believe eric are really true. of course some are but i think some of them must have at least some doubt. if eric is really that creepy guy then he will also take revenge from ppl who dont believe him, and his power in the entertaimnent world is big. i think most ppl from the entertainment industry will “support” eric as long as they dont have evidence to prove eric is guilty.
        he looks like a creep but i dont know if eric is really one, alan tam is his best friend for many years and still are. so….its difficult to guess.

      2. @kolo So how does Alan being friends with him for many years vouch for his character? Just look at Alan Tam himself. He was hiding a mistress who bore him a son yet people respectfully refer to him as Principal Tam, my foot. If nothing else, I’d say that birds of a feather flock together. The other guy in their gang that I can’t stand is Nat Chan. All these men have potty mouths. They insult women on the pretext of being funny. Just watch how they behave when doing beauty pageant shows. Often, what we see in the public eye as decent men are actually perverts in private. Just look at those recent Hollywood cases. Won’t be surprised with such things happening in HK too.

      3. @passingby of course hiding a mistress is not good,but it was told the reason is that his wife cant give birth and alan wants a descendent. thats the reason why alan have a mistress. and untill today alan and his wife are still married, that say enough. in contrary to natalis or eric, alan never said something foolish or badmouthed someone in public. alan treats everyone always friendly and on a respectfull way. so i really dont understand why eric and natalis can be his best friend. i admid eric and natalis are foul mouthed and insult ppl for fun but not only about women but also men.

      4. @kolo I am disappointed with Alan Tam, not only did he cheat on his wife, he also justified it by portraying himself to be a good man. He may not have divorced his wife, but he is still living with another woman and his kid and every day of that is an insult to his marriage and his wife. May as well divorce his wife and let her out of this misery so she can pursue her religion in peace. After that was exposed, I see Alan Tam in the same category as Alvin Chau.

        Nat’s wife is barren due to a fallopian tube problem and despite his potty mouth and his sleazy behaviour, he sticks by his wife and said so what? She is my one and only wife and if I have no descendants, so be it. Not sure if he sleeps around, but at least so far, he hasn’t been caught doing anything wrong to his wife.

        Every person has many faces and everyone will make mistakes, but it is no excuse when the cheating comes to light. I have little respect for modern people who think that they can juggle their lives between two (or more) families and still think they are not hurting anyone.

      5. @elizabeth everyone make mistakes. alan already said sorry and his wife have accepted his excuse. who say his wife want divorce? or she is happy when divorced? maybe alan treats his wife very well and gives everything she wants,and she still loves him. we outsiders knows too little to judge whats right or wrong.

      6. @kolo I disagree with what you said. Treating your wife well is not living with her in a home and going out and having a mis tress to bare you a son. That is disrespecting your wife and your marriage vows. Alan’s wife probably was coerced into believing that what he was doing was right. A lot of women from that genre were molded by these men into quiet, subservient, obedient women. These men had their agenda for doing that. I find a lot of Asian men believe if they keep the little wife at home supplierd with all the material wealth, then they have a passport to screw around all they want. Unfortunatey, it seems like the Asian society is brainwashed to believe that. Both men and women sadly believe that. Maybe Alan’s wife is programmed to accept that what her husband is doing is right. After all, people are defending his actions. Alan is a pig, just like Eric. There is absolutely no excuse or justification for Alan’s extramarital affair, or living arrangement. It is an insult to marriage, to his wife and to women everywhere.

        How Alan is living is not a mistake, it is a disgusting ongoing everyday saga. He is showing that he is stuck in the era where women can be molded to accept whatever their men bring to the table. He, like Pig Tsang, has zero respect for women. It is sad that in this day and age people are okay with what he is doing.

      7. @bubbletea
        You said it so well. Who can even call these men are good men just because they are providing food and shelter? If you have a mistress on the side, you are NOT a good man whether or not you divorced your wife. It’s true most women in the older days are toooooo submissive, they are always treating their shi88y hubbies better than themselves. They are brainwashed for sure said but it’s very true especially older generations I am seeing. The celebs up there are all his friends or know him very well but that’s just the outside they are seeing and this perverted
        Eric dude didn’t do anything to them of course they would think he’s a good man. IF he’s a good man, there are no shi88y men in this world left.

      8. @elizabeth very, very well said, a thousand thumbs up. If Alan wanted a child so much, there is something called surrogacy. There is also this thing called adoption. The “principal” , haha, wanted to have his cake and eat it too. He is another one from that era that is stuck in the backward zone that a man can do what he so pleases to.

        There’s no excuse, no logical or moral explanation for Alan’s behavior.

        It would not surprise me if Eric Nasty has multiple mistresses and his wife has to put up with it, according to the 15th century law of Eric Tsang.Lol.

  2. Disappointing to say the least esp Charmaine’s comments. Feel really bad for the victims 🙁

  3. If Eric Tsang was indeed guilty, then the people who are supporting him now are really just people who benefited from his influence in the industry.

    1. @rika
      I was going to say the same thing. I bet he has helped them out before so they are supporting him now to return the favor. I bet if any of them were victims, they would change their attitude right away.

      1. @hetieshou Well, Chin Ka Lok and Timmy Hung obviously benefited from the Super Trio series. Simon Yam was pretty much untouchable because his older brother was the Deputy Commissioner and he himself is diplomatic enough to maintain a balance among most triad-related relationships. I don’t know about Toby Leung and Charmaine Sheh but I won’t be surprised if they curried sexual favours for him to get more opportunities in the past.

      2. @rika
        I know what you mean but in Simon’s case, maybe he does not dare to do anything to Simon so Simon has nothing bad to say about him. I think the rest of them have benefited from his help and connections so are now supporting him. Also, these are just accusations so there is no direct proof. I have a good feeling that if there was, they would not openly support him like this. I bet they would all just go silent or say no comment if questioned.

      3. @hetieshou Regardless of whether it was true or not, right now, his “friends” know that Eric is in a better advantage than Yammie’s “accusation” because 1) there is no material evidence 2) the disparity in wealth and status 3) Yammie’s mental state. Unless more victims surface with evidence, otherwise nobody will take Yammie’s words seriously.

  4. Why they just asked those who have close relationship with Eric? Of course they will support him as friends, especially those who have benefited from his help.

    The one that should bravely step out to tell the truth now is Yammie Lam. Stop being a coward and ruin your life because of this man. This is the time to tell the whole world what this man has done to you in the past, overcome your fear for him if you are going to tell the truth and start a new life. I believe Yammie is in her current poor state because she is still traumatised by the incident and gives up on herself.

    1. @diana80 I don’t think she intentionally wants to be a coward. She was so traumatised by the incident that it has greatly affected her mental health all these years. It’s not like she can snap out of her prolonged PTSD state considering she didn’t receive much therapy and medication from when the incident occurred.

    2. @diana80
      After all that Yammie has gone through, do you think people would believe her? They would just call her crazy and falsely accusing him. He has all of the support, money, fame, etc.. while she has nothing. I heard it was Andy Lau that has been helping her and has been taking care of her even though others have all turned their backs on her. Andy truly has a heart of gold.

      I was reading and watching news of this and truly wonder if Yammie has spoken up? But in her current state who would believe her? Even if they did, Eric may hurt her to silence her. You do not know how capable Eric can be with his connections and all.

      1. @hetieshou, @rika

        I wonder how far is Andy’s kindness bcos if he really does, he could have done more to help Yammie instead of just helping her financially, e.g. to advise her to get medical treatment from the beginning and give her the courage she needs to expose the real culprits.

        To me, Yammie’s greatest advantage is she has nothing…nothing to lose even if her great attempts to expose Eric’s true colors fail. The most is Eric (if he’s really guilty) will find people to hurt her but should anything bad happen to Yammie in a near future, then Eric will be the main suspect and his reputation will tarnish. So it’s worth the sacrifice to bring down this man rather than living in silence and hopeless situation for the rest of her lifetime.

      2. @diana80 If I’m not wrong, Andy has received financial help from Eric before so if the latter was Yammie’s rapist, Andy would not have advised her to expose Eric. I do wonder though if Eric had been using Andy to “compensate” Yammie financially as he didn’t want anyone to tie him with her predicament.

        Purely speculative but I had always been wondering why Karina Lau once said that if there’s anyone who can get across to Yammie, it would be Eric Tsang. Perhaps, a number of people were already aware of who raped Yammie but can’t divulge anything due to his influence in the industry.

      3. @rika
        I have never heard of Andy getting help from Eric financially before but I have a feeling that Eric may have helped him with connections and stuff. However, I think it is way too far fetched to say that Eric is using Andy to help Yammie in order to silence her. Andy is now very capable so does not need to do that. Also, Andy did not just help her financially but in many other ways too. I have a very good feeling that Andy is truly helping Yammie because of their friendship and his kind heart which has nothing that do with Eric. Andy was helping her gain back her mental health too so if Andy was helping because if Eric why would he do that? Wouldn’t Eric be afraid of her exposing him once she is mentally stable again?

        Maybe Carina does not know if Eric raped her or not? Maybe Carina thought Eric was a nice person and has many connections so can help her? Who knows?

      4. @diana80
        Do you understand Chinese or can read it? I have been watching a lot of news about it and Andy does not just give her money. He actually found the best psychological doctor to treat her mental illness/issues and did many other things for her. He helped her for 3 years straight and throughout the years when all of her other friends gave up on her and some may even look down on her current state. Even though Carina felt sad and bad for Yammie, she never did anything to help Yammie while Andy always did. Andy helped out many other artists in the circle too. Andy is truly very kind hearted and special. There are not many like him.

        I do not think the news of Andy helping Yammie has not been translated into English at all.

  5. I am not sure if the people are supporting him now because they are his friends or they owe him big favor but it is normal if they support him. If he was your friend, will you believe and support him until he gets convicted or at least until there is evidence for the accusation? Even if there is some evidence or he gets convicted, will you stop being friend with him right away or stop supporting him immediately? I guess as a friend any one will continue supporting him until there is proof unless they know for sure he did committed as the accusation. And even if he gets convicted, I believe a good friend will continue to support him to help him do the right thing, get back on the right path. As for the victims, if all the accusations are true, I believe he must pay the price for that.

  6. Reading through these comments, this dude is already guilty. 😉 He will definitely have to take legal actions to prove his innocence.

    His friends who spoke up for him, have the right to do so whatever their motives. Whether others believe in them is another issue or for the court to decide. IMO, if I regard someone as a good friend, I will accept his/her strengths and weaknesses.

    @passingby I was a fan of Alan Tam and must admit I was a tad disappointed when he had an affair and child whilst being married to a nice lady. It kind of dented my nice image of him. But having said that, who am I to judge ‘who is right or wrong’. He is after all human and a man. All are imperfect but some may be more imperfect than others.

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